(CUT To EXT Shot - It's a new clear day in Retroville Park. Jimmy, Cindy, Carl and Libby (Carl and Libby are back to their original appearances, now, folks!) walk onward through the quiet environment. Carl yawns and removes his glasses to rub his eyes.)

Jimmy: Rough night, Carl?

Carl: Yeah, my mom camped outside the bathroom door to make sure I washed all the shoe polish out. (he replaces his glasses back to his face.) I didn't get to sleep until two a.m.

Libby (sympathetic): Aw, no wonder you're burned out.

Cindy (she snickers): Heh, the trials and tribulations of a sullen youth.

(They stop walking as they notice Sheen from a distance, a gloomy vacant look on his face. Nick appears, going the other way, and their shoulders collide.)

Nick: Hey! Watch, where you're going, Shine!

Sheen (angry): It's Sheen! You really could treat me nicer, y'know! You may not realize it, but I saved you from becoming a crazy serial killer that goes on screaming guilt trips while wetting himself, an' everything. He at least had the courtesy of remembering my name right. (He yells into Nick's face.) So you better start showing some respect!

(Nick gives a comical look of utter confusion before briskly walking away from him. Sheen gives an exasperated sigh as he plants himself under a tree, arms crossed in dejection. Libby watches this with pity.)

Libby (to the others): Hold up a bit.

(Libby walks over to the tree Sheen is sitting under, one of her hands behind her back. She removes it to show she is holding Sheen's Ultra Lord mask; she presents it toward him.)

Libby: Thought you might be lookin' for this.

(Sheen looks up to see her, his eyes dart to the mask in her hand. He takes it from her.)

Sheen: Thanks. (He sighs) Guess I'm back to being some crazy nobody.

Libby (reassuringly): Hey, you're no nobody to me. Crazy, yes, but that's what makes you who you are. I like you for being you, be it entertaining me with bizarre picnics or making me laugh by whistling suggestively at the wrestling team practices.

Sheen (he manages a weak smile): Thanks Libby, but it'll take more then your sweet words to heal this tortured soul.

(Libby smiles and kneels down, putting a comforting hand on his shoulder.)

Libby: Hey, wanna act pretentious?

(Sheen grins with manic joy; quickly getting to his feet.)

Sheen: Yeah!

(Libby folds her arms; a serious look on her face. Sheen puts on his Ultra Lord mask.)

Libby: I ponder science with extreme philosophy. Boring jargon or a useful necessity?

Sheen (he becomes all serious too): As do I. Why are we here? Why do we exist? Sometimes I like to mix acids with bases.

Libby (she nods): It's a conundrum, a quandary, like, what if Galileo was a bear instead of a man?

Sheen: Simple, he would describe the stars as (He does a hilarious bear imitation.) GAORGUAGR-MARRAGH-MWAHH!

Libby (tapping the side of her head in mock surprise): Of course.

(Sheen and Libby burst into happy laughter at their game. Jimmy frowns as he watches them goof off.)

Jimmy (semi-insulted): Hey, those guys are making fun of me, aren't they?

(Cindy averts his look, trying to hide a smile. Carl marvels at the fun Libby and Sheen are having.)

Carl (he waves a hand): Hey! Guys! I wanna act pretentious too!

(He bounds over toward them. Leaving Jimmy and Cindy alone together.)

Jimmy: Man, those guys got some nerve..

Cindy: Does it really matter?

Jimmy (defensive): Yes! I mean, first of all, science and philosophy shouldn't even be in the same sentence together, also, everyone with a brainstem knows mixing acids and bases is a big no-no, and the idea of Galileo being.. (He then waves a dismissive gesture.) Aw, never mind, you're right; I don't care.

Cindy (she tries to act nonchalant): So.. you wanna go see that movie about the radioactive vampire nazis running a beauty salon, and make fun of the plot and the overpaid actors?

Jimmy (he smiles): Ah, why not. I need a break from the usual freakiness.

(They begin to leave the park. Onward to the movies. The camera ZOOMS out slowly to also show Sheen, Libby and Carl horsing about in the distance. )

Sheen: Hurry! We must combine our pretentious might to solve the dreaded Format's Theory!

Jimmy (yelling over his shoulder): That's Fermat's Theorem!

Sheen: Whatever!

(CUE Iris In Atom)