AU: When Draco moves into a new town, he expects to be miserable. What he finds is a green-eyed beauty searching for love. Can Draco show the shy boy what it is to be truly loved? It won't be easy, especially with Harry's possessive boyfriend constantly intervening. SLASH, Abuse, Angst.

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------------------------ CHAPTER 8: The First Kiss -----------------------

Friday evening arrived with a fresh July breeze cooling the humid air. Draco slipped into a black silk, button down shirt and a pair of casual black pants. He rubbed lavender moisturizer onto his clammy palms to sooth his excited sweating.

The evening had a warm glow about it as he stepped out the front door and took a deep breath. He had bought a single white lily with a dusting of purple for Harry, determined to show him a night of innocent fun.

Parking his father's expensive car along the curb of Harry's home, he locked it and prepared to enter the crumbling building.

Angry shouts could be heard from somewhere inside the apartment when Draco reached the correct floor. He assumed the deep, slurred voice belonged to Harry's large uncle. Reaching for the brass handle, Draco quietly pushed open the wooden door. The occupants inside took no notice of him, but continued their heated argument.

"Someone needs to clean this shit up!" Harry's uncle yelled from his towering stance near the filthy sofa. His face was a furious purple and a vein in his forehead was pulsing grotesquely.

"You made the mess! You should clean it up!" Harry growled near the kitchen. His defensive posture looked strangely rehearsed, as if he was used to arguments like this. The calm, expressionless look on his face proved his determination to win the fight.

"Don't you dare speak to me like that, you filthy creature. Your mouth is going to get you in so much trouble. It's what turns people off about you," Harry's uncle sneered. "And where do you get off not obeying me? I've provided a warm, comfortable home for you when your pitiful parents forced you upon us," when Harry rolled his eyes, the large man took a few dangerous steps towards his nephew. "I've fed you, I've clothed you-"

Harry narrowed his green eyes. "That's absolute bull and you fucking know it! They're Dudley's leftovers! You've completely neglected me," Harry finished quietly, but with venom.

In silent fury, Vernon slowly moved closer to his nephew.

Harry continued his rant, "I could have you put in jail for the shit you've pulled while 'raising' me." Draco had never heard such vulgar language from someone so innocently beautiful.

"You wouldn't dare…They'd never believe a lying waif like you," Vernon said in a strangled voice.

"Try me," Harry quirked a raven eyebrow.

Vernon reached out and slapped Harry so quickly, Draco nearly missed it. Harry's hand flew to his bruising cheek in pain.

"Clean up the fucking cans or I'll give you the worst beating of your pathetic little life," the large man shoved the small boy into the counter before slamming a door somewhere down the hallway.

Harry and Draco stood still for a few moments out of shock and pain. As Harry finally moved towards the cans littered around the sofa, slowly massaging his swollen cheek, Draco shook out of his frozen state.

How dare that oaf! That man should pick on someone his own size...someone who deserved that violence. How dare he lay a chubby finger on his raven angel!

Draco quietly shut the door and moved towards his boyfriend. "Harry…"

Harry looked up from collecting the old beer cans, startled. Shameful tears were clouding his eyes as he said in a hollow voice, "Draco…you're early…"

"Yeah…Are you okay?" A stupid question, he knew. It was the only thing he could think to say."

"I'm f-fine…" Harry stuttered, avoiding Draco's ice blue eyes.

"Don't lie. Not to me," Draco kneeled next to his boyfriend.

Harry bit his lip while guiltily looking up into Draco's elegant face. "Sorry…I-I'm so sorry…" he dissolved into heavy sobs.

Draco wrapped his strong arms around the boy who tensed before quickly relaxing into the comforting embrace.

"Nothing to be sorry about," Draco smiled at the crying boy and continued to whisper soothing words until the sobs died down to hiccoughs.

Harry took a deep breath before pulling away. "I have to clean this up before we go. Just the cans…It won't take long, I promise."

"I'll help," Draco said in a tone that left no room for protest.

"Thanks," Harry whispered as they emptied the cans into a reeking dumpster behind the building. He smiled at Draco in the fading light.

"My pleasure."

When they got into the car, Draco handed Harry the lily with a warm smile as the boy's emerald eyes glittered brightly.

"Thank you," Harry whispered happily, not letting go of the lovely flower.

Draco kept Harry laughing during the ride to Blaise's house along with Harry's helpful directions to the luxurious location.

They heard loud, rhythmic music before the house came into view. Cars were parked along the curb of the extravagant villa house made of red stone. Harry chose to leave his lily on the passenger seat to keep it safe during the party. Teenagers were socializing, swaying to the music, and lazily sitting around on the front lawn as Harry and Draco made their way to the open front door.

Harry grabbed Draco's warm, pale hand in a fit of anxiety as they stepped into a crowded front hall. Draco quickly kissed the boy's hand to reassure him as they continued to a side parlor decorated in fresh peach and canary yellow fabrics.

"Draco! Harry!"

