Sheen: Ruiner of Hope

(CUE Iris Out Atom.)

(EXT. Shot - Sheen is walking down the street, a new action figure still encased in a box in his hands, he's all smiles as he gives it occasional glances.)

Sheen: Awesome! I love how the adrenaline rush of a new purchase gets me unstably fidgety!

(He arrives at his destination, Jimmy's Clubhouse. Jimmy & Carl are leaning against the door, arms crossed and appearing quite apathetic. Sheen bounds over to them, proudly showing his boxed toy.)

Sheen (bubbling with enthusiasm): Hey guys, check out the new action figure I bought! It's Makoto Cameo, she's the karate girl who helped Ultra Lord conquer the Anime groupies in Osaka from episode 771. Sure that was her only appearance but she comes with a bunch of great accessories! Wanna watch me open it?

(Sheen hugs the packaged action figure close to him; his eyes glaze with delight.)

Sheen (euphoric): I love the smell of a newly opened toy. It's like ambrosia and burning hot joy ravishing my body all at once.

Jimmy (mockingly): Feh.

Carl (condescending): Heh.

(Sheen looks aghast at his friends disinterest toward his great treasure. He narrows his eyes.)

Sheen (fuming): "Feh?" "Heh?" You guys are becoming a bunch a'real action figure snobs! What's wrong with Makoto Cameo?

Jimmy (tiredly): Actually Carl released some debilitus gas from the lab, it causes paralysis and extreme apathy to whoever inhales it, we've been stuck like this all morning.

Carl (indifferent): Please help

(CUT to INT. Shot - Inside Jimmy's Lab, Sheen is on the big screen looking very cross.)

Sheen: You guys laughed at my new purchase! I ain't helping you!

(We PAN down to see Carl watching the screen above, wearing Jimmy's high tech watch, he giggles at Sheen's obliviousness to the situation. Jimmy walks up to Carl.)

Jimmy (dully): "Debilitus gas?" Where are you getting this nonsense?

(Carl shushes Jimmy with a quick "Shh!" before talking into the watch.)

Carl: No, no! There was laughing gas in it too!

(Carl covers the watch with his other hand as he tee hees some more. Jimmy rolls his eyes.)

Jimmy: Gimme my watch back. He's gonna find out that those are holograms sooner or later.

Carl: Didn't you just say Sheen had the perception of a carp five minutes ago?

Sheen (off camera): Well you can find some other suckers to help you guys out! I'm gonna check out the flower shop and get free nectar; that'll teach you to not injure the pride of my inanimate objects!

(Rapid, angry steps are heard as Sheen exits. Jimmy looks at Carl quizzically.)

Jimmy: That's a new one isn't it?

Carl: Not really. I told him his mom injected him with humming bird DNA when he was born while we were playing on the monkey bars.

Jimmy: Why would you tell him that? You know how literal he takes things, no matter how unbelievably stupid they sound.

Carl (defensive): Call it poetic justice when he said that I was raised by sea urchins. See how he likes living a lie for the rest of the day.

(CUE Rotating Atom)

(CUT to EXT Shot - Sheen is sitting dejectedly on a curb outside a flower shop, some flower petals in his hair and yellow pollen around his mouth, his unopened action figure beside him.)

Woman's voice (off camera): Really! What is wrong with you! Do you even know what a humming bird looks like?

Man's voice (off camera): Hey, he could have been one of those hybrid humming birds, ever think that? The last thing I wanna be known in this town is an ignorant bigot!

(Sheen sighs loudly. Libby walks into view and notices Sheen pouting.)

Libby: Hey Sheen.

(Sheen "hmms?" as he turns his head to Libby.)

Sheen: Oh.. hey Libby..

Libby: Somethin' bothering you?

Sheen: Oh, nothing really...(he begins to shout) It's just my friends don't respect me at all! Everyday I fall lower down the pecking order of society regressing to a lower degenerate species of scum as each moon passes.

