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Date: March 28th, AC197

Location: geo-synchronous orbit, Earth's Moon

Time: 19:36 ZULU

Place:Pel'tac of SG-1's appropriated super Ha'tac

Jack O'Neill whistled loudly as he checked out the massive moon base that was displayed on screen. Ba'al had told him that man had advanced quite a bit since their time, and especially in this particular timeline. For once (maybe), it seemed, the slimy snake was telling the truth for once. Jack really thought the moon base was something that you couldn't fake – at least not easily – and thought that if mankind could come this far, even without all the alien tech that the SGC had come to have, well he'd be the first person to start passin' out the drinks.

They were observing the facility using an 'extreme long-range imager' while they were cloaked, two very effective tools for keeping themselves unnoticed by the locals. They were about several million miles away from Earth's moon where the afore-mentioned base was located; Jack very much wanted one of those imager gizmos. He was just about to ask Carter what she thought of the whole thing as she came up to him, when he thought he saw a spark of golden light flash over a massive domed facility.

"Hey, did anyone………" Jack never had the chance to finish, as the view screen exploded with blinding, burning white light. It startled everyone, driving arms over their eyes to shield them against the painful intensity of the light. The only thing anyone could see was spots, and even then it was just barely. As various persons began swearing and cursing, Ba'al managed to activate a control on the main console, which did two things: put into place a light dampening screen over the main viewer which stopped the in-flow of light completely, and activate a medical system which began healing the optical damage done by the intense light blast. As everyone felt the warm, soothing energy dispel the pain and return their vision, the scene which greeted them made the compassionate among the gathered SGC teams, Jaffa, and Tok'ra wish they were all still blinded.

The moon base had been reduced to a seared and smouldering crater, despite the absolute zero temperature of outer space. Where the city-like moon base once was, was now only a huge gaping wound that looked like a space-age version of Hiroshima. As the smoke and vapour that had been a glittering facility that housed thousands of people wafted into the great void, Jack O'Neill seethed as he saw a distinctly alien ship rise from the death cloud that screamed 'Goa'uld'. It has some vague resemblance to regular Goa'uld ships, but looked more like some hellish insect that had been crossed with a wicked bird of prey. The hull was crackling with golden energy that seemed to have a life of its own, illuminating the perfectly black hull and the wild crimson markings on its sweeping wings. As the ship finally left the cloud and now glided through open space, it disappeared into a hyper-space window.

"Wh-what the hell just happened?!" A shocked Daniel Jackson exclaimed as he watched with horror the images coming in live from the obliterated moon base. The hellish crater that had once been a city-like moon base was still smouldering and glowing, long and snaking cracks spreading out from ground zero. Ba'al responded almost reverently, "What you just saw was a controlled cross-phase energy release, something similar to a weapon technology used by the Reetou – damnable bugs – which are equivalent to a small nuclear device. This was also a controlled anti-matter release, further coupled with Goa'uld guided plasma technology. The resultant devastation is the end result".

Daniel glared daggers at the deposed system lord and was quickly coming to understand why Jack wanted to beat the guy to a pulp. He turned away from the stuck-up parasite and turned his head back to the horrible image displayed on the viewer. As everybody surveyed the scene with varying reaction – from barely restrained sobbing to seething rage – Ba'al asked a very surprising question: "Would you like to pursue?" Everybody whipped around to stare slack-jawed at the Goa'uld. Jack had an also surprising, but also not completely unexpected response.

"Ba'al", he started out calmly…


Malachi, in his Damien Jekyll body, snickered as his scanners detected a familiar energy signature, the source of which was now displayed on the monolithic main monitor. Malachi fondly remembered that particular Ha'tac design, and sincerely hoped to make use of it later…especially since he had an inside man, someone who the idiots on board would never suspect. Anyway, the pursuer had entered hyper-space right behind him. While the new guests were in hot pursuit, he attended to his original batch of guests. He stood up and walked, no, more like paraded in front of them, snickering and smiling at them. Heero just coldly glared at Malachi, while Duo and Wu Fei were vainly trying to tackle him, only to be repelled by the force field he was using.

"Now guys, you can't get through my shield, so stop trying, 'cause...", he had started to gloat, but was violently silenced as the most unexpected person began screaming in rage at the warped parasite. That person was Treize Kushrenada.

"MALACHI!! You bastard!! You bring me back from the grave only to show me how much you like killing innocent people?! You damned wretch! You said the reason for my return was to inspire a new generation, to gathering those who would wish for a better world and work together! How stupid did you make me, to buy into your bull! How many people did I sway with mine! You make me sick, because we are the same!!"

