I do not own Fruits basket and I don't care also I would like to thank You Don't Mean Anything by Sohma-Hatsuharu for giving me the idea form my poem I hope you like if not shame on you.

A Rat And A Cat In Love

A rat and a cat together in love.

Everyone would make fun of a rat and a cat in love.

Prime enemy's but lovers in their dreams.

Because no one would approve of a rat and a cat in love.

What is so bad about a rat that is love by the family and a cat that is hated by all to love each other behind closed walls?

What is so wrong about the cat that the rat can never go back?

For a love like theirs it is no act.

Thou they fight it isn't right to show love through fist and fight.

What is so wrong for a rat to like a cat and a cat to like rat.

Both has tails but no shells

Can't hide their love like the snail.

Why can't a rat love a cat?

Because people like you think it's an act.

That is why I truly feel sorry for the rat and the cat.