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"Ughh…" You groan as you collapse onto your bed. What a way to start the week. You were 14 and in 8th grade, but your mom still liked to make decisions for you. You didn't know if what you were doing could be qualified as complaining, because deep down, half of you was really excited about going to Japan for the next couple of months, but the other half was mad at your mom, and scared about leaving America. But whether you wanted to or not, you were leaving in two days and that was final.

Your name is Tenaya Rialles, and you lived in a 4-room house in Palo Alto. You lived with your mother, 16 year old brother Carter, 12 year old sister Joan, and your white colored German Shepherd, Hikari. You were part Japanese, and part Canadian, your mom being Japanese and your father from Canada. Your father died when you were eleven, so that left you and your siblings to your mom. You had jet-black hair like your mom, but over time, you had gotten some natural high-lights that were medium brown like your dad's hair color. Your hair reached your waist and was straight and layered, and you often had to fight your mom to keep it that long. You definitely got your eyes from your father; big, and gray with thick, long lashes. You weren't tall or short for your age, and was actually very pretty, but it didn't make you fit in. Your community was very uptight and strict, and didn't hide their disgust at half bloods like you and your siblings. The only people who showed any interest in you at all were horny guys who you usually knocked out in one punch. (Damn them, they pissed you off.)

You were extremely close with your brother, who, by the way, you thought was super hot and should have a girlfriend. Of course, there was nothing more between you guys than sibling love. But he was always too busy for dating. Carter had dark brown hair and chocolate eyes, wore glasses (sometimes contacts) and was also the top student at your school. Carter was a lot taller than you and somehow managed to stay smart and gook-looking. He always commented on your looks too. He said that you should were more tight clothes to show off your figure, but you'd take comfy-ness over curves any day.

Your little sister, Joan, was also extremely pretty, but was too occupied with her sports to notice guys. At the age of twelve, Joan was at the best player on her elementary school basketball team and volleyball team, played in the baseball little league, and was definitely the most athletic of you all. Of course, you and your brother had played sports as well, and you were actually awesome at it, and so was your brother, but you weren't kick-ass like Joan. Her favorite sport was volleyball, and your brother's was baseball. You particularly liked basketball, but your all-time fav sport was skateboarding, which technically is a sport. You have been doing it since you were 6 and were totally better than anyone you had ever met, but you didn't compete, just enjoyed the sensation of mastering moves after hard practice.

All three of you were extremely close, probably because the world outside your homes rejected you. None of you ever had any close friends or boyfriends or girlfriends, but none of that mattered. As long as you had somebody on your side, you would be okay. Your mother knew of your tough situations in society and was always trying to help that. That was probably the whole point of your trip to Japan, to find a place to fit in. But as you turn over to switch off the light (Hikari jumping into your bed) you can't help but wonder why she would think that the people in Japan would accept you when the people here didn't. And your last thought as you drift off to sleep is that Japan will reject you just as America did.

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