Paint by Number

x by Ebony x

All Neji's life, the world had been black and white, definitive and unchanging.

Main House
Branch House.




There was no grey. Things were either one or the other, never in between.

Until there was Naruto, a splotch of laughing color on his noir et blanche paint by number, smeared outside the lines. It was bright, vibrant, and refused to fade or conform, no matter how many times Neji painted over it. He began to slash at the canvas with his brush, but that just made things worse. White and black fought and mixed, tearing apart rules of life. Other colors began to accent the painting, and his attempts to stifle them grew more and more fruitless.

Breathless, he fell to his knees, and stared at the vivid chaos. It burned his eyes, but it was a pleasant kind of pain that made him not want to look away.

Neji stared at it so long it began to make sense. So long, that he began to grow fond of it…

Naruto taught him you don't have to paint within the lines. You can paint your own picture.

And it can be whatever color you want.