Draco turned to see Hermione with an unfocused Ron on a Victorian styled chair. Pushing through the crowd, Draco pulled Harry towards the couple. Ron was sucking on Hermione's neck while she blushed in embarrassment.

"Hey," Draco greeted.

"Where have you two been?" Hermione asked.

"The party had to start without you -hic- two," Ron slurred.

"We can see that," Draco replied, amused. He glanced over to see Harry biting his lip.

"What's wrong, Harry?" Hermione questioned when she noticed the poor boy's nervous stance.

"Don't be nervous, kid," Ron hiccoughed again while struggling to stand. He finally pushed Hermione off his lap rudely and laughed when she glared up at him from the floor. "I'll show you the alcohol!" Ron grabbed Harry's arm and looked at Draco.

"No, thanks. I don't drink, really," Draco watched Ron shrug, wondering if it was a good idea to let Harry go with Ron.

"I'll just get him a glass to loosen his nerves a -hic- little. We'll be right back. I -hic- promise!"

"Only one more for you, Ron, hun!" Hermione shouted after their retreating forms.

"I promise!" Ron slurred back before disappearing into the crowd.

"I don't drink either," Hermione told him. "Someone has to drive us home safely," she shrugged, adjusting her slim curves more comfortably on the stiff, peach colored chair.

"I have more fun at parties watching everyone else make fools of themselves," Draco sat on the edge of a glass coffee table.

"Yeah," Hermione laughed and crossed her smooth legs in a proper lady's fashion. "How have things been between you and Harry?"

Draco grinned. "Lovely," he paused to watch a nauseously tipsy girl fall over a couple making out on the sofa. The couple's offended shouts drowned out the splash of the girl's vomit splattering the hardwood floor. "Yuck. That is exactly why I don't drink."

Hermione agreed and pulled him to an empty corner before the stench could reach them. "So…Harry…?" she prodded.

Draco dreamily smiled again and continued. "Yeah…he's great, though very skittish. But his shyness is endearing as is his tough side. It's rather kinky, actually."

"Oh, yes. It is sexy, isn't it? Of course we don't see much of that side of him," she said thoughtfully.

"Well, after the abuse he's had to endure, I can understand his hesitancy in getting close to anyone. It's a wonder he agreed to go out with me at all."

"I was thinking about that, too. I mean with Tom's obvious possessive and violent nature, how could Harry actually want to begin another relationship so quickly. And with a stranger no less!" She paused dramatically.

"Yeah, it is rather odd, isn't it?" Draco hadn't realized how odd until she put into terms like that.

"I think it's because you're a fresh start. You don't come with all the preconceived notions anyone around here would have. Plus you seemed to genuinely care enough for a chance and I think your kindness intrigued him," She paused thoughtfully.

"I am rather kind, aren't I?" Draco said as he arrogantly stuck his nose in the air with a teasing smile.

Hermione rolled her eyes. "There's also the chance that he was trying to make Tom jealous and show the bastard that he always has the possibility of walking away. Whatever it is, I can tell he's really starting to like you."

"How can you tell?" He asked.

"I can see it in the way he looks at you and how he takes your hand when he's nervous. It's cute. He's showing his trust in you," she winked at him.

"Yeah. We'll make it work," Draco said, mustering all his confidence. "We just have to get him passed his inhibitions and fears," he finished quietly.

Hermione nodded and looked around before glancing at the clock on her silver cell phone. "It's been over a half hour. Where are those two?"

Over a half hour? It didn't seem nearly that long to Draco and he felt a razor of worry drop into his stomach. "Should we go look for them?"

Hermione bit her lip in thought. "I think you're right. Let's go to the kitchen. That's where the alcohol is."

Draco followed her back into the crowded hallway, past a bathroom producing suspicious moans, and into a large, country styled kitchen. A group of rowdy, glaze-eyed teen boys stood around a center island where a bucket filled with ice held various alcoholic beverages. Draco had never seen these boys dressed in punk rock clothes with plastic bracelets and several piercings before. And there was Ron greedily drinking from a keg at the sink.

"Ronald Weasley!" Hermione yelled and Draco watched as Ron removed his mouth from the spout of the keg guiltily. "I told you one can, not a freaking keg! Get your sorry butt over here this instant!"

Ron shamefully stumbled towards them, tripping on his own feet.

"Where's Harry?" Draco asked quickly, before they had time to begin their oncoming argument.

Ron just looked at him blankly before shrugging and nearly falling onto his backside. As Hermione made Ron lean on her, Draco moved towards a glass door leading outside.

"I'm taking Ron home!" Hermione called after him.

He just waved a dismissing hand and slid the glass door open. He stepped out onto a dimly lit deck, the warm air hit him like fresh bricks. At first glance he thought it was vacant, but a familiar giggle made him look towards the darkened steps leading to the green lawn.

There was Harry and two other, larger boys that Draco didn't recognize sitting on the steps. The three of them were passing around something that looked like a small cigar and blowing smoke with a mysteriously sweet aroma into the humid air.

