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Raph's Pov

I couldn't stay in the house for two reasons: one-I didn't wanna wake the others up, two-I wasn't sleepy anymore, three-I was hot and sweaty and needed to cool off, four-I didn't feel like killin' Mikey…well that's like four reasons but who's countin'? The main reason I had to leave was because of that nightmare. Granted, I don't get scared easily but that dream horrified me. Only problem was, I couldn't remember what it was about…I just remember seeing bits and pieces: Shredder, pain, an explosion, a cry…more pain…mental and physical.

I had been walkin' for nearly fifteen minutes. I noticed a lake and stumbled over to it. What's the deal? What dream could've been so bad that I would be freaked out this much? I just need ta calm down. It's just a dream…ain't it? I must be a little nervous about tomorrow, well depending on how late or early it is I guess it might be today. GAH! Nervous! ME! Well yeah, sometimes I get a little on edge but I'd never admit to it! Ok Raph, breathe. I continued to stare out at the lake, trying to convince myself I was just dramatizing the whole situation, but all the while, the feeling that somethin' was wrong still gnawed and twisted my stomach

Leo's Pov

Master Splinter always said a ninja's best friend was the shadows. The streaky shadows from the tree had prevented Raph from noticing I was awake. I have been following him ever since. Something must really be bothering him. He keeps stumbling around and holding his head. I've always had a knack for noticing if something is bothering my brothers but this time it was obvious. Maybe he had a bad dream or something. Nevertheless, it's not like Raph to have nightmares…usually he sleeps like a rock. Moreover, even if it were a nightmare, it's not like him to be unnerved by it. Maybe I'm overreacting…apparently I have a tendency to do that. Still, he shouldn't have left the house, especially in his condition. Granted, I'm a good tracker and others rarely know I'm following them, but even my stealth can be off sometimes. Jumping around and hiding in the darkness had resulted in me landing on a pinecone and making a small, but noticeable crunch. Raph wasn't even affected. Something was definitely wrong with him, and I'm going to find out.

Great, now he's heading towards a lake. Please don't decide to go for a swim, even I don't feel up to exercising right now. Ok, he's sitting down now…man he looks stressed and…no…scared?

Raph's Pov

I'm startin' ta get a headache. All this thinkin' and worryin' is gonna give me my first migraine. I keep thinkin' someone's out here wit me but that ain't possible. Everyone's asleep, but I still open my eyes and when I do a pair of eyes greets me. "AHHHHHH!" Did I scream? Of course I screamed! There's a big green face that was hoverin'…green? I had leapt up and fell right back down when I realized who it was. I turned around to look at my 'attacker.' "Give a turtle a heart attack why dontcha?" He must have been trying hard not to laugh because a smirk pricked itself on the corners of his mouth. I couldn't really blame him; if I had scared the shell outta one of my bros like that I'd be rollin'.

He was just propped on his haunches, crouching down…starin' at me, and that smile went to a look of concern. I walked over to him and plopped my bum down next ta him while he gently lowered himself down to the ground. "Stop bein' such a worry wart Leo, yer gonna get wrinkles." He must have known I would say somethin' like that 'cause he didn't retaliate or yell 'cause I left the house. I guess we complain too much about him worryin', still…he should be sleepin'. "Whaddya doin' out here Leo?"

"I was going to ask you the same thing."

Crud…I knew I wasn't getting' off that easy. "I thought you were sleepin'."

"And that's why you came out here becauuuuse…"

"I dunno…I got hot and sweaty and Mikey was droolin' on me!" Man, he couldn't resist gigglin' at that. How would he like it if a videogame freak drooled all over his face? "Glad ya think this is funny."

"You should have known better than to sleep under Mikey."

"I didn't think about it." I must've put on one of my sulking faces 'cause he smiled before turning serious and popping the next question.

"So what's wrong?"

"Whaddya mean?"

"Why are you out here?"

"I told you…"

"I scared the daylights out of you."

"How was I supposed to know you were gonna hang over my face!"

"That's exactly my point."

I had to think about that for a minute or two…or twelve. What was he getting at?

"Look Raph, it's obvious that something is bothering you. You would've noticed me following you, especially since I made a noise. Your concentration is out of whack."

He must have sensed my hesitation about tellin' him what was really wrong…what am I saying? Of course he senses it, he's Leo. He's got control over everything from his acute sensitivity awareness to that creepy sixth sense he's got when fighting blindly. He gripped onto my shoulder, not tight, but…comforting.

"Raph…you can tell me. I won't bring the others into it, you know that. What you say is confidential."

"I know bro…I guess…I guess I'm just a little worried about our fight today…tomorrow, I mean today…man what time is it?"


He looked kind of, I dunno, solemn. There was a slight breeze blowing and our bandanna tails were being whipped around. I looked at my brother and felt like I was in feudal Japan. Never had I told him this…but I respected him, and even though I have, and never will, admit it, I look up ta him. He looks so fierce, even when he ain't fightin'. He's…a warrior…a true warrior. "Leo…I…well, I had this nightmare."

He just looked at me with understanding and only when he told me to "Go on…" did I let loose. "I had this dream and it was dark. I kept seeing glimpses of the Shredder, an explosion, and screams…screams of anger, battle cries, pain…and it all ended with one cry. I dunno what it was…it was like a cry of anguish. What if it's tellin' me somethin'? I…I ain't sure about us goin' ta fight the Shredder. I mean I know we gotta, but I've neva been this unsure about us…well…" How should I say this? "…about us…not making it."

He just sat there and listened to my little rant. His expression never changed, he didn't seem mad or nothin'. I hung my head a little and peered up at him. "Ain't ya mad?"

"Mad about what?"

He looked confused.

"Well, I'm havin' doubts. Don't that make ya mad?"

The confusion evaporated and he looked away from me, out towards the lake again.


That's it? A simple 'no'? Ya gotta be kiddin' me! I was about ta ask if he was feelin' all right when he continued.

"You have every reason to have your doubts, I have mine and I'm sure Master Splinter has his. We're all worried. But I do know one thing…" He turned towards me and gripped both shoulders, looking me directly in the eye, "I'm not going to fail my family again. It will work. Shredder will pay and then…"

He hesitated. Is he questioning himself? I looked at him and he continued, "…and then we will have thirty pounds of pizza after we win."

I couldn't help but to bust out laughing at that last part, mostly from surprise that Leo could actually come up with a joke and better yet that he did during a time as intense as this. He smiled and let out a laugh of his own while wrappin' an arm around my shoulder. I did the same. We stayed like that: laughing, happy, carefree…brothers, for what seemed to me too short a time. "Ya really think we need thirty pounds bro?"

He winked, "Uhh...yeah. Mikey will eat at least twenty pounds by himself. We've got toget something!"

Haha…how true. I enjoyed those moments, but I refused to let anybody know; it would ruin my tough guy credibility. But what did he mean by failin' us? He hasn't failed us…ever. How many times I gotta tell him that?

I could've stayed there and laughed with my bro for hours, but our happy moment was cut short by the rising of the sun. We both looked at it. Normally that fireball signaled the beginnin' of a new day…this time, it could symbolize our last. I looked at Leo and he wouldn't take his eyes off of it. Only when we unlocked arms did I hear him say, "It's time."


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