Polaris (1)

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"Dude, I'm totally kicking your butt!"

"Not for long!"

Raven watched impassively from the couch as Cyborg punched in a complicated series of buttons on his controller to power his car into the lead while simultaneously sending Beast Boy's into the wall.

Crash and burn.

"Ha! I win!" Cyborg yelled triumphantly, throwing his controller aside to launch into an impromptu victory dance.

Beast Boy sulked. "Cheater," he muttered. "There's a rule against looking up special codes online."

"I don't think so," Cyborg gloated.

"Well, there should be," Beast Boy said, crossing his arms.

Cyborg laughed. "You're just mad because you can't find the right websites."

"Whatever," Beast Boy said, his bad mood quickly dissipating, as always. "I need to play somebody I can win against. Boost my self-esteem or something. Raven?"


"Aww, come on," Beast Boy protested, "This is like the best game ever! Even you have to like it."

"Wasn't the one with the blonde kid and the horse supposed to be the best game ever?" Raven inquired, cocking a brow.

Beast Boy appeared to be wracking his brains for a few moments as he tried to figure out which game that was supposed to be. "Ohhh," he finally said, "You mean Zelda. Dude, that game is so six weeks ago. Doom Speed Blowout 3000 is way better." (2)

"Yeah, Raven," Cyborg said, nudging her playfully to let her know he was joking. "Get with it already."

"My ignorance shocks me at times," Raven said coolly.

Beast Boy shrugged off the comment as her usual sarcasm. "So does that mean you'll play? Pleeeease?" He shifted into a puppy with big watery green eyes to enhance his begging. As usual, Raven remained unaffected.

"Make sure he doesn't leave fur on the couch, Cyborg. I'm allergic," she said as she started to walk out of the room.

Beast Boy barked in protest and changed back into his human form. "You're so not," he said.

Raven stopped in her tracks. "How would you know? Maybe I kept one as a pet when I was a child, and my lungs nearly exploded from sneezing so hard."

"Nuh uh," Beast Boy said, although it was apparent he wasn't so certain in his denials. "They don't even have dogs back where you come from…do they?"

"You'll never know," Raven said shortly. "I'm going to my room."

When Raven's purple cloak completely disappeared from view, Beast Boy turned to Cyborg. "Dude, what is it like where Raven came from anyway?"

Cyborg shrugged. "She's never told me."

The green changeling's chest puffed out. His eyes gleamed as an idea lit in his mind. "Well, I'm taking it upon myself to find out then. I think it's time we learned a few things about Raven's past."

"Not a good idea, man," Cyborg shook his head. "I don't think Raven would like it too much if you were snooping around in her business. You know how she is."

"Not snooping," Beast Boy corrected, "investigating. Snooping makes it sound like I'm doing something wrong."

"You probably are," Cyborg said.

Beast Boy waved him off flippantly. "Whatever, dude. By the end of this, you're gonna be begging me for information on Raven. I betcha I'll find some killer blackmail."

"Blackmail you'll never be able to use since she'll kill you first," Cyborg warned.

"Please," said a feminine voice upon entering the room with another boy, their leader, "I do not wish for friend Beast Boy to die. Who is threatening his being?"

"Raven will," Cyborg answered as he turned to face their friends Starfire and Robin, "once she finds Beast Boy snooping through her stuff."

"Investigating," Beast Boy insisted.

"No," Robin said immediately. "I won't allow it."

"It's just a little honest fun, Robin," Beast Boy whined.

Starfire looked puzzled. "Why would friend Beast Boy do the ritual of snooping in friend Raven's possessions? What is snooping?"

"He was going to look through Raven's stuff because he's an idiot with a death wish," Cyborg said, glaring at the green changeling.

"Am not," Beast Boy argued. He turned to Starfire. "Haven't you ever wondered what Raven's past was like?"

"I do not," Starfire shook her head. Her eyes were bright as she continued, "she has told me!"

Beast Boy's jaw dropped. "No way. When?"