Libby: Ouch, what'd they do?

(Sheen indicates the unopened toy.)

Sheen: They totally snubbed my new action figure.

(Libby lowers her eyes in annoyance.)

Libby: Serves me right to think it was for something actually meaningful.

(Sheen looks more dejected. Pity crosses Libby's face.)

Libby (trying to sound interested): So, uh, what's that karate girl you got there?

Sheen (brightening): Makoto Cameo's not just any karate girl!

(Sheen rips the packaging to free his new toy. Libby's eyes widen as Sheen proceeds into a manic episode.)

Sheen: She's got seventeen points of articulation, awesome purple hair - trust the Japanese to give all their heroes unnatural colors for their hair - her karate gi changes from normal to battle damage with hot water!

(A woman walks by with a coffee, Sheen snatches it and dumps the beverage on the toy. The figure now has tears in her outfit along with a black eye and a bloody nose. Sheen then crams a tiny sword in each of the toy's hands and places a small falcon on its shoulder.)

Sheen: She also comes with these cool katanas and her falcon buddy Chiyo-Maru, and together with Ultra Lord they combined their powers and skills to collapse the Anime groupies scheme to control Osaka with uncertain doom! (He calms down slightly) Plus, she's really cool!

(Sheen smiles insanely at Libby, who gives a fearful look at his erratic performance.)

Libby: Okay, so it's a cool, purple haired karate girl.

Sheen (shrugs): Yeah, pretty much.

Libby: Listen, Sheen. You can't expect everyone to like the same stuff you do. Maybe if you showed some more interest in some of Jimmy and Carl's hobbies.

Sheen: Hey, I accompany those guys on a crazy adventure at least once a week. Sometimes more! Isn't that showing I respect their interests?

Libby: Well, how about days when you don't go on crazy adventures?

Sheen: Well I got Carl covered, I go to the petting zoo with him like a million times a week, the llama chow they serve there is like the snack food of the gods, it keeps me sane for each trip.

(Libby clenches her teeth in disgust.)

Sheen: Mind you, I can be the novice when it comes to Jimmy's science stuff.

(CUT to a Flashback. INT Shot - Sheen is in bed looking a bit pale. Jimmy stands at the foot of his bed, notebook and pen in hand.)

Sheen (weakly): So Jimmy, do you know what hideous sickness is poisoning my body?

Jimmy: Just answer some basic questions Sheen. Like, what did you eat today?

Sheen: Uh, I ate three fried burritos for breakfast, then some chicken wings, ah, microwaved soup, couple of those cheese buns, some banana pudding I found in my dad's glove compartment, um, a vanilla milkshake, pepperoni. I think it was pepperoni; it was in the laundry room.

(Jimmy gives him a stunned look. He closes his notebook as anger crosses his face.)

Jimmy: So...what you're saying is you have some kind of stomachache?

Sheen: Yeah, more of a tummyache though since I'm a kid.

Jimmy: You interrupt my research on life after death so I could diagnose a tummyache?

Sheen: Well, yeah, it could be a symptom for something worse.

Jimmy (hushed rage): You are unbelievable.

Sheen: So, what's wrong with me?

(Jimmy turns to leave.)

Jimmy: Spinal Meningitis.

Sheen: You sure it's not..

Jimmy (off camera): No!

(CUT back to Reality - Libby stares as Sheen's face suddenly perks up.)

Sheen: Hey! I should see if I can build some cool science fun on my own! Then the guys won't ridicule me so much!

Libby (fearful): Oh, please no...

Sheen (going manic): Like a cat groomer or a car eating robot. OH! Or a cat eating car grooming robot!

(Libby clamps a shoulder onto Sheen. She gives a nervous smile.)

Libby: Why don't you try something a bit more easier first?

