Okay, as I promised, this is the companion piece (Sawyer's POV) to the first chapter (which was Jack's POV) in this story. Although the dialogue I used for the first chapter is exactly the same, I changed everything else to make it Sawyer's thought. I know this may be a bit tedious forreaders, but I just wanted to show the same scene from Sawyer's perspective. Sorry if this will irritate you :. This is also 350 words, so I kind of had to work around the dialogue to makethe wordsfit. Thanks for reading and please feel free to continue to post reviews.


What in Christ's name have we got here now?, I ponder.

"Is there something you want, doctor?" I say, nonchalantly, pretending I don't know what he's after.

"Why'd you do it?"

"Care to elaborate?" I laugh, playing dumb. I do that pretty damn good, you know. Playing dumb. Acting. I'm a goddam natural.

"Why'd you tell me about your encounter with my father? What reason did you have to tell me?" Jack asks me, determined as ever to find out.

How am I gonna get out of this one? My entire brain's regretting that I ever told the doctor any of this drivel in the first place. At the time, I thought the sonuvabitch would've been happy with just knowing the info. Thought I'd tell him, he'd take it in whichever way he wanted, and let it go. Then again, none of us on this damn island are known for letting go of things. Should've known that, James, I scold myself.

Which brings me back to square one. What do I tell him? I ain't gonna tell him the truth, that's for sure. Besides, he probably wouldn't have believed a word of it. Sawyer: a decent guy 'neath the hard exterior? Hell, even I don't believe that bull.

"So why'd you tell me, Sawyer?" he repeats, taking me out of my haze.

I say the first lame excuse I think of.

"Sheppard, Sheppard, Sheppard," I shake my head, smilingly, "what in the hell ever makes you think that story was about you?"

"Well," he looks at me kinda funny for awhile, like he don't know how to react to what I said. Finally, he lets the topic go – "it was a nice story, anyway. Thanks … I guess."

"Anytime, Doc. Anytime."

He goes his own path, and I return to doing whatever it was I was doing.

I wanted to tell him I'm glad he liked the story; after all, I'm the ultimate storyteller – "confidence man" and all.

But I only kept my mouth shut. Because unlike Jack's sweet little story, some tales aren't meant to be splattered about.

So I hope everyone enjoyed this - since the story will not go any further. I'm fairly new to "Lost" (I completely missed the first half ofthe season) and I'm not quite sure if I've got theJack and Sawyer voices right. I'd appreciate if you let me know for futurefics.

P.S. For anyone that's wondered why this is, if anything, a Jack/Sawyer fic, it's because I'm not sure if I want to support Jack/Kate or Sawyer/Kate, so I figured Jack/Sawyer ... why not? I know I'm weird, but that's my reasoning. Again, thanks for reading everyone!