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Pairing: Julia/Alonzo; Hints of Devon/Danziger

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Singularity, Part Two

Danziger looked around at the abandoned ship Alonzo had found earlier. Throwing down another piece of useless metal in disgust, he grudgingly came to the conclusion that the pilot was right. This piece of junk would never fly again.

When Alonzo had come back with the baby, Danziger had been more worried (and hopeful) about the ship the child had come from then the existence of the child herself. To the older mechanic, babies were something that had to be worried about only when they directly affected the survival of the group. While Danziger knew Devon was worried about the origins of the child, he just couldn't come up with any probable scenarios where the child was a threat to the Edenites. For crying out loud, she was just a child.

But, Devon Adair was a force to be reckoned with when she thought she and hers where being threatened. Danziger had learned the hard way not to fight against her when she was in such a mood.

Swinging his Gear back over his eye, Danziger opened a channel to base. "This is Danziger, anyone copy?"

Seeing the face of Devon appear on the Gear screen, Danziger felt a kick in the bottom of his gut that he ruthlessly suppressed. The long trip to New Pacifica really wasn't the time for knocking boots. For him or anyone else. He had tried once to put a caper in Julia and Alonzo's growing relationship, but Devon's sense of romanticism had gotten in the way then... as it would doubtlessly later on.

Just the thought made Danziger sigh in annoyance.

"Hey, Danziger, you okay?" Devon's worried tones made Danziger straighten up and pull himself together. No point in letting her see what she did to him.

"Yeah, we're all fine." Danziger pulled the gear away from his face to give Devon a POV scan of the area and then resettled the eye piece back into position. "Alonzo was right though, this shuttle is absolutely useless."

"Shuttle?" Devon picked up quickly.

"Yeah, I was about to mention that. It's a little odd. The ship that Alonzo found is only really a short range ship. Doesn't come with any cryo-beds I can see and what's left of the engines makes me believe that it was never meant for lengthy voyages."

"Alonzo never mentioned that."

Danziger ran his hand through his hair. The fact that Alonzo hadn't mentioned the bizarre type of ship, something the pilot surely would have noticed, made the mechanic uncomfortable. It just added on more mystery onto a growing pile of questions.

"Yeah, I know." Danziger paused for a second, wondering if he should verbalize his questions.

"Danziger, don't hold out of me. I know that look; what doesn't add up out there?" Devon's eyes narrowed as if she was willing him to give her the answers over the kilometres of difference. Just one more aspect of her personality that made his heart pound and at the same time annoyed him until he was furious.

"Alonzo should have recognized the make and model of the ship. There is no way he wouldn't have realized that the ship had to come from somewhere in system."

"So, you think he deliberately withheld the information from the group?"

"I really don't know, Devon. I just think it's odd."

"What about Baines or Walman?"

Danziger had wondered about that himself, but when he had asked the other two men they had just shook there heads, saying they never really got a chance to investigate the ship themselves. Once they had returned from the short scout, Alonzo had had the child all bundled up and ready for transport. They never really got a chance to do more than a superficial scan of the outside of the ship. It was just another fact that bothered Danziger.

"Well?" Devon's impatient voice, reminded Danziger that he had yet to answer her question.

"I asked the two of them and both said they never got a chance to see the inside of the ship. Alonzo was already outside waiting when the returned from the scout and insisted that the child be returned to camp immediately so Julia could check her out."

"You think he did that on purpose?"

Danziger really didn't like where this line of questioning was heading. "I don't know, Adair. And I really don't want to discuss any such questions over an open line."

Danziger watched as Devon looked pensive for a couple minutes. He guessed she was trying to decide if she really wanted to end the conversation or not. Not that she really had a choice. If he wanted he could close it down from his end just as effectively as she could. Danziger smiled for a split second, that would be just the kind of thing that would make her furious.

"Okay, I guess we'll have to wait for you to get back to camp. Then we can all talk to Alonzo."

Danziger almost laughed at the regal way Devon made her decision known. Sometimes, secretly, he thought Julia's desperate claim said when Devon found out her allegiance to the Council was right. Devon sometimes did act like she was the God of G889 and all her decisions divine proclaims. Then, sometimes, Devon did something so unexpected and giving that it made him realize how much he had come to trust and rely on the strong woman. Even if he would die before he told her.

"Okay, I'll round up Baines and Walman and then meet you back at camp; should only take a couple hours."

"Be careful," was Devon's only statement as she signed of abruptly.

"Yeah and to you too." Danziger said under his breath to no one in particular.

Swinging the eye-piece away from his face, but leaving the voice receiver on, Danziger called up Walman and Baines. "Hey guys, looks like we're packing it in. Better get ready to go."