Sheen: Hmm, good point, maybe I'll see if I can cure a horrible disease. The university has a bunch of lab mice and skinless human cadavers for whoever wants to sign them out and experiment on them with their heart's content.

(Libby tightens her grip on Sheen's shoulder. Sheen flinches from her strength.)

Libby (shouting): Baby steps!

(CUE rotating Atom)

(CUT to EXT Shot - Sheen is in his driveway, he proceeds to pop the hood of a car open. He stares at the many parts inside.)

Sheen: Ah, the typical quagmire of mess that is the automobile, this should be simple.

(Sheen produces a huge wrench from behind his back and proceeds to bludgeon the engine mercilessly.Pieces of metal and wire fly in random directions. Sheen doesn't notice his father coming out of the house. He gapes as he watches his son destroy the car. He runs toward him and grasps his son's arm to prevent more damage.)

Mr. Estevez: Sheen! What in the name of all things living are you doing?

Sheen: Grandma was complaining about the noise her car makes, I figured I would fix it and surprise her.

(Mr. Estevez shakes his head at his son's "logic".)

Mr. Estevez: Well if you are so interested in fixing something, why not try to see if you can get that all in one remote control to work. I can get it to work for the VCR and TV but not the Digital Cable, DVD or Karaoke machine.

Sheen: What about the car?

Mr. Estevez (smiling): That's what insurance is for son. Your grandma was plotting on fooling the insurance agency to get the money to buy a new car for awhile anyway. Guess I shouldn't have freaked out when I saw you hitting it in the first place.

Sheen: Isn't that fraud?

Mr. Estevez (happily): Not if we lie about it and never talk of the incident again.

(CUT to INT Shot - Sheen's room, the all in one remote control on his floor. Sheen sits down and gives it a confused frown.)

Sheen: Okay... let's see what this puppy is hiding.

(He tears the back off, exposing the batteries, he tosses them aside and proceeds to rip out another casing to expose the wires and bits of the belly of the remote. He "hmms" in curiosity.)

Sheen: Maybe I need one of those circular saws.

(A high pitched beeping noise is heard. Sheen glances at his clock 7:59PM. He beams happily.)

Sheen: Sweet! Ultra Lord is about to come on!

(He zooms out his bedroom leaving the mess of the remote behind, he suddenly screeches to a stop in the hallway. A serious look comes upon him.)

Sheen: No. That's what those jerks would expect of me. Rushing to the TV at the drop of a clich├ęd hat.

(He turns and walks back to his room. A bitter sneer crosses his face.)

Sheen: I can just picture their cruel remarks as of this second!

(CUT to Sheen's Imagination. Jimmy and Carl are fixing up Jimmy's hovercar. Libby watches from a distance.)

Libby: Hey, aren't you guys supposed to be making fun of Sheen?

Jimmy: Oh, that, yeah, we were going to make fun of Sheen today but didn't see the point as he always just beats us to it when we think about it. Another cog please, Carl.

(Carl forks over a shiny cog as Jimmy tinkers.)

Libby: How so?

Jimmy: I mean everything he does is like a joke we would make. Drinking fabric softener, buying a box of used toothbrushes on Ebay, talking to his action figures as if they were competent people. That pretty much says it all right there.

Carl: Yeah, it's like trying to make fun of a mime. What are we gonna mock next, its black and white makeup, its private silence? How it's the lowest form of public taste? It's not worth wasting the energy.

Jimmy (snickering): Heh, good one.

Carl: Thanks, (he gives a snort of laughter) it felt really good to say it.

(Carl then stands tall a hand to his forehead in salute.)

Carl: Hail to thee hyperbole! We salute your greatness!

(CUT back to Reality. Sheen marches toward the remote and plants himself down next to it.)

Sheen: I will not be so easily defeated. (He looks at the mess of parts and screams.) You hear me you vomit of the depths of Hades! You won't vanquish me!

