Seeing the other side.

Hey everyone thanks for checking out my fic, Its Serenity and a Yami Bakura fic. In my fic Marik had a past life too.

Chapter 1

Serenity shuddered slightly as the lightning crackled, its jagged edges illuminating the atmosphere.

She interlaced her fingers with Ryou's unmoving ones, a comforting gesture that probably made her feel better than him.

Glancing at his comatose features, reminded her of the past few days. If not for the steady rising of his chest she would of thought him dead.

A week had passed since Yami had banished Ryou's other half to the Shadow Realm.

The whole affair made her feel nauseous, what gave Yami the right to label someone as "demonic"? She frowned at the thought. What had he done to earn it?

Marik had done so many horrible things to her brother and his friends... but still an eternity of suffering?

Bakura was there now.

They both hate the pharaoh with such a passion. Is it possible that their anger could be unwarranted? She doubted that.

These were Joey's friends. I shouldn't judge. Serenity had been in Domino City for almost a month now. Her eyes felt better than ever as she glanced around the darkened cabin.

Her job had been to take care of Ryou, while the rest of them were on the battle city tower. She prayed Joey was safe. He was the last person she really had left.


Serenity jerked up fast, her eyes connecting with the sound. The cabins small window had been slammed open by the wind.

She gasped in surprise as rain began to poor in, running over to it she desperately tried to close it only to pause in awe.

Outside the storm raged, the tower was totally masked in darkness. "The last duel of the finals should be going on now..." She whispered. Yugi Mouto vs. Marik Istar. The battle of there lives was being fought up there and she was down here. Tea had told her to join them, but she felt like she would just get in the way.

An aura surrounded the air, almost choking her. Just as it was when Bakura and Yami had dueled. The Shadow Realm had been summoned.

! Battle Ground!

Yami! Yugi yelled through there mind link. We did it!

Yami smirked as he watched Marik's life points go to zero. Yes we did Hikari

Marik's eyes widened, emotions of fury, pain and fear were clearly present. "NO! THIS IS NOT THE END!"

Seto scoffed, Not the end? The idiot.

"Yeah Yugi!" Tea yelled along with her friends.

Ishizu froze, "Pharaoh!"

Yami turned at her yell.


Yami looked up in surprise; it was true the shadow realm hadn't depleted, freeing Malik and Yugi in the process.

Marik stood there a cocky grin on his face.

"MARIK!" He yelled angry. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"

Marik grinned, "You may have won the battle, oh mighty pharaoh." Sarcasm dripped from every word. "But I have won the war!" At that he thrust out his Millennium Rod, as it glowed a deep gold. The winged dragon of Ra screeched behind him.

"Pharaoh!" Ishizu yelled in panic as her millennium necklace began to mimic Marik's.

"What is going on?" Tristan yelled as Seto Kaiba just looked on.

"You said you were having trouble remembering your past that correct?" Marik said at Yami's shocked look. "I have decided to assist you."

Yami! What's happening? Yugi asked his voice clearly scared as the puzzle began to glow. Yami looked at Marik in horror, "What have you done?"

Marik just smiled, "Putting us where we belong!" Then turning to Kaiba, "You too unbeliever!"

"This is ridiculous!" Yelled Kaiba furiously! Stopping when there was a sharp feeling in his gut.

"SETO!" yelled Mokuba, by his now kneeling brother's form.

Yami could feel himself fading; a voice in the back of his mind kept screaming his name.

Yami? YAMI? YAMI! Yugi yelled as he felt him self being dragged back into his body. "YAMI!"

Ryou's Room

Serenity watched as the wind seemed to pick up when all of the sudden the room began to glow a bright hue of gold.

The Millennium Ring seemed to materialize around Ryou's neck as Ryou changed into Bakura right in front of her very eyes.

"Ryou?" She asked walking forward. "Are you ok?"

Bakura moaned his head tossing to the side as the Ring began to shake violently. Fear in her eyes Serenity rushed forward grabbing the ring in an attempt to yank it off.

As soon as her hands touch the hot gold they seemed to be sucked into it.

She screamed as her consciousness was taken away, her body lay on the floor as her soul was transported into another dimension.

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