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Chapter 8: Training

It had been nearly a year since he had joined them. Well since Kouga had found him and half a year since Moro had welcomed him into the pack. Even now he still had his moments were he felt left out or looked down upon, but they were getting less frequent and the comments from the elders to his face had mostly stopped, at last to his face.

He yawned turning onto his back and stretching. He and some of his and Niisan's friends were going into the forest to hunt. They really didn't think they would catch anything, but it was going to be fun. A whole day away from all the adults. He arched his back off the stone floor looking rather like a stretching feline with his arms over his head.

Kouga cracked open his eye closest to Sinko enough to see his stretching act. "Wha I tol ya bout at. Ya look like a Kitsune." He grumbled out swatting at the other boy before repeating it causing Sinko to giggle. "Wha's so funny" he asked as he pulled himself to his feet. Hearing no reply he turned his gaze over his shoulder at his brother and raised an eyebrow at him to prompt a response.

Sinko just grinned widely before hopping up and charging out of their room before Kouga could stop him. He liked being able to do this, having a Niichan he could joke around with. Then again this was of his favorite ones to do, he couldn't help it he reminded Kouga of a kitsune, even if he did it on purpose, and he couldn't help it that his brother did the same thing as him. It was just to funny to not tell him.

"Hey! Come back here!" Kouga yelled before charging after Sinko. He chased the half Inu around the main room a few times before his Reidou got in his way. He blinked up at her a few times from his new place on the floor. After a moment he shoved his lower lip out pouting, but it did no good she just kept her steady gaze on.

"You all have to go soon, you need to eat before you do." Jugon said sternly from his place at the table eating him self.

Kouga's smile returned as he jumped to his feet once more and sat down at his place "Ok" he replied before quickly digging into his food. Reminded of the day's activities he was ready to eat and get going.

Sinko rolled his eyes as he peaked out from behind his daifu to watch his Niisan. Making his way to his place he settled down as and his food started disappearing faster then Kouga's. It was one thing he had always been able to beat his Niisan at, an eating contest.

It was about an hour later when Kouga, Sinko, and several of the other younger cubs were all heading into the forest their Oya stood on the edge having taken them that far. Nou's Reidou was crying and Lowen seemed like she really didn't want to let then go but the rest were expressionless for the post part watching them go. It was how it should be, they were old enough now that with so many of them they should be able to last a day in the forest.

For the next while things went rather well actually. They made it a ways into the forest actually, as far as the clearing Kouga had found Inuyasha in all those moons ago, and that was when it happened. From what seemed like nowhere they were jumped by a small pack of Inu Youkai. They were all on the younger side similar to them selves, but still older and stronger by enough that they were quickly gaining the upper hand in the fight that ensued when they tried to go after Sinko to 'rescue' him from the Ookami Youkai.

Then they had him, the biggest of the Inu Youkai managed to get his hands on Sinko pinning his arms to his side with a growled "Calm down, we're trying to help you." that drew the attention of Kouga.

The ookami growled deep in his throat as he delivered a hard kick to the girl he was fighting's middle before charging the boy that held his Shatei a "Let him go." Finding it's way out in as much a growl as any one could truly manage.

Sinko struggled in the older Inu's grip kicking out at him managing a whimpered "Niisan" when he heard Kouga, his breath nearly cut off by the tight grip around his middle that was stealing his ability.

The Inu Youkai shifted a bit displaying his elongated eye teeth to the younger Youkai, but that was when he caught it. He shifted again getting his head a bit closer to the boy in his arms sniffing at him, it couldn't be. He looked like an Inu all right, but he didn't quite smell like one he was Ningen smelling too. "Hanyu" he growled suddenly tightening his grip even farther causing the half Inu to whimper.

The sound of pain from Sinko only farther enraged Kouga and the second he had his hands on the Inu he bit sharply into his arm getting him to release his Shatei. "Leave him alone." He growled a rage driven kick striking the older boy in his middle.

The full inu didn't let it keep him down for long, charging for the fallen half inu before him only to once more have the ookami in his way. "Are you protecting the mutt." He challenged his clawing catching Kouga though his middle blood rising up in their wake.

It was just the latest of his injuries, Kouga already had a bruise forming on his right eye and marks on his chest and arms from the girl, but he didn't care. They wanted Sinko and he wouldn't let them have him. Still it was wearing on him fast he was being pushed back his Shatei behind him taking his own blows against any who came to close.

It didn't last long before the young Ookamis and Sinko found them selves surrounded by the attacking Inus, the slightly older and stronger youkai looking far less worse for the wear then Kouga, Sinko, and the others. They had to get away, had to get back to the pack this wasn't going well at all and they needed help before they all ended up dead.

Nou was the one spotted it, if they all charged at once there was enough gap that they should be able to make it though and get back towards the den. He shifted his leg enough to get attention subtly indicating the opening to Tenpahi who's only reply was a twitch of his spread fingers. Sure that the other boy understood he counted to three in his head grabbing Sinko who happened to be on his other side before charging. Tenpahi was right with him shoving the other two in the direction and it didn't take long for all three of them to get the idea.

The Inus not expecting the move were stunned for the few seconds that the younger ones needed to get past their circle and up to as fast a run as they could manage. They didn't know where they were going, would have if they had just listen to their noses, but the Inus wanted to take down the half Ningen and weren't paying attention. That was what landed them in the midst of a rather large group of full grown Ookami that paid no heed to their young nature in the face of their cubs being in danger.

In the end none of the Inus made it away taken down by the older members of the pack and the boys had to be carried back to the pack's healer all of them sporting scratching and bruises though Sinko and Kouga defiantly held the most. The healer did what he could, but he wasn't entirely sure weather Sinko would make it or not the wounds on him were all clearly aimed to kill had they not been dodged and he was only a hanyu he didn't know if he would be able to recover from such wounds or not. He was careful not to say as much though just reassuring Kouga, who refused to leave his side even to be treated, he would be well.


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