(CUT To various shots of Sheen hard at work on the remote. He uses a soldering iron to meld some wires to a nickel, a hammer to drive a marble into an empty pocket of the casing, spraying non-stick oil into a tiny circuit board, forcing a peanut shell next to a patch of wires. He solders a nail to more wires, curiosity gets the better of him as he licks the hot soldering iron. A loud sizzle is heard as he jerks his head away from the heated tool.)

Sheen: Gah! The burning!

(CUT To a shot of Sheen's clock. 10:09PM.)

Sheen (off camera): There!

(The camera PANS to Sheen placing the batteries into the remote, which is glowing a dull magenta for no other reason then to suggest that it will do something that its not supposed to. He places the back casing over.)

Sheen: Now to witness the greatness of its functionability!

(Sheen dashes out of his room toward his living room. He glances at the blank screen of the television. He points his remote to it.)

Sheen: And the universe cried out; there shall be wondrous TV!

(Sheen presses the TV button. The screen remains blank. He blinks in confusion.)

Sheen (hopeful): Enter the DVD player!

(Sheen presses the DVD button. The machine doesn't light up. Sheen begins to look worried.)

Sheen (determined): Show me the ancient power of VHS!

(Sheen presses the VCR button. Nothing from the VCR machine either. Sheen's lip quivers.)

Sheen (a tremor in his voice): Please ask me to shake my tail feather Karaoke machine...

(Sheen rapidly taps the Karaoke button. Nothingness remains. He hangs his head in defeat, miserable with failure.)

Sheen (sad): Oh what a pathetic existence I live. Can't even get a remote to work... (He raises his head to the ceiling and begins to yell) I ask for my crown of idiocy please, so I may travel to the only world that would welcome a dimwit such as myself - the little moron's room.

(The camera follows Sheen as he slowly walks towards his bathroom. The remote still in hand and his face speaks sadness galore. He sees his dad on his knees next to the toilet, plunger in hand and water everywhere.)

Sheen: Hey, how long are you gonna be? I gotta use the only place that won't shun me for being the idiot man-child I am.

Mr. Estevez: Well, be prepared to hold it till I can get this working again.. (He gives his son an angry glare) "Someone" flushed his color change Robo Fiend down the toilet today.

(Mr. Estevez then pulls out a head and arm of a blue Robo Fiend action figure from the toilet. Sheen gives a guilty look as he fidgets uncomfortably.)

Sheen: But I gotta use it, like, right now.

Mr. Estevez: Well you should have thought of that before sending Robo Fiend to the disgusting deep. (He growls in disgust) I mean really Sheen...

(Sheen's eyes begin to well up with tears. He looks at his failed remote control in his hand, his angry father furiously plunging the toilet then to the mess of water and action figure parts on the floor. He points the remote at his chest as if it were a makeshift gun.)

Sheen (in utter misery): If only this had a magic "off" button that would turn me off from this hurtful reality.

(Sheen presses the OFF button on the remote, a loud hum is heard, Sheen gives a comical look of shock and gives his head a shake.)

Sheen (confused): Woa, that felt weird...kinda nice actually.

Mr. Estevez (half listening): What are you babbling about?

Sheen: The remote I tried to fix it made a "Vrrrrrrrn" kinda sound and..

(Sheen blinks, suddenly realizing something.)

Sheen: Hey, I don't need to go anymore.

(Mr. Estevez gives a revolted look to his son.)

Mr. Estevez (fed up): Sheen, I am not renting another carpet cleaner!

Sheen: No, no, no. I don't mean that... it's just...

(Sheen looks at the remote in wonder. A triumphant smile slowly appears on his face.)

(CUT To EXT Shot of Sheen's house. Stars twinkle merrily above.)

Sheen's voice (yelling): This.. is.. awesome!

(CUE rotating Atom.)

(CUT To INT Shot - Ms. Fowl's Classroom, the kids are being educated as always by their knowledgable and bird-like teacher.)

