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Date: First day of Winter Solstice

Location: Home world of The Goa'uld System Lord Ba'al

Time: Mid-Evening, Seventh hour

Place: Ba'al's Palace

The twin moons of Ba'al's home world shone brightly, pearly silver against the scarlet clouds and deep velvet black of the evening sky, one partially concealed by the other, like two polished jewels in a goddess's crown. How fitting such jewels adorn the heavens above the home of a God. A cloaked and hooded figure walked through the grand central courtyard those beautiful celestial bodies overlooked, a pair of Goa'uld ha'tac vessels resting on landing pads to the far left and right of the courtyard. Their Pyramid shaped bodies' gleamed aged gold and obsidian, held within their carrier vessels, their points seeming to reach toward heaven, they were so massive. Each one could easily be a palace onto itself, each were so massive.

He walked among the priests and priestesses that were gathering for a festival in Mighty Ba'al's honor, the hooded priests adorned in their finest robes of crimson, green, tan and gold, a red circle symbol tattooed on their foreheads, crossed by with two white streaks, and the priestesses dressed in long skirts that hugged low on the hips, high heeled open toed sandals, draperies of the finest silks, and low cut sleeveless blouses that stopped mid-riff, with their lavish head dresses. Skin the color of fresh cream, sometimes -golden tanned, sometimes dark like wet earth, all equally tempting.

The person in question loved looking at the lovelies' chosen to serve the temple. Because of their 'calling', they were forced into celibacy, and were forbidden from engaging in sexual intercourse. Not with the Jaffa warriors, not common citizens, not even the stiffly priests! Their long, curvy legs, those ample chests, exquisite figures all of them, would go to waste. Well, maybe not. The mysterious person was quite well favored by Lord Ba'al himself, and always earned each 'gift'. He really wanted to give his new host body a trial run before he began enhancing it, changing it to his personal tastes. Unfortunately, he didn't have time. A 'package for him had just arrived and been delivered to his laboratory for his immediate inspection. He was so excited about this particular package; he almost forgot to put up his hood this morning before he left his quarters.

You see, the hooded individual is merely a vessel, a host body to a parasitical organism known as a Goa'uld. A serpentine creature with a bony ridge down its back and fins not all that dissimilar to a fishes, its four red eyes and long, needle-like fangs tipping each of the mandibles that makes up its hideous mouth, a Goa'uld can take control of any living being it infests. It will first burrow into the neck of a living being it chooses to be its new host. It will then wrap itself around the spinal column and weave thin neural filaments into the hosts' brain, central, voluntary, autonomic and peripheral nervous systems, and take control of the body, lock, stock, and brain stem. Essentially, the host becomes trapped within their own bodies' while the parasite uses the body to do with as they please.

Unfortunately, in the case of a Goa'uld, it's never good. Goa'uld possess a vast genetic memory capability that not only allows a Goa'uld to be born with all the knowledge possessed by its' parents, it also allows general personality traits to be passed on; for a Goa'uld, this means arrogance in the extreme, a gleeful enjoyment in causing pain and misery, death and destruction, an endless, insatiable hunger for more and more power, and a general cold malevolence that would make any other race fearful indeed. Another trait was great vanity; a trait that this particular Goa'uld did not indulge in. Not by choice, but by necessity. He wore a hooded robe that hid his towering form because his host was not human, as all Goa'uld hosts are these days, though long ago other races were selected to provide host bodies.

This particular Goa'uld, named Malachi, had chosen a being known as a Unas. They were the first race of being to be used by the Goa'uld as hosts. They were not pleasant to look at. Usually standing well over six feet, they are a breed of bipedal saurian, with three clawed digits on each hand, two toes on each foot, greenish scaly skin, yellow eyes with elliptical pupils, much like a feline, a mouth full of sharp teeth, and immense strength. The creatures face lacked and kind of nose, being a short and rounded reptilian snout, its eye long, wicked slits, facial and body horns another uniquely distinguishing feature, with jagged ridges adorning its head from the eyebrows of its face to the tip of the downward curving bony crest on the back of its head, giving it the appearance of a highly evolved dinosaur.

The Goa'uld gave up these powerful creatures in exchange for something more pleasing to the eye. A rather foolish decision, in the minds of those who are not Goa'uld, and not ruled by them, but who would question the choices made by gods? That is how highly the Goa'uld have placed themselves in their own perceptions. They are conceited, ruthless, and downright vicious toward their enemies, and also one another. Malachi was a different story. While he was still possessed a hunger for power, he also had an everlasting hunger for information, knowledge, understanding; In all possible subjects, in all possible variety, by all means possible. He had another Goa'uld to thank for that. The System Lord Anubis, the most feared and powerful of all system lords of all time, had found a way to evolve, to 'ascend' was the term, and by doing so, gained unfathomable insight and wisdom, all of which he used for his own dark purposes. The horrors he visited upon his victims were so horrible in fact, that all the other Goa'uld, who would see committing genocide as a leisurely activity, had deemed HIS crimes unspeakable, he was that horrible.

