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warning: Yaoi Envy/Ed, spoilers from the anime

Chapter seven: Craziness

Wrath made a step behind before Envy jumped on him with fury.

"You are so not going anywhere!" He caught him by the wrist and got him out by force. Al stared at them leaving the house then turned to Ed staying still, eyes stuck on the flour.

"Aren't you stopping him, nii-san?" Ed remained silent, eyes still away, avoiding his brother's sight. "Nii-san! What happened? Why was Envy-san here? Did you guys have a fight?" Al tried hardly to catch Ed's sight, desperate that he was still looking at the flour.

"No Al, we weren't fighting, we're not fighting him anymore." Ed sighed deeply, feeling forced to tell him the truth about everything that happened between him and Envy.

"Why's that? He's our enemy, remember? You guys became friends or something?" Al kept staring at his brother that was definitely trying to hide something from him. He was just trying to understand.

"Ya… something like that…" Ed turned to the stairs and went to his room, like nothing had happen.

"But, he just took Wrath!"

"Who cares!?" Ed waved his hand, "I'll take a nap…" and closed the door in his back. He fell on his bed, closing his eyes in search for some peace. As a heat invade all his body, letting a small drop of sweat run along his forehead, he stood to the window, opening it wildly for some cold air. He could still hear the music playing in the living-room then slowly fade away.


"Look what I found!" Envy blow the door wide open and enter the manor making as much noises as possible. "He was hiding at the fullmetal shrimp place." He started to laugh, throwing Wrath on the floor at Dante's feet. Lust was standing behind her, watching the scene. Envy sent him a few kicks till Dante sign him to stop. She went closer to the sin lying on the ground, staring at him furiously. She asked Envy to take him away before turning back to Lust.

"It should get interesting." She smiled lightly then leaved the room.

Lust made her way to the under-ground where Envy took Wrath. He sent him in a corner close to Greed still pinch on the wall. Wrath got up and jumped on Envy that just kicked him away. Greed raised his eyes to Envy and smiled. "Here, here, if it's not ugly bitch and his cry-baby?" Envy turned to him with an evil glare and let his hand slid on his face piercing his cheek with his nails the deeper he could. Greed lowered his eyes while his smile vanishes at the apparition of crimsons lines followed by a small drop of blood leaking to his neck. Envy took him by the chin and held his sight in his keen amethyst eyes. His finger ran over his cheek catching the drop of blood and put it on the tip of his tongue. Then, he led his nail under Greed's chin till he flinch. He was going to turn away, to avoid the sight, but Envy took him by the ear before he could make any move and kept staring at keen eyes. Envy pulled him a bit closer, still looking pissed, and smiled demonically to scare him just a little more. He leant his lips to Greed's neck and slowly pierce the flesh with his sharpen teeth till small drop of blood started to leak down his chest. Envy's lips turned bloody red, his nails entered behind the ear of Greed who was biting his tongue to remain silent. Envy licked his lips, sight back on the other sin. He pulled his nails out of the flesh, leading them to his mouth to lick the blood leaking on it. Greed, finally able to breathe, took a long and deep breath, eyes still in the other one but way more annoyed then before. "You finished?" Envy backed up and kicked him right in the stomach. He turned to Wrath still lying in his corner. Envy pulled him by the hair to another room. Lust watched them leave and turned to Greed. Envy tied Wrath on the wall as he yield, cried and insulted him. Envy simply hit him and left.


His feet stepped slowly, by their selves since he didn't had the force to commended them to. He kept his head lowed, eyes on the floor, his golden hair down on his face, like a wandering soul. Memories came to his mind, pictures he'd like to forget, but couldn't. A tear leak along his cheek, he just couldn't restrain it anymore, she by her self contained so many feelings, she had to get out. All these feelings Edward was trying to hide, he wiped it away. He brought his hair back behind and let the water leak on his chest. By the time the heat of the shower embraced the bathroom, the door slowly opened it self on dark emerald-tinged strands. The door closed back without a sound, while the sin approached the curtain. Ed turned, not sure if he heard a noise and the curtain open wide. He found himself face to face eyes in pure amethysts and stood still not able to move an inch. Light red tinted his cheek whereas his golden eyes remained wide open in front of the homunculi. Ed finally yelled, responding to the situation. Envy laughed his ass off, unable to resist. Ed was so embarrassed, it took his several minutes to regain the use of talking, after he took time to cover himself as he could. "What are you doing here, you're crazy? Go away!" Envy stopped laughing and stared at the chibi who just backed up, covering him self with the curtain.

