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His eyes where as green as the grass in in the spring, and his hairs as black as the night. He smirked, he cursed, he fought, he had absolutely no manners to speak of, but he was hers.

Curly Shepherd was finally hers, and she was his.

Angel couldn't remember ever feeling this happy before ever, she decided that Curly putting her through whatever he put her through was all worth it in the end. She sighed heavily, and ran a delicate slightly shaken hand run through her tousled hair, her slightly shaking hand went lower to touch her beautifully bruised lips. Angel smiled, ecstatic with her current situation.

She fell back into the softness of her bed with a contented sigh and thought about the dark boy who always seemed to be inside her mind. Smiling when she thought of the look Angela had given her when Angel and Curly walk back into Zankos their hands interlocked, the blonde girl had the hugest smirk on her face, like she knew she was a genius.

Hmm maybe a evil genius?

Brandon on the other hand, wasn't looking so hot, his lip was busted pretty bad, and his bloody eyebrow would most likely need stitches, but the boy still managed a cocky smirk towards Curly and Angel when they passed by him inside Zankos, not a good idea because Curly saw the smirk and Angel and Angela literally had to jump on him so he wouldn't beat Brandon again. Some people just never learn.

Angel and Curly said a farewell to a still smirking Angela outside of Zankos, and after hopping inside of Curly's car it took the young couple awhile to get their hands off of each other for Curly to start the car, but when he finally did he set off for Angels house.

She remembered him turning towards her, and smirking kindly at her. He never smiled. " This feels good."

She had smiled at that, then leaned her body across his car and smacked a wet kiss on his waiting lips, saying "Yeah it sure does."

He seemed satisfied with her sitting back in her seat, his amazing emerald eyes where set straight in the road, he suddenly smirked. " You know Angel, girls are gonna hate you."

She rolled her blue eyes at her boyfriend. Her boyfriend. that felt really good to say. " Like I care curly. Your mine simple." She said her voice giving away her distress, she suddenly turned her auburn head in his direction. " What makes you think you have no competition? Huh?"

He had just simply shrugged, like he hadn't thought about it, cause it wouldn't happen, " Am I that undesirable Curly?"

Ha! Wrong thing to say, Angel found out a minute after she had said the sentence, when she found the car parked on the dark side of the road, and those eyes she loved so much boring into her.

"Has anyone ever said you were undesirable?" He questioned heatedly, unbuckling his seat belt, and turning off his engine.

Angel was slightly unnerved, what was Curly doing?

She shook her head, but after realizing he couldn't really see her she told him, "No Curly but you implied it."

Somewhere inside her head she knew this was a dumb thing to start a fight over, but a part of her loved bickering with Curly, because the making up was just to good to pass up.

He made an unpleased sound inside of his throat, and turned his body to face hers, " I did not."

"You said you wouldn't have any competition," Her voice cracked, and she was rolling her eyes, even though he couldn't see. " And ya pretty much implied that I'd have to fight ever hussy in town to be with you."

He snickered at her choice of words, momentarily forgetting he was a little ticked at her, " Angel, I'm Curly Shepherd . My older brother is Tim Shepherd, every guy that would even think of touching you, would just think of my last name and turn around with their dicks between their legs. So no I don't have any competition, but it is definitely not because your not pretty."

He had leaned over by that time, causing Angel to rest her back against the passengers door, he was so close over her she could actually see his emerald eyes through the darkness.

"Besides, if any of the guys did grow enough balls to hit on you," He whispered huskily, his breath feathering Angels face, making excited shivers run through her body. " They wouldn't have their balls for very long.."

He went to kiss her, but she turned her head at the last minuet letting his lips crash against her cheek, laughing amused at his groan, she turned her face back, " Okay I accept that, but what about all of these girls you brought up huh?"

He smirked impishly, " I dunno devil." She glared at his smirk, getting steadily more annoyed. " Would you fight for me?"

She glared at him in anger, and punched his chest to get him off of her, his response was top push her further into his seat, and grab her hands and pull them above her head, rendering her defenseless.

He just stared at her, emotion playing through his eyes that Angel didn't have time to comprehend as in the next second his lips where leaving butterfly kisses on her cheeks. She shuddered in pleasure, feeling a slight burn between her thighs at his light touches.

She blushed bright red when she felt his hand slip under the hem of her shirt, the other hand was still holing her hands useless, as his lips where nipping at her neck the sensation left her thriving in underneath him.

Curly got daring, when he tugged her shirt over her head exposing lots of pale flesh and freckles, her curled auburn hair falling around her shoulders making her look like an angel in Curly's eyes.

She forgot to be modest when he unlaced her bra, because she was to preoccupied with wickedly delicious mouth pressing wet kisses on her hard swollen nipple, she let out a breathless moan, that caused Curly to chuckle, making Angel embarrassed.

Why did he laugh, was she doing something wrong? She forgot to think when she felt his mouth creep lower, his right hand was playing with her breast, and his other was trying desperately not to let go of her hands, it didn't really matter though, Angel wasn't going to trying and get away any time soon.

Curly finally let her hands slip free, Angle didn't notice until she felt the limb going up the side of her skirt, tickling her thigh the whole way, Curly tugged at her cotton panties trying to bring them down.

Curly felt Angel go rigid, he looked up at her through clouded eyes, and wisps of dark hair in confusion, she was just as bad off as him. Her perfectly curled hair had somehow gone limp straight again, and was tangled across her naked chest, she was taking in deep breaths to calm herself down, and her eyes where staring at Curly as if she wanted him to eat her alive, which he gladly would.

"What the matter?" He asked, slowly realesing his hold in her undergarments, bringing his chin to rest on her flat stomach.

She stared at him in wonder, what was the matter? He had just tried to take her underwear off! Come on, he had to know she was a virgin didn't he? They where just in a fight to, before he had, had his way with her, slimy bastard.

Angle leaned up a bit and rested on her hands, staring down at Curly who was still resting on her stomach and staring up at her curiously. " Curly you know I'm a virgin, right?"

This didn't seem to faze him as he answered with a simple, "Yea I figured."

She sighed angrily, silently letting that pass, "Then why where you taking off my panties?"

What curly did nest made Angel almost scream out in Anger, he laughed, " Come on Devil! You have to know there are other thing you can do besides have sex."

Angel was glad it was dark, because her cursed blush decided to come back, so she wasn't experienced? So what.

He was still laughing although he was trying, and failing, to cover it up, he shook his head, his hair tickling Angles naked stomach, " I'm sorry Angel."

"No, don't be." She sat up further, causing a fully dressed Curly to sit up straight, she looked to the floor board for her bra and shirt, she slipped the bra over her shoulders and tried to clasp it, which was hard when you where embarrassed and in total darkness. She felt her boyfriends strong hands clasp it for her, then take the light blue shirt from her hands and shrug it over her shoulders.

Shaking her head, and secretly smiling, she turned back to Curly and smiled at the boy who was trying to compose himself, looking a slight but ashamed at saying she was to innocent, or implying it.

She felt sorry for him, so she leaned over to his side of the car, and kissed his cheek, " You know, I think I would fight for you Curly Fry."

Angel smiled happily at the last words that night she had said to her boyfriend, rolling her body until she laid happily on her side she closed her bright eyes and fell into a peaceful sleep, her drams full of green eyes and cocky smirks.


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I'll be updating 'Your cute when you scream' shortly! As in tomorrow or the day after! "Tales from another broken home' has been discontinued! For now I'm sorry I have no will to write that story!