After ascending, he was banished into limbo by a race of ascended being called The Ancients, the builders of an inter-galactic network of transport devices that used 'worm holes', tunnels through sub-space that allowed for instantaneous movement from one world to another. These devices were called the 'Stargates', or 'Chappa'i' in Goa'uld. Anubis had found a way back from limbo, an incorporeal being contained in a shield cloak, and begun to reclaim what was his, using weapons and technology that rivaled that of the Ancients, whose vast scientific knowledge Anubis had gained access to when he ascended.

Malachi was an experiment in trying to produce a smarter, more mentally powerful Goa'uld. One that could utilize Ancient level mental capacity, no matter what kind of host they were currently occupying. Amongst hundreds, if not thousands of failed attempts, Malachi had emerged as the one single success. With his creation two years ago, Anubis had wanted to create a new race of Goa'uld that would replace the old generation with the fury and swiftness of an inferno burning an ancient forest to ash. Unfortunately, a group of rebel Jaffa had destroyed the laboratory where he was created, along with all related research material that had led to his creation. Malachi was the first, and last, of the new breed.

He had narrowly escaped being vaporized when one of the rebels had barged into the lab where Anubis' scientists were performing experiments on Malachi. He had blasted his holding tank with a staff weapon. The super heated plasma pulse had blown his tank to pieces, scorching his flesh but miraculously not killing him. He was thrown into an open-air vent. The scientists soon share the same fate as the tank. The gold corner trim decoration on the red-brown and white streaked marble-like walls reflected the staff weapons fire quite well.

He was unconscious for how long, he couldn't tell, but when he woke, he had never felt so energized, or so completely rejuvenated, just vaguely beginning to realize the scope of his enhancements and every so slowly, so quietly, he slithered through the ventilation system intent on finding a host. He swore he would then pay back his would-be murderer, his four tiny, but oddly green eyes glowing fiercely in the darkness of the vents. After several hours of crawling aimlessly through the ventilation system, He found a host-processing lab, where new potential hosts could be analyzed, assessed, experimented on, and even interrogated before they became hosts to eager symbiotes waiting to walk in human skin, or at least humanoid skin. All that was there was a rather large Unas, over seven feet tall and well muscled, excellent muscle tone, but not overly developed. What actually appealed to him were the well-developed facial horns on the chin and sides of the head, long like dagger blades. Quite regal if he asked you opinion of them.

While he wanted something attractive, a saying of the Tau'ri, the first world where the human form had come to evolve, had come to mind (he reminded himself to thank Anubis for the neural downloads from several captured Tau'ri warriors). The saying was "If wishes were horses, beggars would ride". He knew what horses were, thankfully, so it made sense, to him at least. Another saying that went well with the first one was "Beggars can't be choosers". Again, wise council. He slithered out of the vent, and entered his new host. His timing was impeccable, be cause a four-man team of rebels had just entered the lab, searching for any Goa'uld scientists they could slay, and anything that looked even vaguely important enough to disintegrate with a zat'nikatel (one shot stuns, two shots kill, three disintegrate), or blast with a staff weapon.

They weren't armed with just Goa'uld weapons, but weapons of the Tau'ri. Projectile weapons if he remembered correctly. The memories from the captured warriors were enough to dissuade him from trying to rip them apart. He had a more inventive idea. He realized that fighting them would be suicide, even if he had come into possession of a weapon, so he pretended to be dead. He slowed his hosts heart rate and breathing almost to the point of stopping them completely. Malachi had simply waited them out. The Jaffa had checked to see if his host was either dead or alive. The Jaffa poked him with the Tau'ri weapon, trying to see if he would react. He then held his hand over the host mouth to check if he was breathing or not. He had slowed the heart rate of the host to once or twice a minute, and every thirty seconds for the breathing rate. The Jaffa had fallen for the deception and slowly made their way out of the demolished lab.

Malachi listened very intently to the Jaffa's movements, and as they grew father and farther away, he sped up the hosts heart rate and breathing, then wearily opened one eye, then the other, checked the lab, and breathed out a huge held-in breath. He looked down at himself, and saw that the Unas was not restrained, but had tubes sticking out of the arms, connected to fluid containers on the side of the examination table, designed to keep the Unas dormant. Now with Malachi within, the drug was no longer effective, and with a little bit of concentration, he sped up his hosts metabolism, and added in some of his own antibodies for extra effectiveness, the drug was soon purged from his system.

He sat his new body up and slid off the table with sinuous ease, unconcerned about the tubes, which were pulled out as he walked out the door. The sting of having the needles yanked out at a harsh angle was ignored. He remembered one of the scientists talking about some spare Kull armor they had received for the second version of the original super soldier that Ba'al had commission to replace the original version, which lost some of its effectiveness due to the Tau'ri possessing weapons designed to cancel the effect of the life giving energies that animated the super soldiers. Malachi crept down the hallway, staying close to the wall, concealed in shadow due to an apparent power outage, trying to get to the eighth lab where the new super soldier armor was being developed. It might just be ready, and if not, well he'd finish working on it himself. Many of the neural imprints that Anubis had given him included huge portions of Ancient knowledge. It would make working on the armor all the simpler.

