Ship of Nightmares

Chapter 1: Before

Katie watched her fellow shipmates as they danced to the sweet melody playing. She twisted the word toy her parents gave her before they went to New York. She was on her way to join them. As she twisted the toy it got caught on itself so she couldn't spell what she was trying to.

"Allow me." A young steward said. Katie handed him the toy. With a quick twist he freed the block to reveal her message. It read: I AM SO BORED. He laughed.

"Me too." He handed her the toy.

"Thank you." Katie blushed.

"It was my pleasure, miss." He strode off to collect the empty Champaign glasses from the others.

"Everyone, dance." Said the young singer. Everyone stood and went to the dance floor. Katie heard footsteps. She looked over to see Angela running towards her.

"Katie!" The captain stepped forward and offered to dance with Katie. She gratefully accepted and walked with him to the dance floor. Her blondebrown hair went passed her shoulder blades just slightly. Her bangs were tied up in a pale blue ribbon that matched her dress and ribbon around her waist.

"Katie, NOOO! I need to talk to you! It's important!" Angela yelled. Her dark brown hair was up in a ponytail held by a dark blue band. Her dress and the ribbon around her waist were also dark blue. Angela and Katie met on the ship. Angela's room was across the hall from Katie's room. They became close friends. Angela watched as Katie and the captain danced. They heard a crunching sound. The lights were pulled down. The wire supporting the lights cut across the dancers.

"Katie!" Angela yelled as if it would stop time. The captain bent to protect Katie. The wire stopped. No one moved. People starting falling apart where the wire had cut them. Katie and the captain were in the middle, standing to Angela's relief. Katie looked up. The captain had moved into the wires path and in return to his actions, Katie was alive. His body fell lifelessly to the floor.

"AAAAAHHHHHH!" Katie and Angela both screamed.

Hey yall, this is The Demoness of evil! i no this is Miss Yumi's story but i got stuck putting up the god damn chapter and all the others that follow. so ... um yeah ... what to say ... except that this is her first story! GO Yumi! Ok before i go bye bye ... i tell u all that Maroon Goddess is MG and i am DoE and now Miss Yumi will be M.Y Cool buh bye.