"You're so cute when you blush." Envy came closer to him, catching his hand to pull him against his will. He stroked his soft lips against his, pushing till he lost balance. Ed caught Envy's arm, pulling him down with him. While Envy held him by the waist, Ed passed his other hand around Envy's neck to hold himself from hurting his head against the wall in his back. His head slowly slide on the wet ceramic, the shower's hot water falling on them, flattening Envy's hair. They broke the kiss as Ed led his finger to the lips of Envy who just licked it. The water was falling on their back while their lips met in another passionate kiss. Envy passed his hand in Ed's wet hair and leaned it down to his chest. He took control of the kiss, passing his tongue through Ed's mouth, not letting him breaking it again. Ed moaned, not able to breathe anymore, the water was getting in his nose. He pierced Envy's flesh with his nails to let him know or at least smiled, but Envy simply took his hand and stroked it against him. He passed his other hand in Ed's back, pulling him closer. Ed opened his eyes this time pushing Envy as much as he could but the homunculi was definitely not understanding, he was holding the kiss as strongly as Ed was trying to break it. Envy finally opened his eyes to see his victim's face, but instead of a submitted uke, he found a blue head suffocating. Envy broke the kiss in a splash where Ed took a long deep breath, slowly getting his colors back to normal. "What's your problem? I don't know for you, but I need to breathe!"

"Don't you have a nose you? It doesn't come with the reset?" Envy stared confused, then smiled. En pushed him back, both hand on his chest so Envy stood up.

"We're in the shower, you prefer I drown?" Ed looked at Envy frustrated, he just passed close of drowning and Envy could see tears through the water flowing on his face. Envy's smile fade away, he held out his hand to Ed who just turned away. Envy felt somehow bad about it but didn't know what to say. Ed took his hand, but instead of rising up, he pulled and brought Envy back in his arms. Envy didn't dare protest, now over Ed, the water was falling on his back like hot rain. He stared in Ed's beautiful golden eyes while he smiled. "What are you looking at?"

Envy gently smiled. "The thing I desire."

Ed blushed, soft and tender lips coming to his. He closed his eyes and passed his arms around the homunculi's neck. Envy's hand passed in Ed's hair now all messed up. He felt a tongue twitching in his mouth and teeth chattering against his. He laid little kisses on Ed's neck then felt these teeth again, now biting his ear lob and a tongue tickling behind. Ed felt a tongue on his chest whereas Envy chilled, he could see the Goosebumps on his arms wrapped around his waist. Ed slid his hand along Envy's ribs to his butt till he escaped a sound of somewhat joy. He looked at Ed, in his big golden eye, then stole him another kiss, lips on his. Ed kept his breath on his cheek, he blushed. "Did you get you breath back?" Ed smiled.

"I found better." He took Envy's face in his hand, passed his tongue on his lips and laid a soft kiss there. Envy got up and held out his hand to Ed to help him. Ed got up, pulling on Envy's hand and end up in his arms, leant on his chest and still under the shower's jet. Envy pulled Ed out of the shower after he stopped it and led him to the bed. He leant on him, eyes in eyes, hands in hands, Envy over Ed.

They heard the front door open and Al's voice reached their ear. "Nii-san, I'm back." They heard the door closing and Ed pushed Envy off the bed, getting his clothes on. "Nii-san?" Ed looked at Envy lying back on the bed, nonchalant, and signed him to go away. Envy got up, staring at Ed and shift his voice like his.

"I'm here, Al." Ed's eyes opened wide at the sound of his voice.

"I'm coming." Ed ran to the door as his brother's voice reached his ear.

"No, it's alright, I'm coming down soon." Envy walked to his chibi standing in front of the shouted door. "Go away!" Ed whispered to Envy with an evil glare.

"Nii-san, you're sure you're alright?"

Envy kept his eyes in the blonde one. "What is it? What are you afraid of? Why don't you want him to know about us?" Envy got closer to him, reaching his waist with his hand.

Ed looked away, breaking the stare. "You don't understand, we don't have any relationship, and stop using my voice!" Ed turned back to him a new frustrated look on his face.

"Why, have a problem with that?" Envy completely shifts into Ed at his worst nightmare.


"Nii-san?" Al's voice now came for right behind the door, really close. "Are you talking to yourself?"

They heard footsteps getting closer. "Yes, I'm talking to myself, because I'm stubborn and I don't want you to kn-" Envy got a fist on his nose has he couldn't finish his sentence.

"Shut up! Go away already! Leave me alone!"

