Chapter One: On the Airplane

Um, just so everyone knows, I don't own any of this except Akiru and his angel. I don't know if you
have to do this, but oh well. And I don't know if these are actually real names… they just sounded

good. Anne is not writing this. Only me. Anyway…

He waved goodbye to his little sister, his mom, and his dad. They couldn't keep him anymore, they

were too poor. They had to send him to Tokyo, to live with his uncle, Hijama-san. He lugged his

suitcase out the door. "I'll bring you back a present, Rini!" He yelled. Then he walked, squinting,

into the bright light at Yamagata Airport. A crackly voice rasped through the low-budget speakers.

"Flight 1397 is now boarding, Flight 1397 is boarding." Akiru sighed and walked briskly to gate N,

where flight 1397 was boarding. His flight. To Tokyo. Away from his family, until he was 18. He

boarded, and sat in the coach section of the plane. Something was crusted on the armrest of the

chair. Somehow, he didn't want to know what it was. A strange guy in a lab coat was sitting next to

him, giving him shifty looks. Akiru scooted away from him, as inconspicuously as was possible under
the cramped circumstances.

Ichiro Mihara giggled to himself. He was obviously frightening this boy out of his wits. But he had

more interesting things to do than frighten innocent bystanders at the moment. He slid a video out of

its case and slotted it into a laptop of sorts. He watched intently.

Akiru stole a glance at the laptop. He looked away quickly, but not quickly enough. The weirdo in

the glasses had seen him.

"MUAHAHA! Do I see a spark of interest in this future star's eyes?" The nerd exclaimed. Akiru

looked at him, alarmed. Future star? Whatever. "No, sir." He replied. However, the strange, strange
man wasn't going to give up. He pulled some things out of his ears.

"Very newest techie item! New Sound Sylinders!" He yelled. "Notice that the C in Cylinder is

changed to an S! Anyway, put them in and watch the laptop. I'll rewind it. And don't eat the SSes!

Those are expensive." Akiru could only stare. Eat them? Why would he eat them? (They looked

unappetizing anyway.) Slowly, he took the SSes and slotted them into his ears. Oddly enough, they

were quite comfortable. The strange guy laughed and handed him the laptop. But Akiru had a


"What is your name, Mr.?" He asked.

"Icchan!" the weird eccentric nerd said loudly. An air stewardess stared. Akiru clicked 'play' on the

computer. At once, a bell sounded, echoing around his ears as the SSes took effect.

A little girl in a very strange outfit ran across a shiny white floor. She jumped high, high, high up in the
air. Too high for a human. She thrust her leg up into the air, and landed on one foot, springing up,

twisting, and slamming the other foot backwards into another person's (?) stomach, pummeling her

to the floor. When the other girl, dressed in a black shirt and white shorts, got back up, the first girl

dropped to the ground and started spinning in a circle. Then, when once again she faced the other

girl, she rolled forward, kicked off and whacked her opponent's gut with her head and both fists so

hard that she was thrown off her feet and onto normal linoleum, as opposed to shiny whiteness.

Something exploded. Or, at least, it sounded like it. As Akiru listened intently, he recognized the

sound of cheering, not an explosion. Faintly, he could hear a clearly expensive microphone booming


Layer out? Hikaru? What was going on? Then the DVD ended, and the screen went fuzzy.

Icchan watched. This boy was clearly enthralled. Then he felt turbulence. He accidentally on-

purpose dropped an ovalloid package onto his seat as he landed. He then ran away, with his laptop

and his SSes.

Akiru was still amazed. Who was it? Who was Misaki Suzuhara? What was Hikaru? His mind was

swirling with questions, but when he turned around, 'Icchan' was gone. Only a round oval package

was left, all alone, on the beat-up old seat. He picked it up, and tucked it under his clothes in his

suitcase before walking, once again, into the bright sunlight, but this time into Tokyo station.