The Fiery Maiden

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The Fiery Maiden


Rei woke up to the crackle of the fire in the Ceremonial room. Its fiery haze hung in her mind, its soul commanding for Rei to come forth.

There's something wrong, Rei thought. She got up and changed from her nightgown into her Ceremonial clothes. It consisted of red pants and a white shirt. She also had to wear wooden platform shoes that look a lot like slippers.

She closed her bedroom door and she checked on her grandfather to make sure he was okay. Rei sighed in relief as she closed his door. She then slipped into the Ceremonial room and Ceremonial fire was blazing a scorching red. She kneeled before it, the fire hissed and burned. Rei closed her eyes, releasing her soul into the flames; her mind mentally flowed with its rhythmic waves. The fire took control of her, engulfed her into a vision.

She then started to do rhythmic movements with her hands, "Sun, moon, earth, planet…" She repeated this over and over.

"Flame of the earth, give me sight! Show me the visions you put upon me tonight…"

The blaze flickered and Rei felt herself being pulled into a parallel dimension, feeling her spirit being pulled from her physical state of mind.

Rei saw a young boy about a few years older than her. He had a look of superiority on his rough face but handsome face. He had black hair pulled back into a tight ponytail and he had black eyes that showed nothing but a mysterious haze. He then disappeared and it showed herself trying out an outfit and smiling into a mirror.

"What's he got to do with me?" Rei asked.

She was then pulled back into another vision this one had the same boy but he was bent over a girl and was crying. Rei could feel pain coming from the young woman as she laid in the boy's arms. Rei knew she was dying.

The young woman seemed to be talking to Wufei. Rei couldn't hear her until a bright light came appeared and Rei was now standing before the same girl that was with the black-haired guy. Now that the girl was closer, Rei could see she was very beautiful. She had brown hair and light brown eyes and fragile features.

"Who are you?" Rei asked the young woman. The young woman smiled and answered, "You'll find out soon…"

But before Rei even heard the girl finish, she was pulled back to her physical state. When she opened her eyes, she was in bed.

Must have been a dream, she thought groggily. She shook her head and murmured, "I hate dreams that give me a headache…"

"Huh?" Said a voice from up above her. Rei looked up and was staring at Chaz, "Chaz! What are you doing in my room?" She shouted out. The brown haired boy held up his hands," I didn't mean to! I found unconscious in the Ceremonial room and I brought you in here! Don't worry, I didn't touch any of your stuff…"

Rei looked down at her clothes, the red pants and white shirt, and realized that her dream wasn't actually a dream. Something was going to happen and like the brown haired girl said, she was going to find out soon.

Chaz scratched the side of his head nervously and said, "Um… I'm… er, sorry… I was just, ahem, worried… " Rei got out of bed and folded her blankets while Chaz watched. Rei sighed as she laid the folded blankets on her bed. He then stood up and pointed at the door, "I'll go so you won't get mad…"

She then walked up to him and pulled him down and gave him a kiss, full on the lips.


Wufei looked about the city and groaned, how am I supposed to find that no good excuse for a gundam pilot in this place?

Being a Gundam pilot is not an easy job and when you need information from one of the pilots and that person with the news is named Duo Maxwell…

Well, it's just really hard to keep tabs on the guy!

Wufei was not having a very good day, nope, not a good day for him! He almost got ran over by some nutshell guy, and was almost bombarded with eggs from some crazy kids.

He sighed and he looked around the restaurant where he was supposed to meet the dam idiot.

He heard female giggles coming from his left. He slightly turned to his left and could see three girls. One was tall with medium-length light brown hair and hazel eyes, another had long blonde hair and crystal blue eyes while the last had black hair with green eyes.

They were pointing his way and exclaiming, "Oh, he's *cute*," or "Oh, my is *he* handsome!"

So just to humor himself, he looked their way and gave them a slight grin. They all turned the color of a crimson red. He raised his hand for the waiter and a waitress came by with the bill. He paid and got up to leave. Before he went through the door, he gave the three girls a killer smile and left.

When he did, he could hear the three girls fighting about whom he was smiling at.

Women are so weak, he thought to himself.

He suddenly got a vision of the girl with brown hair. He winced, Saundra, he thought.

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