Summary: Harry's destiny has taken a sharp turn from what was intended. At age seven, he figures out that he can make things happen at will, like magic. He uses this ability to counter his bullying cousin, Dudley, and form a gang of his own. Harry's gang is composed entirely of female members – except of course for Harry himself. They band together to protect themselves from the Dursley gang, and form a life-long friendship that is almost like a family. When he received his Hogwarts letter, Harry James Potter is a strong, confident young man. A young man who takes his duty to protect his girls very seriously. Lucky for him, one of his girls has a cousin visiting at the time he receives his letter, and that cousin just happens to be a fifth year witch.

Warning: This story is being rated as mature. Come on, the word 'harem' is part of the title. I'm sure you can figure out where this is going...

Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoast Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

Author's note: This is my first posted attempt at fanfiction. As such, the story will deviate from the books and movies. Hopefully, some of you readers will find it interesting, and possibly feel inspired to add your own variation of the Harry Potter story to this forum.

Harry Potter and the Harem of Honeys

Discovering his Gift

It was a normal day at the school, even if this boy was anything but normal. Of course, normal is a matter of perspective. To the other children around him, he was far from normal. If he was among his own kind, he would still be a tad unusual, but much closer to the so-called "norm". You see, this boy's name is Harry Potter, and he is a wizard by birth. Not that he himself knows anything about that... yet. His guardians, his Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon, have carefully hidden all knowledge of magic, or anything that they consider outside the "norm", from him.

Today, however, he will learn something about himself, and it will steer him away from the path that fate and a meddlesome old man had planned for this little boy. At this time, little Harry is only 7 years old. His second year of primary school had just started,
but already his overweight cousin Dudley and his gang of hooligans were making sure that Harry had no friends at all...

"There he goes! Get him!" yelled Dudley. His band of playground thugs were chasing that odd Potter boy. None of Dudley's friends knew why this particular boy was the focus of their leader's aggressions, and quite frankly they could care less. Dudley told them to beat him up, and that was fine with them. They liked beating up other kids, particularly ones who were smaller and weaker than themselves. That meant that Potter, a few other small boys, and virtually all the girls in their class were targeted for beatings.

"Hurry up! He's trying to hide by the dust bins!" shouted Dudley's second in command, Piers. Piers Polkis was a rat-faced boy who happened to be the smallest member of the gang. Normally, he would be a target, but Piers had that special quality that bullies the world over looked for in a henchman. Piers was a toady. He was mean and clever, which meant that he was able to avoid his beating by encouraging the gang to beat up others. It was his self-made job to direct the mini-mountains he called his friends towards their targets. When the target was caught, he would hold their arms behind their backs while the bigger boys pounded on them until they got bored. Plus, he had the cowards gift of knowing when authority figures would appear, moments before they actually did. Piers kept the others out of trouble most of the time, and was clever enough to talk them out of is on the rare occasions that they did get caught in the act.

Meanwhile, young Harry was running like the wind. He may not look it, with the oversized hand-me-down clothes he got from his over sized cousin and his lean frame, but Harry was very fast. Growing up in the Dursley household had forced him to develop superior reflexes. While he may not be strong, he was very fast. Right now, we used that skill to evade the Dursley gang.

Rounding the corner that went behind the school, he saw the dust bins and decided to use them as cover. In fact, he could probably hide on top of the large dumpster behind them, if he could just get there before the others reached him. With a desperate need to evade another beating in the front of his mind, he made a mighty leap while wishing to be out of their reach.

What happened next was a mystery, for he suddenly found himself on top of the school's roof. Now, how the bloody hell did he manage to jump onto the roof? Maybe a gust of wind caught him, filling Dudley's old sweat shirt like the sails of a sailing ship? No, that didn't make any sense. While his grades didn't reflect it (he was punished if his grades were better than Dudley's), Harry was a bright lad. The shirt could not have provided enough lift to raise him to the roof. Besides, he had move up in opposition to the prevailing winds. So, how had he gotten up here?

Calming himself, he sat down and reviewed exactly what had led up to this unusual event. While he was at it, he began to ponder some of the other unusual events in his life. Suddenly, he made a connection. Whenever he had felt very strong emotions, whether it was fear, anger, anxiety, or what have you, strange things happened. The kind of things that were so un-Dursley-ish, that he would receive extra harsh punishments. Somehow, someway, Harry was able to do things that no one else he knew could manage.

Magic things.

"I need to test this," he said to himself. "If I can learn to use this... power... at will, I will be free of Dudley and his gang." So, young Harry sat down on that roof, skipped his classes, and began to focus on his feelings. After all, the first step would be to purposefully draw out an extreme emotion, then use it to do something magical intentionally rather than accidentially.

Sinking into a rough meditative state, he started to work himself up by thinking about how his aunt and uncle would react to his being caught up on the roof. Memories of past beatings and punishments made it rather easy to work himself into a panic. Just as his fears reached their peak, he felt something... different. There was a strange tingling down his spine, like something was waiting to happen.

Quickly, he seized upon that feeling, and said, "I wish I was on the ground!" There was a soft 'pop' sound, and Harry found himself sitting in the exact same position he had been in on the roof, only now he was seated on the grass beneath an oak tree on the playground. "YES!" crowed the young wizard.

"How did you do that?" Harry jumped up, to find a girl about his age sitting in the branches of that oak tree. "You just appeared out of no where!" Looking closely, Harry saw that the young girl showed signs of the gang's attentions. She had a black eye, a split lip, and her dress was torn.

"Actually, I came from the roof. I was hiding from Them," he declared, letting her know that they shared tormenters. "I just figured out how to do that... thing. I 'popped' from the roof to here."

"Wicked!" she enthused. "Can you teach me to do it?"

"I don't know. I just figured out that I have been able to do stuff like that for years. Only, I never realized that it was me who was doing all the strange stuff. But today, it all sort of connected in my head."

"Oh," she sighed. "Well, maybe I can help you to learn to do it better!" She climbed down from the tree. "My name is Marie. Marie Caldwell."

"I'm Harry. Harry Potter," he replied.

Little did anybody know, but that was the moment that young Harry's destiny hit a bump in the road. This wasn't just a little bump, either. It was more like a bump on a mountain road, that launches your car off the road and down the side of the mountain. Both paths get you to the bottom, but the routes get you there in entirely different conditions.

Young Harry should have crashed down the side of that mountain, reaching the bottom as a fiery wreck. That bump in the road, however, enabled him to bounce back onto the road, and coast down the mountain in style. When he finally rejoined his world – the wizarding world – we would be far different that fate had intended...