Chapter 1: Redone

It was a clear blue sunny day on the planet of Naboo, and Anakin Skywalker and his lovely, but secret wife Padme woke up to the usual sound of screaming. Seconds later the door burst open with an angry blonde boy who had what looked like 2 ponytails on both sides of his head, and a grinning girl with brown hair who very much resembled her mother.

"Mom, Dad! Leia keeps trying to put buns in my hair!" Luke Skywalker screamed.

"I think buns would look cute on him, plus maybe he will look hot enough for Angela." Leia said sarcastically.

"SHUT UP!" screamed Luke who was turning redder the second.

Anakin sat up with a disgusted look on his face and said, "Wait, isn't Angela your 60 year old history teacher?"

"Yea, but Luke thinks she's hot even though she's like ancient." Leia said jokingly.

"Leia be nice to your brother, he just has a little crush. That happens to be on an old woman. It's almost the same as your crush with Milo." Padme said tiredly, "Now hurry, you two need to get dressed for school."

"I think it's time to give them the talk Anakin." Padme said after the twins left the room.

"NOOO!" Anakin screamed

Anakin didn't know what to do, he was at lost for words. How exactly did a person teach about sex. His own experience with getting the talk wasn't so great, and now he had to tell his own kids. To Anakin his worst nightmare came true. Anakin wanted to get it overwith, so he went to Leia's room took out a stuffed bear, and a doll and headed downstairs and approached his kids.

"So kids, do you wanna learn about sex?" Anakin said with a fake enthusiastic look on his face.

"Anakin! We're trying to eat, tell them later." Said Padme.

Luke and Leia just stared at their mother gratefully, the last thing that they wanted to hear from their dad was about Sex. In their minds, parents shouldn't even know that kind of stuff.

After a very awkward breakfast, their mother drove them to school, and left a very agitated Anakin sitting all alone at home.

Author's Note: Sorry, I redid this, but I realized how much I mutilated it later on, it made little sense.