I'm posting! I'm posting? I'M POSTING! YAY! I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! (Everyone groans) Hey! sulks anyway, I've got a brand new story waits for applause… (Crickets chirp)… (More crickets chirp)…ooooook then. Well I'm posting it anyway. I've got a few ideas running around in my empty head so I'm predicting this to be a rather long story; but most the GREAT reviewers from my last story said they wanted to see a longer one so…here ya go. Ok, and I'm warning everyone ahead of time…I'm not going to be able to update this one as fast as I did "The Pain of Being Leo" because, as most of you already know, I have no internet at home. Therefore, I have to search around each week until I find a computer around that has internet. I'm not too fond of this first chapter but hopefully my brain will really kick in soon and the story will pick up. Anyway, now that you've been warned, I hope you enjoy this one (and I already know it kind of starts out like the last one but it won't stay that way, ok?).

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You're not me…

They were at it again. Didn't they ever stop arguing? When they got into an argument, didn't they realize that meant that he would have to get into a separate argument just to stop the previous argument? The whole jest of it made his head hurt. All he wanted to do today was practice some katas, maybe run through a few moves, and meditate and he couldn't even accomplish that with all the bickering. He could even hear Master Splinter's voice yelling at his sons to settle down. With a sigh, Leo sheathed his katanas and left the dojo to see what the problem was this time.

As soon as Leo entered the living room, he was nearly run over by Mikey's jet powered skateboard. He ducked out of the way and glared at his younger brother.

"Geeez Donny! Why did ya have to go and build him that stupid thing anyway!" Raph was yelling and attacking his punching bag with frustration.

Don looked up from whatever new invention he was working on. "You know Mikey Raph, it was the only way I could get him to give me a moments peace. AAGHHHH! Mikey! Not so close to the turtle sub you'll scratch it! I just got finished repairing it from our last ride!"

Mikey continued to fly around the room. Splinter was getting annoyed as well. "Michelangelo! Stop your infernal noise this minute!"

Finally having all he could take Raph started chasing Mikey around the room, which only succeeded in making things worse considering Mikey thought of it as a nice game of tag.

Leo shook his head in annoyance before he felt a sharp pain in his stomach. Raph had succeeded in tackling Mikey off the board which, in turn, sent the board hurling in Leo's direction, planting itself into Leo's plastron and knocking him against the wall. He hit the wall with a soft "Oomph."

"My son!" Master Splinter shot up off the couch and over to Leo. "Leonardo, are you hurt?"

Leo grunted as he picked himself up. "No sensei. I'm fine, except for my patience." Leo glared at Raph and Mikey. Don pried himself away from his work and joined his family.

"Whoops…hehe, sorry 'bout that Leo." Mikey chuckled with a big grin spread across his face. Raph walked up behind him and slapped him across the back of the head. "Ow! Geez Raphie lighten up! As if tacklin' me off my skateboard wasn't enough you've gotta hit me. Dude, where's the love bro?"

Raph growled. "I'll show ya the love!" Raph began to chase Mikey around the room once again, this time on foot. Mikey laughing the whole way and Raph growling while muttering insults beneath his breath.

Leo was thoroughly annoyed. He couldn't help but to grit his teeth. "Would you guys just SHUT UP!"

Everyone immediately stopped what they were doing and snapped their heads in Leo's direction, surprised by his sudden outburst.

"Geez take a chill pill bro." Raph gazed at his brother with a confused look.

"Chill? CHILL! HOW DO YOU EXPECT ME TO CHILL WHEN YOU GUYS ARE OUT HERE MAKING ENOUGH NOISE FOR ALL OF NEW YORK TO HEAR!" Leo had finally done it…he had lost his cool and he knew it. While some part of him was telling him to stop and collect himself, the other part of him couldn't help but to let go the inner annoyance and aggression he had held in for so long.

Not taking kindly to being yelled at Raph retaliated by stepping closer to Leo. "If I were you bro I would calm down before you start a fight."

"Well you know what Raphael, you're not me! That means I can say whatever I want to say! And what do you mean me start a fight! I'm the one who always has to break up a fight that you're involved in!"

Don stepped in hoping to end this before it got too far. "Ok guys…maybe we should all just calm down and…"

"Forget it Donatello." Leo interrupted. "I'm not restraining myself this time."

"Whadya have to restrain Leo? Like you've got anything to be mad about." Raph leaned up against a nearby wall and twirled a sai.

Leo just dropped his voice to a monotone whisper. "You really have no clue do you? You don't know anything about it. Always trying to better yourself so you won't be a disappointment. Always willing to die to protect those you love. All work and no play. Just for one day I want to be free of your criticism. Just for one day would I love for you to not judge me. Just for one day…just one day I wish that I could actually feel needed, no, wanted in this family."

Before anyone could say anything Leo walked out of the lair and into the sewers. He needed to cool off and leaping from building to building seemed to clear his mind. He kept running thoughts over and over in his mind. "Maybe I overreacted. I just wish that they could understand me...just take me as I am."

Leo stopped on the rooftop of a building and just gazed up at the sky. A cool breeze was blowing and the stars shone down on the ninja brightly.