Chapter 13


Kim sat patiently in her bedroom of her new home. It had been a difficult last few years. She smiled as she saw a photo of her and her husband sitting on her nightstand. Despite all the challenges her life has brought her over the years, she would not change where she ended up. She was brought out of her thoughts when she heard her alarm go off. Slowly she made her way to the bathroom.

She picked up a stick that was laying on the counter and let out a deep breath as she prepared herself to look at it. As she read the small symbol, she couldn't help but let out a sigh of relief.

"Good thing we bought a house and not an apartment, we're going to need the extra space soon."

Kim exited the bathroom and made her way downstairs to the kitchen. She started making dinner, as she tried to figure out a way to tell her husband, he would be home soon, so it didn't leave her much time. She knew she couldn't keep this secret for more then a few hours, so she was going to have to figure out a way to tell him before he got home from school. She smiled at the thought of her husband still going to school. They both graduated at the same time, but he somehow fell in love with going to school, so he is now finishing up his PhD., while she is working at a local hospital as a paediatric nurse.

As she began to make a salad, she couldn't help but think how much her life had change since she was in high school. If someone had asked her 7 years ago where she'd be, in life, this was definitely what she would have thought. Her and her husband had managed to live a good life during university, especially having 4 other roommates, made the bills a lot more smaller. Once she graduated, Kim got offered a job in LA as a paediatric nurse, so she and her husband found a place to live, while he worked on his masters. Once he knew he wanted to go for his PhD., Kim knew they would have to move, luckily it wasn't too far. They moved to San Francisco just over a month ago. They had bought a small house not too far from campus. It didn't take Kim long to find a new job as a paediatric nurse. Before moving to LA they had gotten married in a small ceremony they spent their honeymoon in Hawaii before starting the life together. Now she was pregnant, she could only wonder if they were in the right stage in their life to have a child. She would find out soon.

Kim was pulled out of her thoughts by the telephone ringing.


"Hey Kim" a male voice said.

"Hey Jase, what's up?"

He laughed, "Oh nothing much. How about you?"

"Just making supper. I just got home from a 10 hour shift."

She heard him sigh, "I don't know how you do it Kim, you will work yourself into an early grave."

She nodded to herself, "Probably, but once I've been there for a while, I should be able to get smaller shifts, and besides, the kids make it worth it.

"Well I hope so, you always were good with kids."

She laughed, "Speaking of kids, how's my goddaughter?"

"A terror"

She laughed, "What she'd do know?"

"There is a reason they call it the terrible twos, she has a temper tantrum every 10 minutes, I can't seem to get her to stop."

Kim sighed, hopefully this was something she wasn't going to have to look forward too. "Well just keep doing what your doing, you can't let her get away with everything, or she won't have any discipline once she older."

"I know, I just hate seeing her cry."

"Well she should be over this stage soon, kids can mellow out as they get older, she is probably just testing your limits to see what she can get away with."

"Hopefully. Listen is your husband there? Or he still at school?"

"Nope, he's not back yet, he should be home soon, I'll let him know you called, and have him call you."

"Sounds good. Take care of yourself Kim, later.

"You too, Bye Jase."

Kim sighed, it took her and Jason over 2 years to get their friendship back after the disastrous encounter in San Diego. They both worked slowly to forgive each other, their friendship wasn't anything like what it was in high school, but they were both comfortable with their new friendship. Despite Jason and Kim getting back together as friends, Kat was another story. Once she left for London, no one but Tanya ever heard from her. As Kim finished making the salad, she smiled as she heard the front door open. Quickly running to great her husband, she launched herself into his arms.

"Hi" she said giving him a kiss hello.

"Hey there Beautiful" he said kissing her back, "Your in a good mood, are you feeling better?"

She nodded, "Much, thank you."

He laughed, "I'm glad, how was work?"

"Good, busy, but good. I have tomorrow off, but I'm working another 10 hour shift on Thursday."

Tommy sighed as he brought them to sit down on the couch in the family room. "I don't know how you do it beautiful."

She nodded, "I know, but I really do love my job."

He nodded, "Alright, but if it gets to be too much, cut back, I don't want you to wear yourself too thin."

She smiled and kissed, "I promise."

"What do you want to do about supper?" He asked kissing her cheek.

"Well I started to make a salad, and hadn't figured out the rest yet."

He nodded, "How about I pick us up a pizza and a movie, and we can have your salad and just relax tonight?"

She smiled and nodded, "That is definitely one of your better ideas."

He laughed, "I have lots of good ideas."

She just smiled. "Well you go order the pizza while I go look up a movie for us to rent."

He nodded and kissed her forehead. "Sounds like a plan.

While Kim made her way to their office, before she remembered that Jason called. "Baby, before I forget, Jason called, he wants you to call him when you get a chance."

He laughed, "I'll do that right now before I forget.

10 Minutes Later…

Tommy walked into their office and wrapped his arms around his wife.

"So what's the verdict?" He asked kissing her cheek.

"How about this one?" Kim said pointing


She nodded her head "Ya"

He nodded "Whatever you want beautiful" He kissed her softly, "I'm going to head out and pick everything up."

She smiled, "Drive safe. I'll be waiting."

When Tommy returned Kim had placed their plates on the coffee table in the family room in front of the TV and place cushions on the floor so they would be more comfortable. She had also changed out of her scrubs and into her comfy clothes.

"Go change into your pj's and I'll set the movie up." She said taking the pizza and movie from him.

"Sounds good, be back in a giff."

As Tommy made his way into their bedroom, he couldn't help but smile. He was so happy, he had a beautiful wife, and he would be finishing school in 6 months, before he had to get started on his thesis paper, for which he could do most of it from home. They had built a good life together, Kim loved her job and was happy, and that made him even happier, he couldn't think of anything that could possibly make their lives any better.

He changed into his pj's before quickly heading to the bathroom. When he went to go wash his hands, he noticed a white stick casually laying on the counter. He picked it up and recognized it as a home pregnancy test. Taking a deep breath before looking at the results, Tommy carefully flipped the stick over, when he looked into the small window, he couldn't help but break out into a huge smile as he saw a little "+" sign in the window. Kim was pregnant with their first child. He was completely shocked. Truthfully they hadn't really discussed having children, they were still enjoying being married, but Tommy knew that both he and Kim wanted kids some day, and that day was here.

He slowly made his way downstairs with the pregnancy test.

"Forgot to mention something?" he asked with a big smile on his face.

Kim turned around and saw that Tommy was holding her pregnancy test.

"Umm, did I really forget to mention that we're going to have a baby?"

Tommy laughed and dropped the test before making his way over to his wife, "I believe you did."

She nodded, and hugged her husband, "I was trying to find the perfect way to tell you."

He smiled, "Any way would have been perfect. I'm going to be a daddy!" He said excitingly as he picked Kim up and twirled her around the room.

"Yes you are!" She laughed as she hugged and kissed her husband.

"Are we ready for this?" he asked.

She carefully placed her hands on either side of his face, "We are ready for anything."

He smiled, "You make me so happy beautiful."

She smiled too, "Same here, I love you Tommy."

"I love you too Kim." He said to his wife as he kissed her, their movie and pizza were promptly forgotten as they celebrated.


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