AU: When Draco moves into a new town, he expects to be miserable. What he finds is a green-eyed beauty searching for love. Can Draco show the shy boy what it is to be truly loved? It won't be easy, especially with Harry's possessive boyfriend constantly intervening. SLASH, Abuse, Angst.

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CHAPTER 1: A New Place---------------------------------------

As Draco Malfoy stepped out of his father's shiny black corvette, he couldn't stop the heavy weight of dread from sinking into his stomach. The fresh Pittsburgh breeze gently lifted strands of his silky blond hair.

"What do you think?" His father's voice came from the other side of the car. "I know it's not our London mansion, but the weather is much nicer and the neighborhood seems pleasant." Lucius stepped around the car and admired his lavish new home.

Draco glanced at the soft gray stone house. It looked like a small mansion, much less extraordinary than their London manor. The exterior was cold and uninviting. It was not the kind of house a family would occupy. He was already aching with homesickness.

But he couldn't tell his father the truth. It was not as if his father actually cared about his opinion anyway. "It's lovely, father," Draco lied.

"Splendid. Well, come on then. Pick up your luggage and carry it into the entrance hall." His father told him. Draco watched Lucius greet the new staff which consisted of several maids, gardeners, a butler, and a cook. His father glared at Draco. "Hurry up, son. We don't have all day."

He remembered Gabby, their London cook. She used to sneak him bed time snacks or prepare a feast when Draco brought home a new boy toy. He could still smell the last ham she roasted for him... his favorite.

Swallowing the lump in his throat and masking his emotions, Draco carried a heavy bag into the spotlessly white entrance way.

He remembered saying goodbye to his mother, Narcissa. She had divorced Lucius when Draco was a little boy. Unlike most children, Draco was not devastated, but relieved. The fights had grown more intense and unbearable. There was never actually physical violence, only harsh words. Narcissa's final straw had been Lucius' invitation to have his mistress at the manor forThanksgiving dinner.

His mother stayed in her luxurious London flat where she happily lived with her new husband, Severus Snape. Draco's godfather had proposed to Narcissa two years ago and they finalized their vows only three months ago.

He was happy for the passionate couple, but frustrated that the was forced to live with his father. They hadn't given him a choice then just like he hadn't been given a choice on moving to this run down city in America.

His father's job as a director had brought them to the small villa. He hadn't asked Draco if he even wanted to leave his friends, his mother, or the beautiful home he had grown up in.

What was the purpose of the move anyway? Draco pondered. The possibility of even more fame? Using more drugs and alcohol? Finding more women to sleep with?

Draco had only tried drugs once and it would be the last time. He had stolen some of his father's marijuana and smoked it in his green tinted bedroom. He hadn't known what it was to be stoned and when the floating, numb sensation had overwhelmed him like a wave, he had freaked out.

The hysteria he had experienced, the shaking, forgetting, heart racing, terrifying confusion was not what he would consider fun. He had been paranoid for a month afterward, afraid someone would smell the drug and fear inside of him. Never again would he put himself through that.

"Draco," his father's voice interrupted his thoughts. Dropping the baggage, Draco looked at his father expectantly.

Gracefully, Lucius glided down the grand staircase, speaking in a wistful, determined tone. "Why don't you check out the area?" It wasn't an offer, it was a demand that left no room for argument. "You can take my convertible if you wish. The city is only fifteen minutes from here."

His father wanted to get rid of him already. Well, Draco wouldn't make it easy for him. "But, father…we just arrived." Draco smirked. "I was hoping to have a look around the house."

Lucius looked annoyed. "We both know the house does not impress you. Go find people your own age. See the neighbors. Make friends." He was interrupted by a giggle that echoed from a room upstairs.

Lucius had the grace to look embarrassed.

"A new woman already, father?" Draco's smirk widened. "A little eager aren't you? I'll go…only if you have the staff set my room up as it was in London." He demanded arrogantly. He did want to find someone his own age, but he would get something in return from his father.

"Done," his father agreed a little too quickly. He pulled out his leather wallet and handed Draco a wad of cash. "Be home at a decent time, Draco." A decent time to Lucius was one o'clock in the morning.

"Bye," Draco coldly responded, and then he clicked the granite door shut.

Before he could get into the expensive red convertible, Draco heard a quiet voice behind him, "Hello."

He turned around and saw a young girl around his age with curly brown hair. Walking beside her was a tall, gangly redheaded boy around the same age.

