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Pairings: If any pairings show up, they're probably going to be Beast Boy/Raven, Robin/Starfire, or Cy/Jinx.

Author's Note
: This entire thing is the result of a LiveJournal community called tt15fics, where a word is given out each week to inspire us. We take the word and write for fifteen minutes, and ta da! Thanks to Gemkazoni for creating the community and to brilliant Jade for thinking up the title of this series for me!


Fight fire with fire, was his motto.

...Well, no, it wasn't. But now it was.

Cyborg snickered and looked both ways before exiting his room, hefting over his shoulder a large and suspiciously shaped object in a black garbage bag. He quietly made his way down the hall to Beast Boy's room. He again made sure the coast was clear, placed the bag down carefully by the door, and knocked, remembering to plaster an innocent look upon his face. Beast Boy was getting some pizza in the living room when he had last checked, but a good prankster was never a careless one.

The plan was going smoothly. As he'd expected, there was no answer. When Cyborg stepped in front of the door, however, nothing happened. He sighed and tapped it to make sure. Beast Boy was getting trickier. He must have turned off the automated opening of the door – he probably anticipated some sort of retaliation for last week's pancake-and-hot-sauce fiasco.

But when there's a bump in the road, what do you do? Smooth it down. At least, that's what you do when you have the superhuman strength of a part-robot. Cyborg laughed and pried the door open easily. He grabbed the bag and hopped inside, jerking his arm out of the way of the slamming door in the nick of time.

Cyborg pulled the strangely shaped cardboard figure from his plastic bag as he approached Beast Boy's bunk bed. He tripped. "Ow! Okay, who even plays with Legos at this age?" He stumbled up again and inspected both himself and the cardboard figure. Neither were seriously damaged, though one of the latter's appendages was slightly bent.

Shoving back the covers of the top bunk, he tucked in the flat figure and yanked up the covers again. He let out what might, coming from anyone else, be considered a giggle, and snuck out of the room. The door closed behind him just before Beast Boy rounded the corner.

Beast Boy immediately gave him a suspicious look. "What are you doing here?"

"Just, you know, checking up. Thought you were in your room."

"I wasn't."

Cyborg rolled his eyes. "I know that now. So...you heading to bed?"


"Okay. Don't let me stop you."

Beast Boy's eyes were still narrowed, but he was finally inching toward his room. "Right. Seeya."

As Beast Boy's door shut behind him, Cyborg snickered. "Don't let the bed bugs bite."

Roughly three minutes later, a piercing scream rang out from the direction of Beast Boy's room.

Cyborg had just known that life-size "Wicked Scary" cardboard figure would come in handy someday.