Envy raised his head, wiping his nose and saw a tear leaking from Ed's golden eyes. He led his fingers to Ed's eyes wiping the tear away and leaned to his neck to whisper in his ear. "What would he think of you, what would anyone think of you if they found out all the things you've done? If they knew who you really are? You believe he'll never learn about it?"

Ed lowered the head. "Shut up…"

Envy kissed him in the neck. "You belong in the shadow, with me." Ed tried to push him away.

"Nii-san, I'll be in the kitchen." Al went away.

Ed pushed Envy harder, waking up. "Stop, you're still shift as me!"

Envy stood still, he had forgotten for a moment. "Would you prefer that?" He backed up a few steps and shift again. Ed flinched, eyes wide open, now standing in front of his brother. "Nii-san, why aren't you telling me? Talk to me nii-san!" The body armour came closer to Ed standing still. "Don't you love me more than that homunculus?"

"Shut up!" Ed turned and pushed him away.

Envy stood up slowly, wiping his clothes. "Fine." He shift back to himself and turned away to the window. "You know where to find me, if you stop being in denial…" He started to go down by the window and saw Ed coming to him.

"What? I'm not in denial!" He leant at the window and saw Envy pulling up to him, a cold hand coming to his cheek, and met with his lips. Ed blushed to ear, closed his eyes and let Envy kissed him. The air outside was clod, a small breeze brought the first snowflake to lay and instantly melt on the tip of their nose gently touching. They broke the kiss with a shiver and breath between their mouth.

"Then prove it." Envy let go of the window and disappeared in the dark of the night.

"Envy!" Ed, still leaned on the window, shout at him in vain. He closed the window after a moment, snow starting to fall and air getting colder. He shivered and decided to go back in the shower.

Envy walked in the dark night, still flustered after Ed, kicking him away for his damn brother again. What did he had more than him anyway? The streets were empty to boot, silent as the sky. Envy was walking in the snow as he heard steps close to him, in a street beside. As he turned the corner, a girl appeared in front of him. He recognised the girl that was with Greed once, the one mixed with a snake. She stood still in front of Envy and when she was about to speak, Envy passed aside her in a blue light. He left behind him, as he turned the corner, now smiling, a red liquid leaking on the wall. He walked away, leading to the manor, satisfied.


"What do you want, bitch?" Lust was staring at Greed with her superior glare. "What do you want?" She smiled. Greed raised an eyebrow, confused.

"We could make a deal?" Geed smiled, pleased with the idea. Lust came closer to his ear. "I'm on your side. Dante's going too far, she'll lose us all."

"And in what matters should I care?" Lust backed up and smiled.

"If I untie you, you don't kill me, I don't kill you, and you help me make sure she doesn't kill us all." Greed bent the head smiling.


Lust untied Greed with her nails. He fell on the ground, covered with blood. He slowly got up, laughing. "What do you want me to do?"

Lust sent him a glare and smiled. A long cry came from the room behind them. "You could start with Wrath." Lust looked at the door where the cry came from. Greed wiped his clothes and went to that cry.

Wrath was tied up on the wall like Greed was a few minutes earlier, and was crying out loud. Greed got closer to him, staring at him with a strange look. "Ouin, ouin! I want my mommy! What is it, you scared? Stupid brat." He smiled and started to laugh out loud. Wrath stopped crying a moment. "I suppose it would be funnier for you if you could defend yourself, no?" Wrath was staring at him with his big wide purple eyes, he knew what Greed was up to, but he didn't want to fight more than die. Greed got closer to him, grabbing the sticks he was nailed on the wall with and pulled them away.

"Arg!" Wrath fell on the ground, hands around his stomach. Greed grabbed him by his hair while he was screaming and crying again.

"What is it?" He pulled him up, staring right in his eyes. "Can't you defend yourself?" He took him by the neck, pinching him on the wall and squeeze till he couldn't breathe anymore. "Or maybe…" He came closer, sliding his nails on his cheek, leaving a red line with a drop of blood. "You simply enjoy the pain…" He leant to him, licking the blood with his tongue. Wrath made a face, disgusted. Greed slid his nails down to his stomach. "Let's see how long it'll last…"

Lust heard a shrill cry. She came in the room were Wrath was before she untied Greed, all that was left in there was a huge stain of blood on the back wall.


The door opened, Edward went down the stairs, tiding back his hair still a bit soaked. "I'm home."

"Welcome home." Ed sighed sitting in the kitchen. Al came too, gave him something to drink and looked at him, Ed smiled.

"Are you feeling better, nii-san?" Ed finished drinking and got up.