He was surprised, at first, by how easy it was for his new body to be quiet, but he wasn't in the complaining mood. He made his down the hall quickly, soon reaching the eighth laboratory and slipped inside, glad no Jaffa rebels had made it there before him. He didn't like surprises, or did he? Oh well. He found the door mechanism, closed, and locked the door, then changed the pass codes. He found the new armor held upright inside a wide cylinder of glass, by mechanical arms, atop a raised dais, lighted by blue-white lighting strips. All manner of robotic equipment was inside the chamber, seemingly weaving the body armor together, whether it was the quantum-polymer mesh body suit, or the energy absorbing body armor itself. The cylinder connected to the ceiling of the laboratory. Sealed airtight by a thick gold ring, similar in appearance to a Goa'uld transport ring, but with thick tubes leading to ports in the chamber. The chamber's raised dais base was littered with interface consoles held out by thin hydraulic arms

Malachi noticed a second, smaller dais to the left of the main chamber, a raised control console placed in front of it. On the consoles screen were parameters for the armor. Malachi's new mouth twisted into a smirk. This was going to be easy. He slowly entered some command on one of the build chambers consoles, and just as soon as the final command was entered, the machinery that was building the second version super soldier armor slowed to a crawl, and then stopped completely. Malachi hopped onto the smaller dais, entered several more commands, and then stood statue still as a disk of blue-white light slowly floated from the crystalline surface of the dais. It slid up around his ankles, leaving a cold, tingling sensation in its wake, traveled up his legs lower torso upper body and arms, shoulders, neck, and finally floated up past his head, into a similar crystalline lens in the ceiling.

The scanning process took about two minutes. Far too long for Malachi. After the scanning was complete, he went over to the build chambers main control console and restarted the machinery. In a handful of minutes, he'd have a battle suit meant just for him. It had a few simple modifications, but quite a few improvements over what had originally been designed. Simply put, it was a battle suit meant for a Unas. Four fingered gloves instead of five-fingered, specially designed boots to accommodate his large, odd feet, and a customized helmet to fit his unique cranial structure. The build chamber machinery whirred, zipped, and weaved, and in under six minutes, the new suit was done.

It was completely black, except for blood red streaks on the helmet for decorative purposes. The suit had distinct structural differences from the original super soldier armor. The conventional shoulder armor had been replaced by heavier, thicker armor that folded over shoulders and under the arms like a set of large squared fingers, connecting to the side faces of an inverted pentagon in the center of the pectoral plates. The two pieces on the shoulders produced the effect of the armor having a raised metal collar. The back of the armor was equipped with an odd back pack-like component. It was shaped like a hexagon, with each of the six faces rounded. Connected to the backpack unit and the shoulder pieces of the armor were wrap around components that somewhat resembled the wings of a bat, long finger like protrusion along the bottom lips of the pieces, and one long protrusion at the bend on the upper lips, which added a particularly ornate feeling to the armor.

Other changes were four extra pulse weapons on each gauntlet, plus a menacingly over sized pulse cannon almost as long as the wearer was tall; two short cylindrical devices attached to the backpack unit; the armor was a good deal thicker, plus it employed advanced robotics (Malachi simply improved upon the original exo-machinery) and provided full body coverage, making it, in essence, a robotic carapace. Also, it had a multi, raised horn decorated helmet with glowing red optics.

Malachi loved it. He powered up the armor, and it opened like a blossoming flower. He climbed inside and closed the armor; just as a group of rebel Jaffa had blown the door, only to be blown away them selves. Malachi fondly remembered that day. He loved his armor, but what he loved even more was the package that had been delivered to his lab but a few minutes ago.

He focused his mind on the present and began to whistle to himself. He really didn't care if someone thought it was odd, that such a huge person, robed and cloaked, was whistling to himself. He continued to walk through Ba'al's grand palace, hoping to get to his lab so he could begin his research. It wasn't every day you get to study a device made by the Ancients themselves. A quantum mirror no less. What a wonderful day!

As he walked on, he noticed a young priestess sitting near fountain just at the exit to the courtyard. He also noticed a Kull warrior standing like a statue near the door to the main hallway. He walked over to the bio-engineered killing machine and lovingly patted it on the arm as he walked by, whispering to it in a silky growl, one that didn't go with his feral form, "Warrior. Go to that young priestess sitting by the fountain over there and ask her to go to Lord Malachi's chamber. He wishes to reward her for her revenant devotion to the Great God Ba'al". As the doors to the main hall slide open with a loud thump of rushing air and what vaguely resembled rock scraping on rock, the Kull warrior did as it was instructed, startling the poor young woman in the process. Malachi licked hips lips in anticipation. He knew that he'd soon be both deciphering an actual quantum mirror, learning the secrets of multi-dimension travel, as well as sharing his bed with a very pretty priestess. Ba'al had many priestesses', so the temple wouldn't miss one. It was going to be a perfect evening, and what made the waning day all the sweeter was that Malachi could feel a three-beat rhythm in the back of his skull, that made him feel as if the greatest discoveries were yet to come.

Even Malachi had no idea how right he was.

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