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Island Sweetheart here! This is the next Chapter for The Fiery Maiden. This Chapter should be pretty lengthy so you'll get a lot of reading and dreaming! Oh, and Amanda Shino is a little girl that I made up! She is a big part of this story and there are some weird things happing to the Gundam Pilots and the Sailor Scouts… Oh, in case your wondering… this is in the time period after the Gundam Pilots finished off the White Fang and the Sailor Scouts defeated Queen Beryl.

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The Fiery Maiden Chapter Two

Wufei stood up, his eyes searching Rei's face. He couldn't help looking into her eyes, the fiery flame that flickered with a kind of passion he'd once seen in… He quickly turned the other way, she reminded Wufei too much of the past. "Who are you and where am I?" Wufei demanded as he forced himself to look at her. Rei replied haughtily, "Well I saw a beam of light so I came here to see what it was," she then pointed at Wufei, "then I *unfortunately* had to meet you." Wufei growled, "Whatever you weakling. I'll just be on my way and if anyone asks if you saw me, you didn't." He then turned around and walked away.

"Who are you calling *weak*?" Rei shouted at him in anger.

Wufei then turned around and started to walk towards the temple. Arrogant woman, he thought as he heard Rei tell him to stop.

"Say! Young man, come here!" Said a voice from the temple doors. Wufei stopped and looked around. He spotted an old, short man coming from the temple. "How would you like to work here? There's not much to do here but," the old man leaned towards Wufei and whispered, "there are no complaints about the ladies that come by here."

The next day…

Rei was giving her invisible opponent another whack and a kick in the face. "Why that low life, conceited," Rei murmured in anger. Rei then stopped and sighed. That jerk was all she could think about all night yesterday and he seemed so familiar. Have they ever met? When? Where? Why didn't she kick his ass then before?

Wait… but I've never met that pain-in-the-butt before, Rei yelled at herself.

"Rei!" Grandpa Hino's voice shouted from the back porch of the temple, "I want you to meet someone! Now hurry and don't waste time!"

"I'll be right there Grandpa!" Rei yelled out.

She quickly ran up towards the temple and started to walk halfway there to catch her breath. As Rei reached the front steps of the temple, she smoothed out her blouse and hair. She knew a first impression for anyone was the first thing that people counted on. As Rei opened the door, she kept her eyes lowered. "Ahhh, here she is! This is my Granddaughter, Rei."

Rei bowed in respect and as she raised her eyes, she came face to face with the same rude pigheaded boy from last night.

"What are you doing here?" Rei exclaimed, as she looked Wufei up and down. "This must be a very small world," the ponytail boy told Rei.

"You two have met?" Grandpa Hino asked.

Rei gave Wufei an icy glare, "No, not really."

"Well," Grandpa continued, "This is Wufei and by what he tells me about himself, he's a great karate champ as yourself Rei! Isn't that something?"

"Oh, that sure *is* something." Rei growled.

Wufei gave her a slight bow and turned away into the shadows.

"Isn't he a *nice* boy?" Grandpa Hino asked Rei. Rei just snarled, if you only knew, Grandpa. If you *only* knew.

Wufei started to walk around the temple, his eyes scanned across the walls. The pictures of Dragons, fires and many other symbolic figures were etched there. What caught he attention, though, was the picture of a bird, a blackbird with jet black eyes.

Wufei ran his fingers across the bird.

Then, a door slammed and Rei came out, her eyes lit with fury. She kept mumbling something and went into another room. Wufei's brows rose, that girl is very feisty, Wufei thought.

Rei gave out a sigh and plopped onto her bed. As she sat there, Amanda watched.

"Are you alright?" Amanda asked.

"What?" Rei exclaimed in surprise. Rei looked up to see Amanda's black eyes staring at her from sitting in a chair across the room. Rei remembered that the night before she had told Amanda to stay at the temple.

"Oh, I forgot about you." Rei told the little girl.

Amanda's eyes took a confused look, "How could you forget about a little girl that's as cute as a button?"

Rei laughed at the comment, "I've had a rough day so I'm not thinking."

"Oh," Amanda exclaimed, "So, when do we go look for my mommy?"

"As once as I get out of these clothes and into something else." Rei informed Amanda. "Can I help pick out your clothes?" Amanda exclaimed hopefully.

Rei gave her a smile, "Sure you can!"

Amanda gave out a yelp of joy and leaped down from her chair and sat down on to Rei's bed.

Rei opened her closet and pulled out a white shirt with a light striped green jumper and showed it to Amanda.

Amanda shook her head no.

And that's what started the two-hour-clothes-display game on Rei.

Finally, after endless rounds of mix matching, patterns and many other shapes, Amanda and Rei agreed on a comfortable pair of dark blue jeans, a white shirt with a blue denim jacket.