At that comment Malachi stopped smiling and started to snarl. He spun around, a razor-sharp sword blade springing out of the grotesque cane he carried. "You want to be dead again, Treize?! HERE YOU GO!!"

Malachi charged Treize, and Treize deployed hidden blades of his own, intent on filleting the warped monster roaring at him, conical teeth gleaming in the light of the bridge lighting. Just as the two combatants were about to clash, the bridge was rocked by a rapid and repeating turbulent crash. Everyone was thrown to the floor, except for Ryuujin and the Gundam pilots, the former of which seemed to sway and tip with the bridges chaotic tossing, and the later holding onto whatever was closer. For the most part, they clamped onto Ryuujin, and there companions either clinging onto them or staying in their seats.

Malachi whipped his bloody-red eyes to the viewer, and silently cursed the fact that the new breed of Ha'tac Anubis had created were capable of fighting in hyper-space. They could wrap themselves in the very energies of hyper-space, and release said energies as a sort of shock-wave colourfully referred to as a "hyper-wave". The Ha'tac giving chase had such a weapon, and was using it to great effect. Zeus' digitized thundering voice responded, "VESSEL UNDER ATTACK! VESSEL UNDER ATTACK!"

"Thank you, Zeus", Malachi muttered to himself, and his got back to his feet even as the bridge shook from the hyper-wave impacts. \he dropped into his command chair and tapped several controls on one of the arm rests. The ship immediately dropped out of hyper-space, right above Jupiter's moon of Ganymede. The Ha'tac that was following them soon appeared right after them, firing away with conventional weapons.

"General O'Neill", said Ba'al as he directed the weapon arrays, "You're going to find this hard to believe, but there are human life-signs aboard that vessel. Not to mention two life-signs that bares a striking similarity to Anubis's Kull warriors, but with some interesting discrepancies, and, of course, a Goa'uld. That would have to be Malachi".

O'Neill whipped around so fast he almost gave himself whip-lash. Ba'al nodded in agreement to the general's unasked question. Jack voiced his next question, "Can you get them off that damn ship?" To that Ba'al replied, "In one piece or many?" The dirty look Jack gave the deposed system lord provided him his answer.

Ba'al set the hyperspace wave gun to full power, and at the same time, entered some codes into the computer. These codes were access codes to Malachi's secured mainframe aboard his ship. He programmed Malachi's own transporter to beam the hostages – he had a fair idea of who they were - and the two Kull warriors – he had reviewed their specifications - right onto the pel'tac, and out of danger.

Well, still IN danger, just a different venue.

Heero Yuy was not the most pleasant of people in the first place. This was evident from the nigh on permanent frosty mask he always wore. When he had met Relena the first time, he had almost put a bullet in her head for being too nosey about his activities, and would have too if not for the goofy twit named Duo Maxwell who, also being a Gundam pilot, showed up and tried to keep Heero from killing her. Heero silently thanked Duo every day since then, because after he really got to know Relena, well, his dark days were now not so dark.

Relena, by the way, was holding onto Heero for dear life, occasionally letting out a frightened squeak as the vessel shook under the impacts from the pursuing vessels strange weapon. She had a hard time grasping everything going on, even as it was all playing out around her. She was onboard an enormous spacecraft hurtling through space at faster than light velocities – something that should be completely impossible if you're a student of modern physics – yet here she was. Said craft was mastered by someone she had thought simply the oddest human in existence, but in reality – another head trip here – an extra-terrestrial in human guise! The being in question had just obliterated the moon base, and was now being pursued by another alien ship that looked very much like a rather decorative flying saucer!

"Why do these things always have to happen when you and I get together?" Relena nervously whispered to Heero as he uncharacteristically wrapped his arms around her, vowing he'd never let her go. He never quite finished the vow, as he, all of a sudden, felt a strangely warm tingling sensation, then felt like he was somewhere else all of a sudden. In reality, he was actually was somewhere else.

He and Relena started looking around; realizing they were in a room that very much resembled a large throne room, They also noticed that not only were all their friends and companions with them there, there was a tall man in regal robes at a control console near a large screen at the forward end of the room. Around him, were several people wearing black robes, and a lady wearing a rather racy dress (and by the looks of things, hated wearing it), and several huge guys with weird symbols on their foreheads. They were all pointing weird staff-like weapons at them. Heero crouched low like he was ready to spring, but a fellow in his mid-forties with grey hair spoke out, "Hey, hey, now. Don't do it kid. We're the good guys!"