Keeping his face from showing the excitement he felt at meeting someone his age, Draco gracefully greeted the two. "Hello, I'm Draco." He stuck his well manicured hand out to shake each of the teens' hands.

The girl spoke again. "I'm Hermione and this is my boyfriend, Ron. I live two houses down in the log cabin." She spoke as if she knew the answer to any question she might be asked.

"A pleasure to meet you both," Draco said as they shook hands. "Which house do you live in, Ron?"

A flash of envy crossed Ron's face. "Oh, I don't live in the villa. I live in the city. A red brick townhouse twenty minutes from here."

"A townhouse?" Draco couldn't keep the disgust out of his voice.

Ron seemed rather defensive. "Yes, a townhouse. It's not much, but it's my home and my family is good to me. The good hangouts are within walking distance anyway."

Eager to see the city's hangouts, Draco asked, "Will you show me where you go to have fun in this town? I mean, if you're not too busy."

"Sure!" Hermione excitedly answered before her disgruntled boyfriend said anything. "We were planning on meeting some of our friends at the Brookside café. It's a cute little coffee shop. It also sells books and some other little things. We usually study there, too." She talked extremely fast when she was excited.

"Great. We can take my car," Draco interrupted before she could babble on about some other nonsense. He led the two over to the convertible. Hermione sat in the front seat while Ron squished himself in the cramped back seat.

As Draco casually drove, he answered some of their questions and listened to Hermione's directions.

"Where did you move from?" Hermione asked, then directed, "Turn left at the next stoplight."

Draco followed her orders. "I lived in London most of my life. My father is a director for the cinemas. He wanted to be a part of the Hollywood scene here, so he dragged me along. Honestly…I think he got bored with the usual women he slept with."

"That's an awful thing to say about your father," Hermione looked at him sharply.

"It's only the facts. He brings a new woman home every night. It's why my mother filed for divorce years ago." Draco glanced at Hermione with a smirk.

"Hmph," Hermione sighed and changed the subject. "What grade are you in?"

"When school starts in September, I will be a junior at Hogwarts High school," Draco answered.

"We'll be juniors there as well," Ron replied. "It's a nice school, rather crowded if you ask me."

"The café's just up here. It's that purple building," Hermione pointed to the one-story building to the right.

Since they were in the city, the parking was limited. Draco found a spot under a small tree, and together the three teens made their way inside.

Draco was immediately ambushed with the smell of freshly ground coffee beans and cheap elevator music. Several couples and groups sat at various circular tables. One young man with blue eyes and black hair waved at Ron and Hermione.

"That's Blaise," Hermione clarified. "He's a good friend of ours. Next to him is Seamus." She pointed to a tall, smiling boy with chestnut hair. Hermione motioned to the sitting boys that they would join them after they ordered.

At the counter, a raven haired boy was lazily scrubbing the surface. He looked up when they approached and met Draco's eyes. Draco had never seen such beautiful eyes before. They were a sparkling emerald green and so deep with emotion even the ocean could get lost in them. Under one eye was a small, recent cut. Another cut was on his luscious pink lip.

"Welcome to Brookside Café. Is this for here or to go?" the dark angel asked as he stepped behind an ancient register.

"Hey, Harry," Ron greeted politely. "This is for here." They each ordered something to drink and made their way to the table while Harry prepared their coffees.

"Hey, guys. What took you so long? And who is this good looking man?" Seamus asked.

Flattered, Draco introduced himself, "I'm Draco. I just moved here from London." Draco slid into the seat next to Hermione.

"Nice to meet you. I love your accent. I'm Seamus and this here is Blaise." Seamus shook Draco's hand, then looked at Draco in shock. "Are you gay?" He asked, not letting go of Draco's hand.

Taken by surprise, Draco stuttered out, "W-why?"

"I know a gay handshake when I feel one. It takes one to know one." Seamus smiled cheekily.

"Yes…" Draco hesitated. He had slept with several guys, but he had never actually admitted it out loud. It was a great relief to be truthful to his new…friends?

A quiet squeak came from behind him. So quiet Draco nearly missed it. He turned around and met Harry's beautiful eyes.

"Harry's gay, too," Seamus blurted as if he were talking about the color of the sky, not a stranger's sexual orientation.

All Draco could manage was a soft, "Oh…"

"Yeah, but he has a boyfriend, don't you, Harry?" Hermione spoke up.

Harry gently set their drinks on the table. "Yes," he simply said. He was rather feminine looking, with small, delicate hands, a narrow waist, and about five inches shorter than Draco.