Ms. Fowl (concluding): And that's why marsupials are xenophobic!

(Jimmy glances behind him to see Sheen fidgeting happily, a manic twitch in his eye. Jimmy gives a wave of a hand to get Carl's attention.)

Jimmy (hushed): Did Sheen clue you in on what he so desperately wanted to show us?

Carl: No, but I bet it won't be as cool as all these empty medicine bottles I found buried in my yard last night.

(He points to a duffel bag under his desk, crammed with many pill bottles, he grabs one of them at random.)

Carl (reading) : Percodan. (He grabs more of the bottles.) Hey, they all say Percodan. Wow, my mom and dad must think its really good medicine.

(Sheen waves a joyful hand in the air.)

Sheen (shouting): Ms Fowl! Can I go first for show and tell, please?

(The other kids groan and sigh at Sheen's request.)

Cindy (tiredly): If I see another Ultra Lord figure I will drown myself.

Ms Fowl: Well Sheen if you want to prevent a suicide maybe you should skip your turn for the whole week.

Sheen: It's not an action figure, I swear!

Carl: It better not be that tape with all those scary surgeries in it. (He shudders.) My eyes itch at the mere thought of seeing that cornea transplant again.

Sheen: Nope! This is even better, Carl!

(Ms Fowl gives a tired squawk and gestures to the front.)

Ms Fowl: Well, if its neither of those things then I guess you can come on up.

(Sheen is up front in a flash, big manic smile and his odd remote control in his hand.)

Sheen: Tell me everyone, please be honest, does anyone need to use the bathroom?

(Cindy slaps a hand to her face in infuriated frustration.)

Cindy: This is going to be stupid, I just know it.

Sheen (yelling): Quiet you! (He returns to a polite tone toward the rest of the class) Who here is tired of the disgusting reality that is releasing body waste?

(The class "ews" and "icks" in revulsion.)

Nick (disgusted): Dude! This freak is providing too much information!

(Sheen holds his remote high in the air for everyone to see.)

Sheen: Behold, my great invention came before me in my mind and commanded that it be built for the human race! With a press of the OFF button you will be void of anything vile that's swimming in your body.

Jimmy: Sheen, stop. You're making a complete fool of yourself. (He pauses.) Yet again.

Ms Fowl: I agree! As of this moment Sheen will no longer be allowed to do show and tell for the rest of the school year.

Cindy (relieved): Thank you!

Sheen (determined): I'll prove it to you! Who here needs to use the facilities? Carl, I'm looking in your direction, surely you need to use the bathroom.

Carl (loud): No! (a sheepish look comes to his face) Yes.

Sheen: Excellent!

(Sheen brisks over to Carl's desk and pokes him with the remote. Pressing the OFF button, a loud hum is heard as Carl twitches involuntary.)

Carl (startled): Gah, Sheen! That hurt!

Sheen (all smiles): And...?

(Carl blinks in bewildered silence. He gasps.)

Carl: I ... I don't need to go anymore!

(The class murmurs with puzzled excitement.)

Jimmy: What? That can't be... You guys are playing a joke on me, right?

Carl (still in wonder): It's amazing!

Cindy: Oh please! Like Ultra Moron could build anything, its clearly a big ruse planned by Nerdtron to mess with our heads!

Jimmy (miffed): I'm just as weirded out as you are Vortex, don't you accuse me of being a part of this freak circus!

(Ike approaches Sheen and snatches the remote from him.)

Ike: Come on, like some remote control can do anything like that.

(He pokes his chest with the remote and taps the OFF button, the loud hum is heard and Ike trembles from the invisible shock. He stares at the remote in awe.)

Ike: No actually works!

Ms Fowl: Children please!

(She approaches Ike and swipes the remote away, clearly fed up.)

Ms Fowl: Sheen, this little joke of yours is about to end now! I don't know what you bribed the class with but I have had enough of this absolute nonsense! (She points the remote to herself.) No matter how troubled your imagination is, an ordinary remote control is not an advanced technology of waste removal!

