Sorry this is so short,know how to portray Anakin, I don't want him to be a ditz, but I want him to be funny.

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"Alright Mr.-"

"Skywalker, Anakin Skywalker." Anakin said.

Maya stared at the man in shock, everyone knew of the famous Anakin Skywalker. The hero who defeated Emperor Palpatine and Count Dooku, standing here with such a hero was a privilege by itself. Now she was going to give the man advice on how to give his two kids a lesson on love. Maya blushed as she thought of this and finally came to section that she was looking for.

"Alright Mr. Skywalker, this is where you can get all the resources you need for the talk you are going to give your kids." Maya picked a holocron up from a holocron shelf and handed it to Anakin. "Here's a good one, it actually has different stories of other parent's experiences on giving their kids the talk."

Anakin looked it over and read through a couple of stories real quick. One caught his eye immediately, from a man named Pint Marquis, it read,

Dear, So You Gave Your Kids the Talk holocron,

My experience in giving my kids the talk wasn't a very good one, but every time my kids and I look back on it we have a good laugh. I had waited until my youngest daughter was 10 and my oldest child was 14 so I could give them the talk all at once, great idea! So, my day started out pretty normal until my wife came in and gave me that look she gives me when I know something is about to go down. I knew it was time to give my kids the talk, earlier that day my wife caught my son in a very awkward position. I gathered my kids into one big room and sat them down, I had a lecture already written out and a few books on the female and male anatomy.

I started of very subtly, talking about how boys and girls start to develop certain feelings around this time. My youngest daughter being 10 didn't understand what I meant so I had to go a little further that's when the trouble really began. I didn't really know how a girl felt, and I didn't think it was right to tell them exactly how a guy would change. So I made it up, I told her that a girl would turn very bright red in front of a guy they liked. Of course, this isn't the truth and my 13 year old daughter who had already started liking boys started to panic because of course she doesn't turn bright red in front of a guy she started to think that what she was feeling wasn't normal.

Things were already turning for a worse when my son asked me how a guy was supposed to feel around girls they like. I did not want to tell him in front of my two daughters, so I lied again and said that guys experienced nothing. My son panicked and started screaming that he was a freak. I lost it then, I blacked out and my wife took over. Her way was much better than mine, she talked to the girls in one room and then talked to my son in the other. In the end, the kids learned about sex.

Anakin finished reading the story and stood there with a look of horror on his face. He now especially didn't want to give his kids the talk now.

"Well, maybe this story wasn't the best example you know, there are probably some o.k. experiences with giving your kids the talk out there." Maya said sympathetically.

"What did you do for your daughter?" Anakin asked curiously.

"Oh, I took her out for a movie. We went to our favorite restaurant, then I took her to the mall and went shopping and then on the way back home I told her."

"You actually got her to listen to you, she didn't freak out and run away?"

Maya smiled devilishly, "Actually, she did start running, she jumped out of the speeder right before it took of and started running. I tracked her down, then I had to lock her in the speeder."


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