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Thug. .


Lying in her bed thinking about the little things that mad her life hers, Angel Curtis came up with these three words. Was she a whore? No. Was she a thug? No. But was she a greaser, hell yah.

She smiled to herself, not at all ashamed of her background and family. She loved her life and the gang.

Angel slowly lifted herself out of her bed had a quick stretch to wake herself up and then went to the bathroom to do her normal routine. She frowned when she saw her reflection in the mirror, her naturally straight auburn hair was up in rats on her head, the makeup she forgot to take off was all over her face, she looked like crap.

Sighing she went to the hard work of brushing out the mop she called hair. After she was done she went to taking off her old make-up and then reapplying it, nothing much a little mascara and some lip-balm and she was ready.

" Don't forget to brush your teeth, we don't want them falling out," Said the voice of Angel's younger brother Pony boy, as he popped in to tell her to hurry up.

" Yours hairs gonna fall out if you brush it anymore." Two-bit joked from the hallway, Angel turned and threw her brush at the older teen with a playful smirk on her face.

She quickly passed Two-Bit, and ran into her room going to her closet to pick out clothes to wear.

Angel came out wearing her favorite denim skirt and a plane baby blue shirt , her skirt was tight and only reached her mid-thigh, and her baby blue shirt was just an teensy bit to tight, but she liked to mix it up sometimes, if there was one thing Angel would want to be remembered for she would pick her individuality, as in she didn't follow the crowd, or the law sometimes.

"Yoo-hoo my, my are little Angel has grown up to be quit the little devil." Steve said from the entrance of the doorway, she suddenly felt the familiar heat of a blush creep up her neck, ok so what if she was a little shy? Everyone had there downfall, and being bashful was Angel's.

Angel's older brother Soda pop came rushing out of the bathroom, throwing his towel on the floor quickly kissing her cheek and grabbed Steve by the collar pulling him out to Darry's car where Darry, Angel's oldest brother was waiting patiently for them.

Angel was silently thankful that Darry was in the car and Soda was to busy to notice what she had on, they would have had her head.

" Come on or you two or we'll be late for school." Two-bit hollered from out on the patio, her smiled at and said something to Pony, dropping his smoke and putting it out with his shoe.

Two-Bit had been driving Pony, Angel, and Johnny ever since Johnny was jumped by the Socs. That day ruined Johnny he used to be carefree, now he never went anywhere without his switchblade and he was always hanging out with Dallas.

Dallas, he scared Angel, she guessed it was because, just like Darry had told her, he was a hood and he liked it, he wasn't like the rest of the gang, Angel held respect for him and he was ok to hang with, but his personality just scarred her, she was just glad she wasn't on the receiving end of his anger.

After picking up Johnny they finally made it to school Two-bit going to the seniors side, Ponyboy went to where the freshmen where, and Johnny and Angel slowly made there way to the sophomores side.

Unlike her brothers and the rest of the gang Angel wasn't as close to Johnny as the rest of them where, she awkwardly tried to start a conversation, " So Johnny, uh how's Dally?" It was the only thing that came to mind.

" He's fine Ange, o' Dally'll always be just that." He said, smiling his smile at Angel, and it about broke the young girls heart, his smile was one of a person who's seen to much, and Johnny had sure seen enough in his short sixteen years on earth.

Out of nowhere Angel enveloped Johnny in a bear hug, letting him go she smiled and gave him a friendly kiss on his scared cheek, turning she waved at her friend who stood there sticktail in amazement, but then again Angel would always find a way to amaze people.

Angel smiled to herself, she would have to become better friends with Johnny, she could always use a new friend and he looked like he needed another one, in her state of mind she didn't notice the person she was about to run into until her and that person ended up on the ground, Angel on top the stranger on bottom.

Her blue eyes slowly made there way down to the persons face she was lying on, only to find the smirking face of Curly Shepard.

Standing at, when he was standing, 6'2 with greased up black hair and the greenest eyes you'll ever see Curly shepherd was not a boy a girl would over look, but Angel knew shepherd personally and she knew he was a hood just like Tim his older brother, someone she should stray away from.

But she also knew Curly was harmless, if he liked you, And it was good for Angel that she was one of the few he got along with.

Snapping back to present Angel felt that damn familiar flush slowly creeping up her face, she slowly slid off of Curly.

" When did you get out." She said trying to break the silence, Angel hated silence.

" About two weeks ago, Devil what's on your mind." He smirked knowing she hated that nick-name, " I mean you don't just go tacklin' boys, or do you?"

" You know the answer to that Curly fry," She smirked back at Curly using his hated nickname, " And it's about time you got out."