"When we were being threatened by the Puppet Master, and friend Raven and I had mistakenly deposited ourselves into one another's bodies. I had little control over friend Raven's powers, so she spoke with me of their origin," Starfire explained.

"Really?" Beast Boy said eagerly. "What did she say?"

Starfire frowned. "I do not believe that it was friend Raven's wishes that I share what she told me in confidence with you."

"Drop it, Beast Boy," Robin warned.

"Aww, come on, Star. You have to have to have to. Please?" Beast Boy begged, pointedly ignoring the other boy.

Starfire looked uncertain as she glanced from an enthusiastic Beast Boy to a stoic Robin. "I do not believe…"

"Staaar," Beast Boy whined. "I want to know about Raven's past."

The red-haired alien opened her mouth uncertainly to speak again when another voice, the voice of a stranger, cut her off abruptly. "Forgive me for interrupting, but I'd like to think I know a little bit more about Raven than this Tamaranean."

The four Titans spun around to see a red cloaked figure lounging against their couch. Cyborg's eyes bugged out as he stuttered, "Wha-? How…How did you…security…How did you get past the security system?"

The figure chuckled. "Back where I come from, it's much harder to disable the alarms. You really should consider updating your system. It can't make heads or tails of phasing."

"Raven's the only person we know that can do something like that," Cyborg said faintly.

Robin stepped forward. "Who are you?" he demanded. "Why are you in our tower?" Behind him, the other Titans slowly came to their senses and prepared themselves for battle. Cyborg trained his cannon on the stranger, green balls of energy formed in Starfire's hands, and Beast Boy shifted into a tiger.

"No need to alarm yourselves; I'm not interested in battling the mighty Teen Titans. I was just passing through the galaxy when I decided to visit an old friend," the figure said, amused. The voice was decidedly male. "Where is dear Raven anyway?"

Beast Boy's eyes widened. "You know Raven?"

"I like to think so," the boy shrugged. "A lot better than you all do, apparently."

"Raven's our friend," Robin snarled. "We know more about her than anyone."

However, the changeling took no notice of his leader's righteous anger as he sidled up to the stranger. "What can you tell me about her? Hmm? Any embarrassing moments? Trips? Falls? Strategic rips in her leotard?"

"None," a voice said shortly, but it did not come from the stranger. "Embarrassment isn't my thing."

Beast Boy squeaked as he turned to see "Raven!" He sidled away from the figure, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly. "I was just kidding around. Not snooping or anything. No, not me. Not snooping. Never. Hehehe…"

"Save it, Beast Boy," Raven snapped, her eyes flashing in annoyance. She turned to Robin. "Who is this person supposed to be? Did you invite him?"

Before Robin could answer, the cloaked figure cut in. "Dear Raven, you don't remember me?" He sounded almost offended. "Surely it hasn't been that long since we last, well…."

Raven's cheeks burned with anger at the insinuation. "Reveal yourself!"

"Very well," the stranger sighed, "although I'd rather hoped you would have figured it out on your own by now based on my charming wit and presence." He raised a pale, long-fingered hand to flick back his hood, revealing a handsome pale face, the skin tone resembling Raven's, with dark, perhaps even black, eyes and perfect black ringlets of hair falling across his forehead. A smirk curled on his thin lips.

Raven gasped. "Talan!"

The PlayStation (3) exploded in a fiery display of fireworks, nearly sending Beast Boy into hysterics had Robin not silenced him with a glare. Talan, if possible, looked even cockier. "I had a feeling I'd provoke a reaction out of you." He walked up to her lazily, tracing a slow finger down her jaw. "I always did. Tell me, Rae, did you miss me?"

"Obviously not," Raven spat. "I couldn't even remember who you were." As an afterthought she admitted, her expression distasteful, "Though I should have. A red cloak. Honestly. Only you had such a flare for the dramatics."

"It was one of the things you loved about me," Talan said smoothly, now stroking her hair. "You did love me, didn't you?"