Rei and Amanda finally cleaned up the room that was filled, knee-high, with clothes and then headed out. They reached the front door of the temple and Chad comes bursting through. His eyes glittered with excitement as he looked at Rei.

"Rei," Chad exclaimed, grabbing her by her hands, "I got an audition for this record producer! He says that I might have what it takes to a rock star here in Tokyo and around the world!"

Rei blinked in confusion, the words still sinking in. Rei then jumped up and down also, and started to scream for joy. "Wow," Rei shouted, "that's great!" Chad nodded his head and smiled, "Can you believe that? He had heard the band and me playing last month!" Rei smiled as she hugged Chad, "I give you the best of luck!"

Chad laughed, "Thanks, I need it," Chad then gave her a quick kiss on the check and ran off to tell the news to Grandpa Hino.

Rei smiled and looked down at Amanda who seemed to be smiling really big. "What?" Rei asked Amanda as Rei opened the Shrine's double door. "You kissed him!" Amanda answered, her face turning goo-goo ga-ga! "So?" Rei said with a smile, "You'll be getting a boyfriend in a few years!"

"What's a boyfriend?" Amanda asked.

"Well, when you like a boy and the girl likes the boy, they become boyfriend and girlfriend."

Amanda then asked, "Do they always kiss? Do they also kiss on the lips like on T.V.?"

Rei blushed at the question, "Uh… Never mind. You'll find out when you get your own boyfriend."

Amanda crinkled her nose in disgust, "Ew! Boys have cooties! I also would never kiss any cootie monster!" Rei gave out a laugh, "If that was the case, you wouldn't be here, would you?"

Amanda blinked at Rei in confusion, "Huh?"

Rei laughed again and patted Amanda's head, "Not till you grow up that'll I'll tell you!"

Amanda and Rei had walked to the Tokyo police headquarters, Amanda stayed close as possible to Rei.

Rei approached the main desk to where a woman with long, curly red hair in uniform working. "Excuse me, miss?" Rei asked the woman. The red head looked up and smiled, "Yes?" Rei then explained to the woman about Amanda, who seemed to be hiding shyly behind Rei.

"So I was hoping if anyone had reported a missing person," Rei told the woman. The red headed lady shook her head as she looked at the little girl, "No, not at all. No one has been reported missing or anything of that matter. It's actually been pretty quiet. I'm sorry."

Rei looked sadly at Amanda, who was still hiding bashfully behind Rei's legs. The woman sighed, "Well, if you leave your home number here and we hear about anything, I'll call you." Rei smiled, "Thank-you very much." The lady smiled, "I'm grateful to help," she looked at Amanda and smiled. Amanda smiled back.

Rei gave the woman her number then she and Amanda headed out. Rei gave Amanda a quick glance, "I'm sorry that we didn't-"

Rei was then interrupted when someone slammed into her. Rei landed onto the cemented sidewalk, "Watch it," Rei shouted. She looked up to see Wufei staring down at her, an amused look on his face.

Rei stood up quickly, "Why are you everywhere I am!"

"As a matter of fact," Wufei stated, crossing his arms, "I taking a look around here." Rei put her hands on her hips, "I know your up to know good and I'm here to tell you no tricks!"

Wufei closed his eyes and a smirk was placed on his lips, "Well, I couldn't do anything since you do know where I'm staying." Rei then stomped off, Dose that I mean I've won this silly battle with you woman?" Wufei asked Rei.

Amanda was watching the whole fight and was still standing there, looking at Wufei. Wufei opened his eyes to see Amanda starting at him.

"I'm Amanda…" The little girl said.

Wufei nodded, "Wufei."

"Amanda!" Rei shouted out, "Get your butt over here!"

"Coming," Amanda replied, running towards Rei. Amanda grabbed Rei's hand and Rei moved on. Wufei watched them and then he turned and walked away.

Amanda looked up at Rei, who was cursing about how Wufei was an idiot. Amanda looked over her shoulder to see Wufei walking away.

"Rei?" Amanda asked the raven-headed girl.

"Yeah?" Rei said, looking down at Amanda. "Is Wufei also your boyfriend?" Amanda asked.

"That pig-headed idiot? No way!" Rei shouted.

"Well, if he wasn't a pig-head, would you kiss *him* on the lips even if he wasn't your boyfriend?" Amanda asked.

Rei turned red as a rose.

Amanda smiled, "I won't tell. Promise!"

The demon watched the sky and spotted the thing it was looking for. The demon smiled as it came nearer to itself, the thing ended up to be a spaceship and in the spaceship sat a lady with long, dark blue hair and dark amber colored eyes. The lady's lips curved into an evil smile as she looked at the screen before her that showed the Sailor Scouts.


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