Disclaimer: I don't own anything related to Batman or Catwoman.

Note: Usually I can't stand poetry, but I just scribbled this out one night and decided that it was decent enough to share. In the second grade I was a complete Catwoman junkie. I wanted to be just like her, and to some extent I was jealous. It's been years since I've even looked at a Marvel/DC comic, but ever since reading the Batman: Hush series, I can't put them down, especially the Catwoman comics.

I believe that the significance of the Catwoman character, as a whole, is change and conflict of identity caused by intense self loathing. The hate/love tension between Batman and herself that is created by unwanted similarities is quite intriguing, so here's a take on it.

Miss Kitty Cat

Iddle widdle skiddle skoo. I've got a secret. What about you?

Skreep skrap skreep skreeping tap. Cat kitty cat cat sat just sat.

Sat and stare and stare and scrap. Cat kitty cat, where you at?

At the stair, the staring stair combing my long hair long long hair.

Long is long is long and long gone kitty cat.

Tell the scrapper to scrap his scrap.

This kitty cat gone long gone playing taps.

Said the kitty to the cat 'I fear the worst is giant bats flat ratting that.'

Replied the cat to the kitty cat 'Don't be silly foolish. Worst of fear end is that bat.'

A screeching thwap kabap bam! Ram ram tinkle shatter BLAM!

A secret secret man. That secret man his secret.

Miss Kitty Cat, come back! Don't run run away run away fast!

Cat and mouse and cat and mouse and cat back and forth!

Intrigue entice ensnare ignore and fight cat scratch punch and floor!

Cat kitty here kitty kitty, come kitty come kitty back.

'The knight is dark', said the kitty to her cat, to her cat said the kitty to her cat.

Hate to love not love what is to the kitty and the bat back and forth, mouse and cat.

Mysterious mystery that slinky kitty cat to the bat.

To the bat and his long gone Miss Kitty Cat, to the cat and a dark creature bat.

Let it go, let it let it never ever for the do-gooding bat and the thieving kitty cat.

Kyle kitty cat, bat watch your back, watch your back bat gentle back scratch.

Cat back scratch thief scratch scratch like a run thief run!

Long dawn and done, slinky slip 'n slide and gone gone all gone and done dammit.

Resisting distant non-existent cat and bat, wheedle deedless that not existing that.

For that all scrapping all skreeping creeping scrappers screech together.

'Until then' said the kitty to the bat, to the bat said the kitty to her bat.

Note: Just don't confuse it with a love poem. That would destroy the point.