Not bothering to wait for an affirmative, and also ruthlessly suppressing the natural comparison to Devon's mannerisms, Danziger shut down the devise and started preparing the Rail for the return journey.

Julia watched from her spot at her medical equipment as 'Lonzo played with Danny. After the child awoke from a brief nap, Alonzo had taken it upon himself to occupy the infant so Julia could get work done. But if the young doctor was totally honest with herself, watching 'Lonz play Daddy to the baby was more distracting than any whining, fussing, or crying the child could have thrown up herself.

Julia forcefully turned her attention back to the genetic manipulator in front of her and worked through the baby's genetic footprint. As it was, she became so engrossed in her study, that she didn't hear Devon enter her tent until the older woman spoke up.

"Alonzo, may I have a word with you?"

Julia quickly looked up from her work and swirled her chair around so she was facing the three people currently occupying her med-tent.

"Devon, anything we can do for you?" Julia asked.

Devon turned and faced the group's doctor before turning back to Alonzo. "I really need to talk to Alonzo for a moment." She paused for a second and looked directly at the pilot. "It's about the ship you found."

"I don't see why Juls can't stay-"

Julia quickly cut Alonzo off, "Actually, I should probably go and take Danny to get something to eat. I think Bess said there was some powdered milk around here somewhere."

Devon looked grateful, but Alonzo's eyes narrowed.

"Really, Julia, I think you should stay. If we're going to be together, anything someone says to one of us can be said to both of us."

Julia felt the smart blow right to the middle of the stomach and managed to just stop her eyes from showing a definite flare in temper.

However, Alonzo seemed to notice it anyway. "Sorry, Juls, I know that was low. But I want you to stay."

Julia turned to look at Devon for a moment and wondered what the older woman thought of all this. Once again turning to look into Alonzo's pleading eyes, Julia felt torn between what Devon wanted and for some reason what she knew 'Lonz needed. After thinking for a moment, Julia nodded her head and then turned to Devon.

"'Lonzo's right. I should stay."

Devon nodded reluctantly and then dragged another crate over to sit on. Julia watched as the Eden Advance leader settled herself and then searched around for a way to start.

"Alonzo, Danziger just reported from the ship. Everything seems exactly as you said-"

This time Alonzo cut Devon off. "See, I told you. Nothing to worry about."

Julia couldn't help but think Alonzo looked really pleased. As she watched him, the pilot reached down and gentling smoothed down Danny's fine hair in a move designed to calm the disquieted child. It almost seemed like the infant could feel the growing tension in the room.

"That's just it," Devon continued. "There is something that worries me."

"What?" Julia asked, suddenly uneasy.

"When Danziger reported in he said make and model of the ship was unusual." Devon stopped for a second and looked straight and pointedly at the pilot. "Alonzo, do you remember what that ship was designed for?"

"I assume small groups of colonists. Like the one we were on."

Devon's brow creased. "Are you sure? Can you remember the specific make and model?"

Alonzo seemed to think for a moment before he answered. "It was a Jupiter class vessel. Circa 2135. It was originally only designed to make short in-system jumps."

Julia looked at Devon shocked. Devon returned Julia's gaze with a worried look of her own. Although, Alonzo had revealed an unusual piece of information he was stating it like it was yesterday's weather.

"And that doesn't bother you at all?" Devon asked firmly.

Julia watched as Alonzo's facial expressions turned puzzled. "Why should it?"

"My God, Alonzo. A ship this far out, with no cryo-beds, no crew or inhabitants, serious purposely inflicted damaged... that doesn't seem unusual to you?"

Julia turned around when she heard Danny emit a small whimper and noticed that Alonzo's stroking had gotten a lot heavier and a lot more possessive. Walking over to the bed, she quickly picked up the young baby and whispered soothing words in her ear.

"At first, yeah, I wondered how such a small ship could have gotten all the way out here. Then I found Danny." Alonzo got up and walked over to where Julia was standing holding the baby. When Alonzo reached for her, Julia sidestepped his attempt. A slightly annoyed pilot walked over to the other side of the tent. "But after I found Danny, I really didn't care. All I knew was that the baby was so young and so small. There was no way I could just leave here there to investigate the ship."

"And I wouldn't have asked you to do that." Devon stated. "But, Alonzo, the information you could have brought back with a proper scout of that ship could have told us a lot about where she came from. It would have saved Danziger from making the second trip."

"I never asked Danziger to make that second trip!" Alonzo almost shouted.

"No, but I did." Devon got up and without knowing that she was doing it, ran her hand through her hair and repeated the frustrated gesture Danziger had made a little while before. "We have no idea why Danny is on G889. Was she sick? Why was she abandoned? Where are her parents? These are questions you should have asked as soon as you found her!"

