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-Harry Potter -

I was so prepared for this moment. I was so unprepared for this moment. It had actually worked. Not that I had doubted Hermione; She had never once given a wrong answer; She had never steered me wrong...granted she had had no idea why I wanted her to do those things. Finally, after two years of careful, quiet research, I would be able to see my parents in real life again.

I donned my invisibility cloak, the only inherited possession from my father, before I slipped through the doors, slipped into the world of Hogwarts of 1977.

I heard lots of clamorous and excited voices emanating from the great hall...well it was Graduation Night here.

I slipped inside without anyone noticing. Damn! I'd have to take my invisibility cloak off to get any decent pictures of my parents. Sure I had photos of them taken by many other people but it wasn't the same. I wanted to take pictures of them myself. I wish I could have pictures with them, but that would never happen.

I moved to the back of the room and slid my cloak off stuffing it into my pocket.

"Lily Evans."

I looked up in time to see my mum walk across the stage and receive her diploma. She was beautiful. Her hair hung in long auburn waves down to the middle of her back. Her eyes were brimming with tears and a smile lit her face. Mum.

I lifted my small camera and snapped a good half dozen pictures of her.

"James Potter."

Dad. I watched my father just the same as I watched my mother. He had messy black hair and hazel brown eyes that showed that they had smiled tons. He looked like me. He walked like me. But he seemed distinctly different in some ways, ways I couldn't place though. I suppose it didn't matter though. I snapped a bunch of pictures of him too.

A pair of dark eyes was watching me but I chose to ignore them completely. Who cared about him? It was only Professor Snape, stupid, suspicious git.

The dancing began after everyone's name was called.

"It is imperative that we talk to you Severus."

"Not now Father."

"Severus, yes now!"

"What do you need?"

"In two nights you must announce your future bride."

"But Father!"

"Do not 'but father' me. It must be done. You must announce your bride to be."

"Father, I don't wish to be married."

"You will announce a bride and be married by your eighteenth birthday or you will be kicked out of the house and lose all chance of enheriting your fortune."

I paid little attention to the conversation occurring behind me. Who cared about Snape's problems? They were, after all, his.

My parents didn't see me. I was careful to keep hidden as I took all the pictures I could. I never heard someone creep up behind me.

"What are you doing? I've never seen you here before..."

I spun to stare into the dark obsidian eyes of a tall, lanky boy wearing black velvet and silk dress robes. His skin was sallow and he sported a long, hooked nose. His teeth were uneven and yellowish. I would know that face anywhere. I remembered him from his future self's pensieve. Severus Snape. Oh no! I wasn't supposed to be seen.

Professor Snape. Best to say nothing. I stuffed my camera into a pocket and turned to leave Hogwarts. I whipped out the Marauder's Map and opened it. I couldn't afford to run into anyone else. No one else appeared in my way as I ran for the top of the North Tower. Professor Snape chased me.

When I reached the tower, my legs burned, my heart was pounding, and my lungs were heaving as they tried to suck in much needed oxygen. I climbed up the ladder and pulled it up when I reached the top.

"Wait...Hey! Come back!"

I looked down before flipping the door shut and, whipping the shimmering opaline curtains aside, I forced the window open.

BAM! The door flew up and banged the ceiling. Snape hovered up and landed on the floor of the divination classroom.


What the Hell? He was relentless in his curiosity. He needed to let go.

I had to get out of here. I climbed like a monkey up to stand on the roof of the divination room.


Damn it! Why won't he stop? His curiosity was insatiable. Well, surely he would stop when he saw what was next. I pulled my quidditch goggles on over my eyes.

I took one single deep, cleansing breath and jumped.


Professor Snape leapt off grabbing my arm and clinging to the edge of the roof.

"James! You Dolt!"

"I'm not James. Let go!" I screamed slapping at his hand. "It will be okay. I don't want to hurt you Snape." I reached into my pocket and took out my wand. "Stupefy."

Snape's hand released the roof and we both fell into the time warp.

We landed softly on the front step of 1996 Hogwarts on August thirty-first. Perfect, for me that is; the time, later the day I left. I still had to figure out what to do with Snape.

Great Job Harry! Bring your future professor as a kid your age forward in time possibly wrecking the time space continuum in the future. Well what I need to remember is that sometimes it is okay to make mistakes. Mistakes are fixable. I screamed inside my head.

Oh Hermione! You are going to have to help me figure out what to do now.

Well Professor Dumbledore would find out what had happened soon enough...I might as well start by telling him the whole story and since the school year hadn't yet started...I could not be expelled for this transgression...it started tomorrow and I knew he wouldn't inform the ministry of what I had been doing.

Well Dumbledore...hope you are prepared for this.

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