One Year Later

Description; Clark just started high school.

Disclaimer: I only own Jonathan Jr, Joshua who are twins and Lara. The rest are own by Smallville and Superman Inc.

Character: Jonathan, Joshua, Clark, Lara, Jonathan, and Martha

Chapter Two


Martha was cooking dinner when Jonathan came in from being in the storm cellar. How did thing go with telling Clark.

He ran out of the storm cellar. He asked me why I didn't tell him the ship. I shout his name I trying to back in there. He was not too happy Martha. "Where others kids beautiful," he says.

Lara is a sleep. Joshua is watching TV and Jonathan is upstairs doing homework. Martha sees the handle on the door move and Clark walks in. Then, Martha hears loud thud come from the boys bedroom.

The three of them rush in the room. Clark put is hand against his brother forehead. Sure enough, Jonathan had a fever.

The next day Clark was came out of school Whitney and bunch of his friends ambushed Clark. At first, Clark thought it was Chloe. Chloe, just leave me alone alright. To his surprise it was Whitney and his friends.

Congratulations, Clark. You happy you're this year scarecrow.

Don't mess with me tell Whitney push is him away.

Bring it on Clark.

Has Clark about hit Whitney he fall to the ground. One of football players throw him behind the truck. When they arrived to where they wanted to tried Clark up.

Lex came along on untie him. He affords to get Clark a doctor.


As he walks the phone rings. He picks up phone.

Is Jonathan Kent parents there?

No, think their out at game.

Who are you then?

I am his older brother Clark.

I am his teacher I am calling to let you that Jonathan been getting in fights. Also, not hand in his math homework.

Thanks for tell me.

As soon after Clark hang up the phone his parent enter the house. He looks at Jonathan as greets his parents. Hey, mom and dad Jonathan's teacher called. He hears Lara call out his name and he lift her out of the stroller.

While Clark was talking to his parents, Lara looks at Jon and says dada.

Jon could not believe ears when heard Lara call him dada first time.


After Clark talks to parents about his brother Jonathan, he goes up fortress of solitude in barn. In addition, that where he sees Lana enter her house.

Lana goes into her and find gift on bed.

Greg Arkin was looking at Lana through his camera. He was watching her open the gift.

As his mom leave the she him the she going to call Military acamady.


Everyone is getting ready for the farm market in Kent house. Except one person who is still fast a sleep.

Martha: Clark, We leaving for farmers' market in 15 minutes, and you haven't any chores done yet.

Ok mom I will be down a minute.

At farmers market

Hey, Joshua can hand me nail Clark ask.

"Here the nail for sign" says Joshua.

Hey, Lana and Whitney, says little Jon

Hi, Jon they says back.

All hail the Homecoming king and queen.

Clark looks at Lana and Whitney

"Hey, Clark I didn't see at the dance last" Lana says.

Oh, I was…

I was a little tied up.

Lana looks at Whitney

Hey, Congratulations. That was one heck of a game. I haven't seen defense that good since I played.

Clark was little confused.

Thanks You. Mr. Kent.

I'm going to get the rest of the boxes out the truck.

You have to give me the necklace back

Aren't they beautiful.

Greg scares Lana

Greg. I didn't recognize you with out the glasses.

Where is boyfriend Lana asked Greg. Lana did you know the average butterfly live eight hours at time.

The fast, die young they're the rock stars of the insect world. He is helping Clark Kent getting boxes out of Kent's truck.

Hey, Lana I was wondering if you help me with my lit paper.

Nathaniel West assignment give you brain freeze?

Yeah, It's kicking my ass.

Sure, Okay.

Great. How does my house sound after school tomorrow suggest Greg to Lana?

It may be easier if we meet at library.

Than it's a date.

Sorry, Greg I have to go.

What did he wanted Lana questioned Whitney? As tells her that her aunt's looking for her. He place his hand Greg's shoulder and said hey bug boy please do me a favor and stopped tailing my girlfriend.

Why, Whitney are you afraid a little competition.

Whitney turns around and says we're not any competition, Greg, but I find out been leaving in my girlfriend bedroom, you'll know about it. Get Greg or else. He heads to his truck.

Joshua and Jonathan we going home, their mom yell to them as put she Lara car seat.

Ok, mom we ready to go home.

Jonathan was looking out the window. He taps Clark on the shoulder says isn't that Whitney's truck.

Yes, it is turn back around and then looks at his dad. He tells him to pull over. Clark pulls Whitney out the truck before explodes.

Martha gasps at the sight of Clark surrounds around by flames. Boys stay in truck she tell them.

Back at the farm

Dad is Whitney going to be all right. I think I scared mom and the boys.

Whitney's is going fine. He has couple of cuts and bruises, but nothing to serious.

He asked if Whitney would remember anything?

His father responds no all he remembers is that something hit his truck, and than woke up in ambulance.

You need to talk to mom, Joshua, and Jonathan I think I freak them out this time.

He looks at and tells him that he made them every proud.

Dad, something else happen this morning when woke up.

Like what?

I sort of was floating.


Right when I woke up I crashed. With a concern, tone in his voice asks his father what is happen to him.

Clark son I honestly don't know. As soon as you start breaking the law of gravity, we're definitely in uncharted territory.

I wish this just stop.

To Be Continue