In Spite Of It All
Chapter One

Tommy looked around the outside of the racetrack; it was there third track in two weeks. They were now in San Diego, which was only about two hours away from Angel Grove. He had just placed tenth in his race in Phoenix, Arizona. When Tommy found out that San Diego was his next stop, he told his uncle that he wanted to win the race, since he knew his parents and some of his friends would be in the crowd.

His uncle John decided that they would stay on San Diego and practice on the racetrack that he would be racing on. His parents were disappointed that he wouldn't be coming home for a week, but they understood. He was really excited for this race, especially since there would be people in the crowd cheering him on.

Tommy's thoughts were disturbed when he heard the loud muffler of a car pulling into the parking lot. He was impressed with the car. It was a brand new Acura RSX, black with pink detailing, he couldn't quite make out the design, but he knew right away it was a girl's car. When he saw the girl step out of the car, Tommy's breath caught in his throat.

He could only see her from far away, but he knew she was hot. She had long dark brown hair; she was wearing a tight black t-shirt and faded low-rider jeans. She was short and thin, but there was just something about her that was drawing him to her. He never saw her face as she made her way inside the arena.

"Close your mouth Oliver, your drooling."

Tommy laughed, "Can you blame me Mark? That girl is hot!"

Mark laughed, "Oh ya, but what would your girlfriend think?"

Tommy cringed, he had completely forgotten about Kat. "As long as I don't touch, I'm not doing anything wrong."

Mark laughed, "You say this now, my friend."

Tommy smiled, "Trust me."

"Famous last words. Come on Oliver, your uncle wants to test the car."

Tommy nodded and followed Mark. When they entered the arena Tommy looked around for the girl. When he saw her at one of the pits he frowned, probably here to see her boyfriend, he thought, get a grip Oliver, you have a girlfriend. When Tommy saw the girl put a pair of coveralls on and grab a helmet, he got confused. She put the helmet on and made her way to the race car. When he saw her hop in, he let out a laugh.

"Looks like a girl after your own heart" Mark said.

"She must be. I don't think I have seen a girl yet who races." Tommy said.

"She doesn't." His Uncle said.

"Oh." Tommy said.

"Get your hormones in check boy; as soon as she has done a few laps, I want you suited up."

Tommy nodded, and headed for their pit in order to get his helmet and coveralls. He watched the girl go around the track. Obviously she knew what she was doing. Her driving was flawless, and then he saw her pull back into her pit. When she jumped out of the pit, she was greeted by a young man who gave her a hug. Looks like you're out of luck. Tommy shook his head and laughed, he didn't even know the girl, and he was already thinking about getting with her, despite of his girlfriend.

"You really got it bad for her, don't you?" Mark said.

Tommy laughed, "I don't know, there is just something about her."

Mark shook his head, "What would your girl think?"

Tommy shrugged, "I don't know, I mean, she's leaving for Europe in a few weeks, things between us have been tense lately. I don't know man."

Mark nodded, "Maybe you should end it?"

Tommy sighed, "I know, I've been thinking about it for a while now, it's just we've been through a lot together."

"Tommy, obviously you aren't in love with her any more, if you ever were, because you have spent the last twenty minutes checking that girl out and wondering how good of a chance you have with her."

Tommy laughed, "You know me too well."

Mark nodded, "No shit. Just think about it."

Tommy nodded, "I will."

Tommy hopped into his car before pulling out on the track. When he neared the pit the girl was at, he slowed down a little in hopes of getting a glimpse of her, but not such luck; she had her back to him and was in deep conversation with one of the guys. Tommy sighed before letting loose and putting the pedal to the medal.

When he finished his laps, he pulled back into the pit and gave his uncle his report on how the car handled. When he finished he turned around, and the girl was gone, damn she must have left when I was doing my last laps. He shook his head, at least I will get to see her again, he said to himself, before heading back to his jeep to head to the hotel.

Tommy lay sprawled out on his bed, the image of the young girl kept popping into his head. He didn't know why, but he just couldn't stop thinking about him. He knew he shouldn't be thinking about another girl, the way he was thinking about this one, he had a girlfriend.

He got up and went over to his bag and picked up his cell phone, dialing her number, he sat back down on the bed and waited for her to answer.


"Hey, it's me."

"Tommy! How are you?" She asked.

"Good, I just got back from the track, and I thought I would call."

"I'm glad. We've both been so busy lately, that we haven't gotten to talk that much."

Tommy nodded, then he laughed, knowing she couldn't see him, "Ya I know, things are crazy here."

"I can imagine."

They sat there for a few minutes in silence, neither knowing what to say. Tommy sighed, they haven't spoken in a week, and after two minutes they run out of things to say.

"Well I should get going, it's Friday night, so the team is going out for dinner and stuff."

"Sounds fun, I'm not sure what's going on here, but with Jason back, he and Rocky are always planning something."

Tommy laughed, "I have no doubt. I'll call you later."

"Ok, bye Tommy."

Tommy hung up the phone, Maybe Mark is right, we seemed to be more like friends then a couple, she didn't say I miss you or I love, neither did I .Fuck, he said to himself.

He grabbed his jacket and went to meet his team and uncle in the lobby. They were going somewhere for dinner, and some of the older guys were going for beers. If he was legal, today would be a day where he would definitely be having more then one.

When he got to the lobby the whole team was there and laughing, he heard a few, way to be, and you're only a little late. Tommy laughed and shook his head.

"Have fun in the shower Oliver?" Mark said laughing.

"Oh ya." He winked.

"Man, I didn't need the visual!"

Tommy laughed, "You asked, I answered."

Mark shook his head, "I was hoping for a non-response."

Tommy smirked, "Then you shouldn't' have asked."

Mark nodded, "In future I won't."

"I called her." Tommy said.


"I don't know, there was no I miss you or I love you, for fuck's sake, we ran out of things to say after like two minutes."

Mark nodded, "That's not a good sign."

"No it's not."

"Honestly man, why stay in a relationship, that would clearly don't want to be in anymore, you are only hurting yourself, and your girl if you do."

Tommy nodded, "I know, and with her leaving, and me being all over the place, it's probably for the best."

Mark sighed, "I know Tommy, sometimes things just aren't meant to be. You guys had your time, don't ruin that. If you stay in this any longer, you'll end up resenting each other."

Tommy nodded, "I know, I'll call her tomorrow and talk to her. I don't want to wait two weeks to do it."

Mark nodded before smirking at Tommy, "You could always send her a letter."

"Fucker!" Tommy said as they got into the car and headed for the restaurant.

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