Heero looked ready to start punching anyway, but Relena put a calming hand on his shoulder. The older man replied with a jovial air to Relena; "Much oblige little miss", smiling as he tried to be funny. Heero arched a brow at the odd fellow, and was just about to start demanding answers, when one of the big guys whipped his weird staff weapon around at Ryuujin, barking something in a language that sounded vaguely like Egyptian. Heero's blood cooled a good few degrees when he realized what the guy was. Ryuujin had described theses guys to him during the trip to the moon base.

They were called Jaffa, and they worked for the Goa'uld.

"Jaffa!!" Heero yelled, as he charged at the largest guy wielding the staff weapon, surprising the huge, armoured warrior substantially. He was about to nail the guy with a spin kick when the guy at the control console spun around and levelled a hand device at him, and then sent him crashing to the floor with a shock wave that felt more like a running tackle hit. Heero heard a few ribs crack, but it wasn't anything serious. Not for him, anyway. He hit deck hard, but got back to his feet in a flash.

He vaguely heard Relena beg for him to stop, and was just about to try again when he sudden felt like he was being electrocuted; he had never seen the elderly Jaffa pull out a weird side-arm that looked vaguely like a serpent ready to strike and zap him with it. He couldn't control himself and flopped to the floor like a fish out of water. The elderly Jaffa roared with a strength that defied his apparent age and commanded, "SILENCE!!"

Everybody froze. Nobody moved, except for Heero who growled after regaining some semblance of control over his hay-wire limbs. The old Jaffa shook his head at Heero's defiance, smiling with a mix of mirth and respect. He had read the files that Ba'al had accumulated from Malachi on these 'Gundam Pilots', and being a seasoned warrior of a hundred and forty three, he had seen much, and was likewise not easy to impress; to say it bluntly, he was impressed.

"Calm yourself, Heero Yuy. If you behave in a civilized manner, you will be treated in such", Master Bra'tac calmly stated as he slowly advanced toward Heero and replaced the weapon in the fore-arm mounted holster on his arm. He stopped a few steps from Heero and knelt down to offer the downed Gundam pilot a helping hand. Heero simply tensed the muscles in his ace and forced himself to his feet, but slowly, considering he had several Jaffa aiming staff weapons at him.

"You have no fear of death, but your friends may be caught in a cross fire should you decide to continue acting so rashly". Heero realized that the old Jaffa was right; they were surrounded, and if these guys started shooting, his friends would be shot full of holes. He regarded each of the Jaffa with a wary eye, and made a point to get some answers; one way or another.

"You know, you don't have to go pointing weapons at Ryuujin, over there. He's with us, despite what you may think. Hey, if I had a face like him, I'd expect some hostility too", blurted Duo from the side. Bra'tac quirked an eyebrow at Duo's sarcastic remark, actually amused, and also taking note in the rather odd Kull warrior who was giving the braided youth the evil eye.

As everyone began to relax, the human-turned-Kull Treize asked a very simple question: "What the flying fuck is going on?!"

Malachi looked around his ships' enormous bridge and smiled widely; everything was going like clock-work. Ba'al had extracted his guests right on time, and both vessels were just about arrived at the Tantalus facility…and then Ba'al would confess his association with Malachi. Malachi had found a way to contact him across time and space, and had proposed an alliance; what amazed Ba'al all the more than the proposition was the astounding fact that Malachi had actually forgiven Ba'al for trying to blow him up. If Ba'al hadn't tried to take him out, he'd never have the opportunity to study mobile suits…and even create some original models of his own.

His big home coming plan was going perfectly. All he needed now was to acquire some certain "items", and then he fire up the engines to his greatest warship and head home to fill all his enemies full of holes, and hopefully retrieve his father, Anubis, from the great beyond. His seven special works, what he dubbed the U.G.K., were finally ready…all he needed were the legendary soldiers to pilot them. He'd finally be able to make his dreams come true. Soon every Goa'uld would become the gods they claimed to be, for they would become the real thing. Well, as close to the real thing as science could make them. Since it was the science that Malachi wielded, the results would be nothing sort of spectacular.

Malachi smiled a crooked grin as he watched the viewer. Peacemillion II cruised through the blackness of space, over a thousand miles away from Ganymede. As his pursuers did the same, he looked on with pride as the Tantalus facility, which covered exactly half of the Jupiter moon, slowly consuming the moon, which itself would soon be gone, consumed, by his WARSHIP. Tantalus would become the greatest war vessel the multi-verse had ever seen: Armageddon Harbinger!

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