"Not a very good boyfriend," Seamus said disappointedly.

Harry frowned and furrowed his brows. "Tom's good to me. He loves me." He took straws and spoons out of his waist-apron. "You barely know him," Harry quietly said.

"What I know of him sucks," Seamus pointed out.

"Tom loves me," Harry repeated. "Please don't speak about him like that." He looked around the table stubbornly. "Anything else I can get for you?"

"No-" Hermione began, but Seamus cut her off.

"Where are you glasses?" Seamus asked.

"Tom bought me contacts," Harry blushed shyly.

"He's too controlling," Seamus crossed his arms angrily.

"I wanted them," Harry insisted. "Glasses are a burden. I always break them anyway," he couldn't quite meet their eyes. "Anything else?"

Seamus started to say something, but Hermione quickly spoke. "No, thanks, Harry. We're good." She smiled up at him.

Harry did not smile. He only nodded and went back to the counter to mindlessly clean some more.

"What's wrong with you, Seamus? Leave the poor boy alone," Hermione ordered. "He has enough to deal with." She glared at him.

"What do you mean?" Draco asked as Seamus sulked.

"Seamus has had a crush on Harry for years," Blaise said with a chuckle.

Hermione turned her menacing glare on Blaise. "Tom," she said, looking at Draco. "Tom's rather short tempered and possessive. He hates anyone who simply thinks Harry's name." She sighed.

"Does Tom go to school with you then?" Draco asked.

"No," Ron answered. "He's in college. A twenty-one year old sophomore. Harry's only sixteen." He took a sip of his coffee. "My brother's tell me he attacked a guy who said Harry's name. The guy wasn't even talking about Harry Potter."

"That's easy to believe," Blaise agreed. "Just look at Harry's face," he nodded in Harry's direction.

Draco remembered the vicious cuts on Harry's face. "Why hasn't anyone done anything? Aren't you Harry's friends?" Draco asked the group.

They looked at him, uneasily shifting in their seats.

"Harry doesn't really have any friends," Hermione muttered.

"Even if we were," Blaise began, "Tom's family is one of the richest, most powerful in the city. His father's the governor."

"He could have anyone thrown in jail…or keep his son out of jail," Ron said. "That's why Tom hasn't been arrested for sleeping with a sixteen year old."

"They slept together?" Seamus nearly shouted in shock.

"I think it's pretty obvious…" Hermione said matter-of-factly.

"Not to me…" Seamus muttered.

Draco didn't know what to say. Harry looked so sweet and innocent. Why would he go out with someone like that? This Tom didn't sound as if he knew how to treat someone as special as Harry.

"It's not as if Harry's family cares either," Ron continued.

"He lives with his uncle and cousin," Hermione whispered. "His aunt died when Harry was very young and then his uncle became the town drunk."

"Harry's embarrassed about it," Seamus added.

"What about his cousin?" Draco inquired. "Doesn't he care?"

"Well, yeah. Wouldn't you?" Ron asked. "But he's the school bully. No one will make fun of him."

Up at the counter, Harry gave his apron to a girl coworker before going into a back room. A few moments later, he left the café with a notebook in hand an a chewed up pencil behind his ear.

"Where does he live?" Draco asked while watching Harry swiftly cross the street.

"The crappy apartment complex a block from my house," Ron replied, also watching Harry. "It's crowded and broken down. Very unsanitary. Not somewhere to raise kids."

Hermione changed the subject to something more cheerful, but Draco couldn't get his mind off of the gorgeous boy he had met.

While he lay in bed that night, trying to fall asleep in the stale, new room his mind was still focused on Harry. He wanted to see more of the boy. To learn more about him. If Tom really was as horrible as the others made him out to be, then perhaps Draco could help Harry.

His thoughts didn't go much further before he stuffed a pillow over his head to muffle the moans echoing down the hall. Couldn't his father sleep alone for one night?

Draco closed his eyes and imagined being at his mother's home where he would be comforted and cared for. He could smell her vanilla perfume, it radiated around her flat. She would be reading by the dying embers in the living room fireplace. There would be a light drizzle outside, but a soft quilt and the warmth of the hearth would keep her happy.

Sev would be at the cherry wood desk in the corner writing a letter to Draco or perhaps a schoolmate.

Soon, Draco was fast asleep, oblivious to the sounds of the night and the ambulance racing to the city.

END OF CHAPTER 1: A New Place-------------------------------

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