(She pushes the OFF button, the hum is heard and she gives a squawk of surprise. Amazement crosses her face as she adjusts her glasses - totally speechless. Sheen grins wildly.)

Ms Fowl: Holy Mother of Pearl! It works! It really does work!

(The rest of the class begins to murmur with interest, some kids leave their desks and clamour to Sheen with requests to use his intriguing remote. Ms Fowl returns it to him, still absorbed from using the invention.)

Sheen: Now, now, people. Don't shove. Everyone will get a turn to rid themselves of their gross excretions.

(Jimmy, Libby and Cindy still stay seated, completely speechless. Libby rests her head on her arm.)

Libby: I shouldn't have encouraged him.

Cindy (surprised): What! You actually suggested to Ultra Dummy to invent some weird phantom toilet? You need to stop going out with him!

Libby (miffed): Hey, I didn't give him that idea! I was just trying to get him to stop sulking over his quasi-rejection from Jimmy.

Jimmy: I...It doesn't make any sense. Sheen has no knowledge of anything involving mechanical engineering let alone basic physics, how could he invent something

Cindy: Utterly grody?

Jimmy: I was gonna say advanced but I guess that could work sort of.

(CUE Rotating Atom)

(CUT To EXT Shot - Recess time on the playground. Jimmy examines Sheen's remote. He aims it to his chest; the camera PANS back to see Carl and Sheen watching. Jimmy pushes the OFF button and trembles comically as the remote hums. Jimmy stares at it with awe.)

Sheen (joyful): Isn't it great Jimmy?

Jimmy (perplexed): This doesn't make sense.

(Jimmy opens the back of the remote and frowns at the strange magenta glow of wires and assorted junk resting in Sheen's remote.)

Jimmy: How can any of this junk cause human waste to just disappear? There's only one circuit board in here and the copper alloy here doesn't even appear to generate enough energy, and all these blue wires shouldn't be interfacing with... (he sniffs loudly before turning to Sheen) Is this grape bubblegum?

Sheen: Yeah, I figured it was the only way to get the blasting cap in right.

Carl: Do you think you could make another one for me, Sheen?

Sheen (mock distress): I don't know, you weren't very nice to me the other day when you and Jimmy crippled my spirits.

Carl (whiny): Aw, come on, please? Think of all the extra time I'll get from not having to use the bathroom; I could sleep in, watch movies uninterrupted and never worry about being hopelessly stranded when the toilet paper roll is empty ever again.

(Cindy and Libby walk into view toward the boys.)

Libby: Carl's got a point, as bizarre as Sheen's invention is, everyone's going to want one. Think of all the water that will be saved, the simplicity of not worrying about finding a bathroom when you are traveling...

Cindy (blunt): And the fact that pooping is totally gross and no one will miss it.

Libby (in total agreement): You got that right!

Sheen (arrogantly): Oh ho ho. Do my ears deceive me? Am I receiving praise from the female race? (He puts his hand out toward the girls.) You may kiss my hand oh obedient patrons. Kiss it!

Libby: Knock it off.

Cindy (shaking her fist): You want a fat lip?

Jimmy: Sheen, do you have any idea where all the waste even ends up?

Sheen (shrugs): Ye' got me.

Cindy: Well, it has to go somewhere, haven't you even thought of the consequences of your invention? Or did you just blindly cram a bunch of stuff into it at random? You're as bad as Whippy Dip Head over here.

Jimmy (countering): Hey, how about some insults that are actually original?

Libby: I hope its not teleported into some person's yard or house.

Cindy (she shudders): Ew! That would be nasty.

Carl (coolly): Depends which house though, if its that jerk Eustace Strych's mansion or Professor Calamitous' hideout, I won't feel bad for sending disgusting filth to them on a daily basis.