"I didn't need to ask those questions. All I needed to know was that I found Danny and she needed my help."

Julia watched in growing unease as both Devon and 'Lonzo grew more adamant in their positions. Looking down at the infant that caused so much problems, she wondered if Alonzo had made the right choice bringing her back. As much as she was growing to care for Danny, Devon was right. There was so many unanswered questions. This was a foreign planet; they had been tricked by seemingly innocent things before. 'Lonz should have known better than to bring home the infant for he had investigated the situation a little better.

"Enough!" Julia stated loudly and firmly. "'Lonz, Devon's right. You should have investigated Danny's appearance in our lives a little more. But, Devon, now that it's too late, why don't we just keep on going. Once Danziger gets back both he and 'Lonzo can go over the information the second scout team brought back. Until then, I'll continue my scans of Danny. Maybe that will raise some answers."

"Juls, all we need-"

"No, 'Lonz, we need to know at lot more. If not for the group, then for Danny. We can't raise her blind."

Devon looked grateful at the help she was receiving from an unexpected source. "Thanks, Julia. I'll leave you too the work. When Danziger gets back I'll call you."

Julia nodded and watched as Devon walked briskly out of the tent. Then she turned to Alonzo. "What is wrong with you?"

"Wrong with me? What about you?"

Julia stared at Alonzo in amazement. "I'm not the one who is blinding believing that everything is going to be okay. I'm not the one who is determined to wish every unexplainable variable of Danny's existence away. I'm not the one who has suddenly decided that home and hearth is so much better than a place among the stars!"

Julia looked at Alonzo, shocked at her own outburst. Using Danny as cover, she quickly walked towards the exit of her tent. "I'm going to get Danny something to eat. I'll be back later."

In her wake, Alonzo looked out between the edges of the med-tent's flap in amazement.

Alonzo watched as Julia sat silently feeding Danny. Although she had been afraid that this wouldn't be such a good idea, Alonzo couldn't help but feel his love was a natural. In her arms, Danny looked so peaceful and so happy. It was easy to forget the problems that were occurring because of her very existence.

"Hey, Querida."

Julia looked up suddenly and she almost dropped the bottle that she was feeding to Danny. However, the quick baby reached up and grabbed it with her own two hands. Settling herself and gently gathering her grip on the bottle, Julia blushed at being startled so easily. It was just one more thing Alonzo loved about her.

"Alonzo, I'm sorry for snapping earlier."

"No, I am. I understand why you and Devon are so concerned. I just can't seem to reciprocate."

"And I think that's what's worrying her."

Alonzo grudgingly agreed. If it didn't feel so natural to be here together, Julia, him and the baby, Alonzo would have been a little worried about the tug he was feeling to put down roots. In his hundred plus years, no beauty had ever tempted him like Julia and Danny were doing know.

"I know. However, that's not what I came to talk about."

Julia looked up into Alonzo's chocolate eyes. After a moment of searching for something Alonzo couldn't guess at, she nodded. "Okay, what then?"

"You... me... Danny"

Julia looked unsure of what Alonzo was getting at.

"You were right, earlier. I do want to trade life with you and Danny for endlessly wandering through the stars." Alonzo paused and tried to figure out a way to say this. "When we first crashed here, I thought this would be the end of my life. I was a pilot that had been grounded... it wasn't natural. But then there was you.

"Juls, you made having to be here so much better. I thought that if I could just be with you until the ship arrived I would be able to survive the years it would take for the colony ship to arrive. What I didn't expect was this feeling of wanting to stay."

Julia cocked her head in such a way, that Alonzo knew he wasn't getting his point across.

"I'm not saying this right. What I mean is that you made me believe that I can be something other than The Pilot. I can have a life that doesn't involve spending four-fifths of it in cryo-sleep. Juls, you made me want to live."

Alonzo stopped and looked into Julia's eyes. "I guess what I'm trying to say is I don't care what happens with Devon's discoveries. She can worry about them all she wants. All I know is that you, I, and now Danny belong together. I know that and the others will too."


Alonzo lightly kissed Julia to stop her from saying anything. Sliding back a bit, he said, "Don't say anything right now. Lets just sit here."

Julia nodded her head and looked down at Danny. Brushing two fingers through the baby's fine hair, she took away the unused bottle that had fallen from her lips when Danny fell asleep and then gently passed the child to Alonzo.

When Alonzo felt the child placed in his arms, a sensation alarming close to a substance hit travelled through his system and lighted up all his nerve endings. This is how it was supposed to be.

Behind the threesome, unaware by any, Julia's diaglove, left on scan-mode, began quickly beeping an alarm.