Summery: An Inu and an Ookami brothers? How is that possible and what happened to cause this strange occurrence.

Warnings: This is definitely going to be AU and there will probably be some OOCness, though I will try to keep it down for the most part. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

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Chapter 1: Meetings & a Game

A small silver haired and golden-eyed figure walked through the waking forest. The figure appeared to be a dog-eared boy of about four years of age. He was dressed in up a red top with white under shirt, baggy red pants, then tied about his waist was a red sash that held on a to large sword. His eyes were slightly red and puffy, his stomach rumbled fiercely, and his appearance looked as if he had been walking for some time. He rubbed his eyes and sniffed as he stumbled forward continuing on his journey to find /someone/ who would help him.

Suddenly a small rabbit darted into the boy's path causing his eyes to light. He was so hungry. He hadn't eaten in several days not since the villagers had run him out after his father had attacked them. The next movement from either came from the small boy as he darted quickly forward grabbing the waiting food. After snapping the rabbit's neck and eating it raw he started through the forest again, only to be run over by another boy.

The new figure quickly disentangled him self from the silvered haired one. This one too appeared to be a boy of about four His ears-wile not quite as odd as the first boy's were still odd-they were in the proper place for a human, but were pointed. He was dressed in: a skirt made of brown wolf fur that was cut at a diagonal, with the right side ending just below mid thigh and the left ending at his knee; Two bands of the same brown fur around each wrist; and then his legs were covered in more of the fur in leggings that went from about three inches bellow his knees to his ankles; around his waist was a black sash that held in place a sword; and then coming from the top of his skirt about where his back bone should have ended was a brown wolf tail. This all contrasted with his black hair and eyes, but blended well with his bronzed skin.

The silver haired boy stared up at the blacked haired one for a long moment before puling him self to his feet. "Who are you, Ookami?" he asked his ears twitching listening for other the other Ookami he thought would be near this one.

"I am Kouga, and who are you Inu Ningen?" the black haired boy returned his wolf tail swishing behind him. Maybe this boy would play with him, after all that was why he had come into the forest.

"I am called Inuyasha" the silvered haired boy replied. His ears twitched again and he sniffed at the air better, he still didn't smell any others like this Kouga. "Where is your pack Kouga?" he asked knowing that he was usually hated just as much by demons as he was ningens.

Kouga nodded back to the mountains a bit behind him "back there" he said "I was just out looking for some fun. You wouldn't want to play would you?" he asked eyes wide and almost pleading.

Inuyasha blinked in surprise; Play? This Ookami wanted to play with him? "What did you have in mind?" the Inu asked.

Receiving a large grin from Kouga in reply before the black haired boy darted forward placing his hand on the other boy's arm for a moment before running off a bit happily chanting "Tag! Your it Inuyasha!".

The silver haired half inu blinked a couple of times before remembering the point to the game and charging after Kouga causing the other boy to all but squeal as he was nearly run over.

The sun was nearly down before in the distance a howl could be heard causing Kouga to jerk to his feet. "Sorry Inuyasha, I have to go now that's my mom." The ookami said as he started back towards his pack. Suddenly stopping and looking back at his new friend Kouga spoke up again "Hey will you be here tomorrow?" he asked.

Inuyasha nodded enthusiastically, silently hoping this meant the other would be back tomorrow. "Yes I will. I am staying around here for now." He replied decided that this was as good a place as any to stay for a while.

"Ok. Then I will see you tomorrow Inu Ningen." Kouga said teasingly before darting off in the direction of another howl.


Not long after the sun rose a long howl rose over the forest waking the small Inu sleeping in a tree where his new friend had left him the night before. He blinked a couple of times clearing the sleep haze from his golden eyes before turning his gaze in the direction of the howl. Suddenly a small figure halted in the middle of the clearing below and threw back his head in another howl as he dropped the small bag he carried. The golden eyed half Inu smiled and jumped from his resting place to land a bit away from the other boy. He grinned up at the other boy as he sat on the balls of his feet his hands planted between his feet.

Kouga grinned right back at the other boy, before falling over as he was tackled by him. Then as the other boy charged off with a cry of "Your it you slow Ookami" Kouga was quickly back on his feet and after the other boy with a return cry of "You won't get away Inu Ningen"

It's wasn't long before the Ookami had the half inu pinned to the ground "Got you" he declared proudly. From where he sat straddling Inuyasha with his legs holding down the others hips and his arms holding down the inu's. He grinned broadly, before a loud growl from his stomach caused his to get up and head back to their clearing. "Come on I'm hungry" he said glancing back at Inuyasha with out stopping his progress.

Inuyasha was quickly on his feet and following after Kouga. He found the other boy sitting in the middle of their clearing and happily chowing down on something that smelled /very/ good. He sat down near Kouga trying hard not to pay attention to the food, but not entirely succeeding.

When he realize that Inuyasha wasn't eating Kouga stop eating to look over at the other. "Well you going to eat or not? I brought enough for us both. My parents my say I eat more then the rest of the pack combined, but I'm really not that bad. There is enough here for you too." He said before going back to his own meal.

"Of course" Inuyasha replied before grabbing up some of what ever it was, he really didn't care so long as it was food. So he was quick to polish off half of what Kouga had brought to eat while the ookami himself polished off the other half just as quick. Once the food was gone Inuyasha was quick to return to their game when he pounced Kouga pinning him as he had been pinned earlier.

Kouga mock growled at the other boy before quickly shifting their positions, and Inuyasha was just as quick to return the favor, which caused their game to quickly become a wrestling match, which in the end Kouga won. Then before the pups knew it it was getting dark again, and a howl of summons rang through the forest.

"Oops I got to go." Kouga said glancing in the direction of the call. "Will you still be here tomorrow?" he asked and quickly received a nod in reply. "Good, then I'll be back Inu Ningen." He replied as he headed off towards the howl's source.

"I'll beat you tomorrow Ookami." Inuyasha returned before retreating up his tree to sleep.


It was now to be a full week since they had met, but today was not going to be like the previous ones. Kouga came charging into their clearing, and just as every day before Inuyasha jumped down from his tree to greet him.

It took Kouga only seconds to be inches from the half Inu, his back to him facing the direction he had come from. "Quickly you need to hide Inuyasha." He all but hissed at his friend.

Inuyasha being rather confused by the other actions merely stood where he was, until another sent caught his nose. It was another Ookami, but it also smelled of anger. He crouched down behind Kouga wining slightly deep in his chest where only the other boy could hear it.

"You must hide or run or or.." Kouga insisted, but his sentence quickly dropped off as a full grown female Ookami burst into the clearing…


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