"Never," Raven said sharply. A bulb shattered above her and rained glass across her hair and cloak.

Talan brushed the jagged pieces off the girl while he chuckled. "Your emotions claim otherwise. You could never control them around me."

Robin jumped in before the entire tower could be destroyed. "Who do you think you are coming in here like this?"

Talan turned a disdainful gaze on him. "Not a very bright boy, are you?" he said as he rolled his black eyes. "I'm Talan."

"I do not feel this Talan is a friend," Starfire said uncertainly.

The dark boy switched his attentions to her. "Oh," he said mockingly, "but I so did hope I would be worthy enough to be friends with a Tamaranean. I'm most distressed that I am not in your esteemed favor."

"That's enough, Talan," Raven said harshly.

Talan glared. "Don't tell me you've made friends with the…?"

"I have," Raven interrupted before he could insert some sort of derogatory term that would most likely send Starfire into tears. Talan had always been rather colorful with his insults.

His lip curled. "You always were known to associate with the people beneath you, Princess Raven."

The Titans gasped, and Raven hung her head. "Dude," Beast Boy squeaked. "What did he just call her?" Cyborg elbowed him.

"What do you want, Talan?" Raven asked, defeated. It was best she just comply now, so Talan would leave sooner, lest he spill a few more secrets and oblige her into revealing every detail of her past with her fellow Titans. She had already been forced into giving a brief, very brief, overview of where she had come from to Starfire once, and she had no intentions of repeating the experience.

"Nothing in particular," Talan said innocently, his black eyes wide, "I was just thinking of you, and our time together, wondering if we could pick things back up where we left them." He leered at her suggestively, and Raven shuddered in what she hoped to be disgust.

"We didn't leave anything off; we broke them off. Or you did to be precise," Raven said icily.

"Still bitter about that, huh?" Talan said, entertained. "It wasn't anything against you, Rae, of course. You were beautiful. Streya was just easier."

"Shut up!" Raven said hotly. In the nearby vicinity, the Titans could hear a crash that sounded suspiciously like the stove. Robin winced, but it didn't matter. They were all transfixed by the scene unfolding before them.

Talan was undeterred. "Not to say that you weren't better," he breathed in her ear. He jumped back before she could blow him up.

Raven's form was rigid, and her voice was tight. It was obviously a struggle for her to keep her emotions under control. "Why are you here, Talan?"

"Dear, dear Raven," Talan sighed. "Does there have to be a reason to visit my favorite girl?" She glared, and he sighed again. "Yes? Well, actually, I suppose there is. I'm here to ask you," he paused for a second and swept his gaze across the other occupants of the room, "All of you, for help."

"Help?" Raven repeated incredulously. "What makes you think I'll help you?"

"Not me, Rae," Talan said, "Although I suppose you would be in an inadvertent way. I'm asking for help on the behalf of all Azarath. We've gotten into somewhat of a sticky situation, you see. I suppose you could even call it an inter-global war."

Raven's face remained blank. "With whom?"

Talan opened his mouth only to be interrupted by a sudden banging and yelling at the Titan's door. "Princess Starfire! Princess Starfire!" a chorus of meek voices screeched, "We are messengers, requesting you and your friends' aid, from…"

"Tamaran," Talan finished, a smirk on his face.

Notes and References…

(1) The title of the story comes from a Jimmy Eat World song named, you guessed it, Polaris. It was pretty much the inspiration for this story. Polaris is the brightest star in Ursa Minor, at the end of the handle of the little dipper, and the northern axis of the earth points toward it. It's also commonly referred to as the "North Star."

(2) I have seen my brother play Zelda once, and I'm pretty sure it's got a horse in it. He's trying to tell me now that the horse dies or gets stolen or something, but we're not going to get technical like that. As for Doom Speed Blowout 3000, as far as I know, it's completely made up.

(3) I don't know if the Titans own a PlayStation. I don't know if Zelda works on a PlayStation. Anyway, both Zelda and PlayStation don't belong to me either.