(The girls and Jimmy stare at Carl's unexpected callousness with surprise. Sheen laughs loudly and offers his hand high to Carl and they high-five.)

Sheen (still laughing): Good one Carl, I am so proud of your emerging corruption!

(He ruffles Carl's hair and then pinches his cheek.)

Sheen (in a cooing voice): Yes I am, Yes I am!

(Carl shoves Sheen away, a hand to his abused cheek.)

Carl (whiny): Cut it out!

(Sheen stumbles from the force but keeps his balance; he places a finger under his chin in deep thought.)

Sheen: What do you guys think I should name my masterpiece? I was thinking maybe the Scat Gun but it doesn't really look like a gun, so then I thought of the Ultra Relief what with Ultra Lord being awesome and how everyone will feel relief what with not needing to use a toilet again. I should get a patent for it!

Cindy: Well, when you sell it you better make it affordable to everyone, you don't want your legs broken by me if the price is too high.

Jimmy (exasperated): You just said it was grody fifteen minutes ago!

Cindy: Hey, don't take your feelings of inadequacy out on me with your yelling Shrimptron!

(Sheen puts a chummy arm over Jimmy's shoulder.)

Sheen: Ooh! I could use your lab for production Jimmy! You'll be guaranteed some profits.

Jimmy: Hold up a bit Sheen, we really should find out an explanation for how this device works. I mean, where does it all go? Things can't just disappear; there's got to be a scientific answer.

Unseen Male voice: Hey! Is that the kid?

(The kids turn around to see some journalists approaching. They lurk around Sheen, notebooks and pencils out ready to jot down every spoken word.)

Male Journalist: How's it feel to have invented a wonderful new waste disposing device?

(Sheen snatches his remote from Jimmy and clears his throat casually.)

Sheen (trying to act nonchalant): Well, heh, I think its obvious, it feels pretty good.

Female Journalist: Will you be planning to be putting it on the market?

Sheen: Duh! I want it out to the public as soon as possible; no human being should use the primitive leash of porcelain that is the infamous toilet no longer! This age shall be known to all as the Ultra Relief! (He then points a finger to the Female Journalist) Patent pending!

Libby (confused): Hey, how'd they know about Sheen's invention so quickly?

Carl (suggesting): Stalkers?

Sheen: The only thing that troubles me is what colors to use on my way cool contraption, I could sell multiple designs, maybe racing stripes or monkeys. (He crosses his eyes in manic joy.) So many decisions!

(Sheen begins to walk with the journalists as they ask more questions. Jimmy gives a troubled glance toward Sheen's direction.)

Jimmy: Sheen! Just wait awhile until I can figure out how and why your device works!

(Cindy gives an arrogant smirk, arms crossed in cocky triumph.)

Cindy: It's just eating you away isn't it Neutron? How an average nitwit such as Sheen has surpassed you by constructing, quite possibly, the greatest invention of this century.

Jimmy: Oh like you aren't in suppressed rage, you're just as disturbed by this incongruity just as much as I am!

Cindy (shrugs): Meh, somewhat, but it's obvious it bothers you more then it does myself.

Jimmy (peeved): That's it! I'm goin' home!

(Jimmy storms away, Cindy yawns and rests her hands behind her head as Carl and Libby stare into Jimmy's direction. )

Cindy (pleased): Well, that was mildly entertaining, I'm heading home for a nap.

(Cindy exits the playground, leaving Carl and Libby alone. They exchange confused looks.)

Libby: Did our friends just ditch school?

Carl (shrugs): It's not like they never done it before. Remember when we went to Egypt and then the time we became stranded at sea?

Libby (nods): True. (She pauses.) Wanna go loiter by the shoe store?

Carl (cheerful!): Okay!

(The bell rings signaling the kids to return to school but Carl and Libby continue to leave the playground in casual delinquency.)

Carl (off camera): Can we talk about llamas, too?

(CUE rotating Atom.)