"Ya, a lot better." Al felt happy. "I'm going to the library." Al stayed surprise.

"The library? With that weather?" Ed opened the door and stood still. The sky was completely white and it was snowing hard enough for the ground to be completely covered. It wasn't too cold, the sun was omnipresent and the wind was absent. Ed hold out his hand, a snowflake lay in his palm and the heat of it made it melt instantly. He smiled.

"You're right, the weathers' way too beautiful to stay inside!" He turned around and gave Al a big smile, than took his coat and went out. "You coming?" Al went outside with him, they cross the street and went to the park. Ed took some snow, made a snowball and thrown it at Al turning around, than laugh seeing his brother's face covered with snow. Al wiped the snow off and leaned while Ed was still laughing. He suddenly stopped, a snowball between his eyes. Al started laughing while starting another snowball. Ed leant and was faster than Al whom the ball slipped from his hands, the face covered with snow again. They laughed like kids till Ed's head swayed in front.

"Envy-san!?" Al stood surprise. Ed turned around, his smile disappearing, and flinched at Envy now standing in front of him, a snowball in the hand.

"Go away, I'm playing with Al, not you!" Al jumped embarrassed.

"Oh no, it's alright, you can play with us." Envy smiled, Ed turned to Al with a frustrated face.

"Al!" Ed fell, face in the snow, a ball behind the head again. Envy laugh out loud as Al ran to his brother.

"Nii-san!" Ed stayed stretched the face in the snow without moving, not because he couldn't but only because he didn't want to.

"Maybe he's dead?" Envy started to laugh again as Ed got up and squash a lump of snow in his face that made him stop. He spitted out the snow whereas Ed was the one laughing out loud, not able to stop. Al was standing beside him, still surprise, looking at him laughing and suddenly couldn't see anymore. Ed stopped laughing a moment, seeing his brother covered with snow again, and while turning to Envy, he found himself taking a snowball in the face again. Envy started laughing again but this time when Ed leant to get snow, he gave him a kick and Ed found himself lying on the back. Envy got closer, looking in his eyes, a smile all over his face. Ed looked at his lips, so soft and tender, he turned away, trying to get up, but Envy was faster and pinched him on the ground, holding him still in the white snow.

"What are you doing?" Ed couldn't move. Envy was staring at him, biting his lips. Al was still standing beside them, if they were to kiss there and now, he would see it all and Ed wanted it absolutely not to happen. He succeeded to move his auto-mail and hit Envy just strong enough to get up. Unfortunately, once up, Envy literally jumped on him, sending them a few meters away in the snow. Ed felt those soft lips closing on his. The snow was tense and it was still snowing, Al couldn't see them now. Ed pushed Envy, but he just ended up on him, Envy refusing to let go of his prey. Ed couldn't do anything, Envy was holding him by the waist, hands under his coat and legs holding his. Al went to them.

"Nii-san?" Ed jumped up and looked at Al really worried.

"He started it!" Ed pointed Envy that was bending the head. Al looked at them a bit confused.

"At this point…" Envy sighed while Ed turned to him. "He will have to learn it eventually." Ed punched him in the face.

"SHUT UP!" He started walking to the house but Envy caught up to him before he could cross the street.

"No way, not this time!" He caught his arm with a hand and turned his head with the other to come clutching his lips on his. Ed flinched, then, unable to resist, close his eyes and kissed Envy back. Al sighed and went home. Envy stepped in front, pushing Ed back in the snow.


Everything was quiet, the streets, the people, the weather, once back at the manor, Envy fund himself face to face with Lust who was lying on the big front door of the manor. "Is there a problem?" Lust turned her sight away, envy came closer, uncertain.

"It's Greed, he ran away after killing Wrath, Dante wants you to get him back." Envy kept his sight on her, a bit confused, but found his words.

"How's that possible? You're sure you're telling me everything?" Lust bend her head and closed her eyes. Envy sighed, hands on his hips. "Alright, where did he go?"

"This way." Lust pointed in the direction of the forest. "But you're right, I should tell you everything. Dante lost her mind, her plan won't work and you know it. We have to stop her, before it's too late, that's why I freed Greed, but it's true that he ran away, we made a deal but I didn't want him to kill Wrath. I don't think it's a bad thing but if Dante learn it, it'll fall down on us, you have to make sure Greed is on our side!" Lust turned her sight away as Envy sighed.

"How am I supposed to convince him? He'll never want to." Lust looked at him in the eyes and smiled.

"Then kill him, he's better dead then against us." Envy approved and went to the forest running in a flash of blue light.

Chapter 8 in progress…