Naruto is copyright Jump Comics and some other people, you know the drill, right?

Written for my LJ friend, LanDan, from a drabble request meme-


There he was. The same place he was everyday. Even long after Kakashi, Sakura and Sasuke left, he was still there. He would punch a tree, throw kunai or try to use chakara for things it should not be used for, often making him fall on his face. Sometimes, after a short stretch of activity, he would sit and stare at the sky. It almost looked like he was not breathing.

What was he thinking, Hinata always wondered. Or, perhaps, was he dreaming?

Hinata dreamed. When she was not watching Naruto, she was dreaming of him. When she could not afford to be distracted, she was focusing on him, reminding herself that if she were stronger, maybe he would notice her. Maybe...

Kiba always told her to stand out, to be more assertive, to tell people what she wanted. She envied him. He could have anything he wanted. Hinata was not so lucky. She did not have the luxury of being able to go against the wishes of her clan. Maybe Naruto would still understand. Maybe...

Naruto stood and began punching a near-by block of wood. He was getting stronger, she could feel it. She was so proud of him. She wished he could be proud of her.

Everyday she told herself that she would talk to him. Everyday she scolded herself and was almost reduced to tears because she couldn't.

Maybe, someday, he would be proud of her, too. Maybe...