She enveloped Curly in a hug, surprising the Tall hood, Angel just seemed to be in the hugging mood.

" Awe well look at this guys, two greasers inter locked in love." Great That was the voice of Bob, the head of the Socs, the one that ruined Johnny's life, Angel slowly let Curly go, and turned, frightened to face the mean looking soc.

Unlike her brothers Angel wasn't tough, and she was scared of Bob, but only for the fact that he ruined Johnny and that he was rich and that usually meant he could get away with anything.

Curly turned swiftly out of Angels embrace and his hand automatically went to his back pocket where Angel was sure layed his switchblade.

Bob just continued, " Maybe they'll make little greasers and they'll all go to jail together." Angel winced at that last comment, Curly's Mom and dad went to jail not to long ago and Angel knew that was a sore spot for Curly, Tim. And Misty there younger sister, she was Angels age.

" Watch what you say Soc. Your words might just be your last." Curly threatened, Angel knew he would go through with the threat to, one thing she had learned long ago living on the 'bad' side of town, there weren't many threats that weren't true.

Ignoring Culy's advice Bob continued with," Of course I wouldn't mind having a go at that little whore, how about you Randy, you can get seconds." That stung Angel thought, tears springing from her eyes.

That was it for Curly, he dived at Bob, his switchblade was thankfully forgotten, but the fight was short lived as Two-bit came to the rescue.

Angel didn't see the rest, she turned and ran to her first period, not wanting her enemies to see her tears, it would just encourage them.

She did hope Curly and Two-Bit where ok, she was sure they where.

She sighed trying desperately to drown out her teachers drowsy voice.

Only seven hours and forty-five minuets till this hell was over.


Hours later the bell finally rang, signaling the end of school, she went straight to Two-bit's car where Johnny and Pony where waiting, both looked over at her, smokes hanging from there mouths.

She shook her head those 'cancer-sticks' as Dally liked to call them where going to be her downfall, she hated them, almost as much as Darry.

" Hi pony, Johnny where's Two-bit?" Angel questioned, shaking her hair out of her face.

" He and Curly have been in the principles office all day." Pony said, taking a drag from his smoke.


" 'Cause they beat up that soc for callin' you a whore." Johnny piped up, taking his last drag. He smiled up at me then continued " They sure did beat the hell out of o' Bob, he deserved it though."

As soon as Johnny finished his statement Curly and Two-Bit came strutting up to the car, Curly's hair was a mess, and he had a black eye, and two bit had nothing but a few scratches. Angel instantly felt bad, but it really wasn't her fault. Bob had been asking for it.

" Are you guys ok?" Angel asked, her eyes filling with tears again. Damn why did she always have to cry, she hated crying.

" Nothing doing Ange, we kicked that Sac's ass real good." Two-Bit said, Curly seemed a little to quiet, well for Curly.

" You didn't have to, really I mean-" Angel didn't know what to say, she had never seen Curly so mad, but why? It wasn't that bad.

" Yeah we did, it was the principle of things and anyways he had no business calling you that." Curly said from where he was leaning on Two-bits car, his green eyes never looking more black.

" And anyways Angel we didn't get anything but detention. Nothing we haven't had before." Two-bit joked trying to lighten the mood, Johnny and Pony sat saying nothing, what could they say, they weren't there.

" It doesn't matter anyways lets go home, Curly come on I'll give you a ride."

They all piled in two-bit's car, Angel and Curly getting the back, everyone else was in the car.

Angel was trying to think of a way to thank Curly, finally she got her chance when Two-bit took Johnny and Pony into the gas station.

" I- I uh I just wanted to thank you for standing up for me, you really didn't have to." Angel whispered, awkwardly looking away from Curly.

When he didn't say anything she turned to see him staring at her, he slowly brought his face closer to hers, all of the sudden he closed his mouth over hers.

She gasped, and he took that as an invitation, his tongue exploring every edge of her mouth loving her taste. Angel slowly started coming around and she meekly started rubbing her tongue against his experienced one.

He could tell she was innocent, but he really didn't care she was driving him mad. He broke off the kiss reluctantly when he heard the door to the gas station chime. Curly glanced at Angel and smirked when he saw she was still dazed.

Angel was to busy think over what had just happened to notice Curly's arrogant smirk, why in hell did Curly just start making out with her out of nowhere? Not that she was complaining but she would like an explanation. She looked over at him when the car started, and saw that he was staring straight ahead as if on he was purposely not looking at her.

When Two-Bit Dropped Angel and Pony off at their house she was still in La-la Land looking for an explanation.

She showered then jumped into bed without telling anyone goodnight or without eating anything, thank God tomorrow was Saturday, that meant no school, no school meant; No Curly.

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