"Harry!" Draco loudly whispered while quickly making his way towards the group. On closer inspection, he saw several empty vodka bottles littered in the grass and the cigarette was in fact a large marijuana blunt. "Harry?" his steps faltered.

The light made the raven haired boy's eyes seem luminous, almost glowing in their dazed radiance. "Draco!" he snatched the blunt from the sandy haired boy to his left and stumbled towards Draco. "Want a hit?"

Draco peered closely at his boyfriend's red-rimmed eyes and nearly choked in shock. "Are you stoned?" he blurted before glancing at the vodka bottles again. "…or drunk?"

Harry grinned and giggled, placing a shaking hand on Draco's shoulder to steady himself. "I don't know what I am, but it feels fucking fantastic."

The boys who remained on the steps laughed loudly, sounding to Draco like a chorus of barking dogs.

"Harry…" Draco was at a loss as to what to say. Where was his innocent Harry? He wasn't sure what to think of this drugged creature.

Harry pressed his tiny body flush against Draco before whispering into his ear, "I can be anything you want me to be, baby," he proceeded to plant his luscious lips onto Draco's in a firm, hungry kiss that tasted of vodka, lemonade, and the sweet tang of marijuana.

It was a moment Draco had been patiently waiting for since they got together, but this was not how he wanted it to come about. He wanted it to be in a romantic setting, not when Harry was drunk…and drugged. He wouldn't even remember a thing in the morning and Draco knew he had to stop the boy. He made a huge effort to fight his lust and lightly pushed Harry back a few steps.

Harry quickly caught his balance and before Draco could protest again, the boy had latched his sweet mouth onto his neck. Draco held onto the boy's slim hips as the sensation sent shivers of pleasure all the way to his toes and back up, stopping at his hardening groin.

"Harry…" he tried to protest weakly.

"Fuck me, Draco," Harry hotly whispered before licking a sensitive spot near his ear. "Please, Dray. Take me," Harry begged and squeezed Draco's hard manhood though his tight pants. The action sent alarm bells off in Draco's head and he pushed Harry away and proceeded to ward off his next advance.

"No, Har. You don't know what you're asking. You won't even remember it in the morn-"

The sandy haired boy stumbled towards them and cut Draco off. "I'll fuck you, Harry. Come on," the large boy grabbed Harry's willing hand and led him down the steps with Draco following closely behind.

"Let him go! He's my boyfriend!" Draco protested as they made their way to the parked cars along the street.

"If he's your boyfriend, I'll bet you'll be jealous if I kissed him," the sandy haired boy sneered before hetried to kiss Harry.

The raven haired boy roughly pushed him away and growled, "I said fuck, not kiss." That was all he managed to get out before Draco tackled the sandy haired boy.

He punched the drunken boy in the stomach a few times. The boy barely put up a fight in his drunken daze. A flea could have knocked him out. "I don't take advantage of drugged boys. Keep your filthy hands off of Harry!" He punched the boy once more in the jaw for good measure before standing and turning to Harry.

The emerald eyed boy seemed to be paralyzed with fright and refused to look Draco in the eyes. "Take me home, Draco…please…" he added desperately.

Draco realized his mistake with a sickening jolt to his stomach. He had violently responded as Tom or Vernon probably would have. "Oh, Harry…I…" he stepped towards the boy only to watch him violently flinch.

"Please…" Harry whispered pathetically while the sandy haired boy coughed in the darkness behind them.

Draco nodded defeatedly. He slowly walked towards his parked convertible, frantically wondering how to fix this mess. He heard Harry's hesitant footsteps following him through the trimmed grass and felt a fresh wave of guilt rush over him. Harry had placed his trust in him and he had blown it by acting like a vicious savage. How could he ever forgive him?

Draco opened the car door for Harry and the boy took the lily into his hands before sliding into the seat with a quiet, "Thanks."

The drive to Harry's apartment building was spent intense silence. Draco broke it to voice one of his worries.

"Will your uncle be home? I don't want him to hurt you again…"

Harry was silent and Draco saw a slight shrug in the corner of his eye.

"You can stay at my place tonight if you're worried," Draco pressed.

Harry's shoulders tensed. "I told you before…I'm stronger than you think."

Draco kept his mouth shut for the rest of the drive while Harry fidgeted with the lily.

When he pulled in front of Harry's building, he began to get out, but Harry quickly said, "That's okay, I'll be alright."

"I was going to walk you to your door," Draco explained.

Harry ignored his comment. "Thanks for the lily and the ride, Dray," Harry leaned over and left a soft kiss on Draco's cheek. In the close proximity, Draco saw that the bruise from his uncle had taken on a nasty shade of blue and purple. He watched as Harry hurried into the broken down building and he couldn't stop yelling at himself for his stupidity. He had acted like the most vile person he had ever encountered. He couldn't see how Harry could forgive him when he couldn't even forgive himself.

---------------------- End CHAPTER 8: The First Kiss ----------------------


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