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Chapter 3 – The Coin Toss

"So Mariano, how should we start this project?" Julian asked.

It was the day after Lori met Will.

Lori was in Journalism class. Ms. Adams decided to let everyone work on their projects.

"I don't know." Lori said. She was scanning around the classroom, to see what everyone else was doing.

"Do you want to be the interviewer or the interviewee?" Julian was trying to get Lori's attention.

"I don't care." Lori said without looking at Julian.

"Let's do a coin toss to decide." Julian decided.

"Fine." Lori said.

"Well sorry if I'm not so interesting to you. You don't look pretty when you're bored." Julian said.

"Really I don't look pretty when I'm bored. So when do I look pretty?" Lori said.

"Most of the time your beauty surpasses you. Unless you're bored. That's when you look dull." Julian said.

Lori just looked at him. With a weird expression on her face.

"So what about that coin toss?" Lori said.

"Pick the toss up." Julian said.

"Heads you interview me. Tails I interview you." Lori called.

Julian tossed the coin in the air and it landed on the desk below it. Tails was shown.

"I guess you're the interviewer and I'm the interviewee." Julian said with a smile.

"So when shall I interview you?" Lori asked.

"Well we have no school Friday. I'm busy in the morning, but I'm free all afternoon." Julian smiled.

"I'm going to be at Mae Dennis's house all day." Lori said.

"I know where Mae lives. I'll pick you up from her house and we can do the interview at my house." Julian said.

"When do you want to interview me?" Lori asked.

"How about Saturday afternoon." Julian said.

"Ok." Lori said.

"So it's settle then." Julian said.

"I guess so." Lori said.

Julian stared at Lori for a while.

Lori noticed Julian's stare.

"What Julian." Lori looked into Julian's eyes.

Julian looked away quickly.

"Nothing. Never mind." Julian answered.

It was the end of the school day. Everyone was leaving.

Lori was by her locker. She was making sure she had the books she needed to bring home.

Lori saw Will walk towards Lori's locker. He was talking to himself and doing some hand movements. Lori couldn't help but smile.

"Hey" Will said when he got to Lori's locker.

"Do you always do those funny hand jesters?" Lori said.

"Oh you saw that? No not always. I was trying to figure out how to ask you a question." Will said.

"So what's the question?"

"Lori would you like to have dinner with me Saturday night?" Will asked.

"I would love to have dinner with you Will." Lori smiled.

"So how are you going home?" Will asked.

"I have to take the bus."

"My driver can take you home." Will suggested.

"No it's ok Will."

"Come on Lori. Plus this can help my driver to know the way to your house, so he knows which routes to take on Saturday." Will suggested.

"OK Will Huntly." Lori said with a smile.

Lori closed her locker and walked with Will.

Julian watched Lori and Will walk out of Chilton.

Connor, Patrick and a bunch of other kids were with Julian.

Maggie ran to the group.

"its official, Lori and Will are going on a date this Saturday night." Maggie said.

Everyone was talking about Lori and Will.

Julian didn't like this.

"What school did Will used to go to?" Julian said while closing his locker.

"Well for 9th grade, he went to Mount Vernon Prep, in Vermont. But before that he was mainly at Stevens Boarding school in Maine." Maggie informed everyone.

"Hey DuGrey didn't you used to go to Stevens back in the 5th grade." A boy said.

"Yeah I was there for a year. No wonder that Huntly kid looked so familiar." Julian narrowed his eyes.

"What happened?" Maggie said.

"Never liked that kid. He was the most conceited person I met at Stevens. He thought he owned the school, cause his dad was head master there." Julian said.

"Yeah I have a feeling that I don't like him." Connor Fox said.

"Me either." Maggie agreed.

The other kids voiced their opinion. All of them agreed that if something happened, they would be on Julian's side.

Because Julian is one the most popular kids at Chilton. Plus he holds the title of the "Chilton King."

"So how do you like Chilton so far?" Lori asked Will.

They were in Will's car. Lori gave the driver the directions to her house.

"It's ok." Will said.

"So what sports do you play?" Lori asked.

"Football and baseball. What about you Lori?"

"I'm not into sports."

"Ah so you're an academic person."

"Yeah you can say that." Lori replied.

"So what do you know of Julian DuGrey?" Will asked curiously.

"I don't know him that well. Nor would I want to know him. Except I have a project that I'm paired up with him. He's not the type of person I would consider as my friend."

"Why what happened?" Will wanted to know.

"It was something that happened last year. I don't want to talk about it." Lori said, while looking out the window.

"Oh, ok." Will said.

For the rest of the ride to Stars Hollow, Will and Lori were quiet. They didn't say a word, until they got to Lori's house.

"Well this is my stop. See you later Will." Lori said while getting out of the car.

"Yeah, see yeah later." Will said.

The car drove off.

Lori went inside the house.

She heard someone talking on the phone in the kitchen.

Lori went into the kitchen.

"Hey mom." Lori said.

Rory Gilmore got off the phone.

"Lori you're home early."

"Yeah, I got a ride from a classmate."

"It's great."

"So mom there's no school on Friday, can I stay at Mae's house for that day?"

"Who else will be there?"

"Um…Mae, Orlando and Shawn."

"Sure Lori." Rory said.

"And one more thing." Lori said.


"Can I go on a date with this boy I know?" Lori asked.

"Is it that Forester kid?" said a voice behind her.

Lori turned around, and saw her dad, Jess Mariano.

"No, dad it's not that Forester kid." Lori said rolling her eyes.

Jess hated anyone relating to Dean Forester. It was a long time ago. But Jess still holds a grudge.

"Who is it then?" Rory asked.

"A new kid at Chilton, Will Huntly." Lori replied.

"The new head master's son?" Rory asked.

"Yes" Lori said.

"Sure you can go with the boy." Jess said.

"Thanks mom, dad." Lori said, while walking out of the kitchen.

When Lori left, Jess and Rory talked in the kitchen.

"Still holding that grudge against Dean." Rory stated.

"Hey, he's the one that started it." Jess said.

"But that was a long time ago." Rory said.

"Whatever." Jess said.

"Well Dean's son is a nice boy. Don't be too aggressive when you see him."

"What's the kid's name again I forgot." Jess said.

"It's Hayden Forester." Rory said.

"When we go to bed, I have a surprise for you." Jess said with a smirk.

"Why Mr. Mariano." Rory said with a smile.