A Happily ever after for who?

Summary: What would it be like if Phoebe had started dating Leo instead of Piper? Would Leo and Piper still end up together? T just to be safe, romance/drama don't like don't read. Wait, I take that back! Please read!

Disclaimer: I don't own Charmed, or anything for that matter. There, short, sweet, and to the point.

Chapter 1: Phoebe and Leo

"Phoebe, Leo's here!" Prue called from downstairs. Seconds later Phoebe came flying down the stairs.

"Where is he?" Phoebe asked quickly as she glanced around.

Prue pointed to the kitchen and smiled. Phoebe took off.

When Phoebe made it to the kitchen Piper was busy making lunch and Leo was sprawled under the sink.

"Hey Phoebes," Piper said as she began slicing a tomato.

Phoebe gave a little wave then kneeled down to Leo. "You know, we already know you're our Whitelighter, you don't have to keep doing handy work." Phoebe said as Leo sat up.

"But Phoebes, I thought you liked a guy in a tool belt?" Piper teased.

"Yes I do," Phoebe agreed as she wrapped her arms around Leo's neck and gave him a passionate kiss.

"Well I really don't mind. It comes as second nature to me." Leo said as he got up. "Well sinks all done." He turned on the faucet as if to prove his point.

"And so is lunch," Piper smiled as she handed Leo a plate with a sandwich and chips. She also poured him a glass of ice tea.

"Thanks," Leo smirked as he and Phoebe sat at the table. Phoebe stole a chip off his plate. "I love your cooking Piper." He said as he bit into the sandwich.

Piper blushed. "Thank you, but technically it's not cooking, but I'll take a compliment where I can get it."

Leo nodded and continued eating. Piper fixed Phoebe a plate then started to clean up. She watched as Leo ate, she loved everything about him. His smile, his hair, it made Piper angry that Phoebe had gotten to him first. Piper was on the verge of asking him out when Phoebe swooped in and stole her opportunity. She finished wiping off the counter then walked off silently cursing Phoebe under her breath.

Prue looked up as Piper stomped in and stole the remote right out of her hand. She started channel surfing.

"Hello, I was watching that!" Prue said in the hoarse voice that she used whenever she was annoyed.

"Bite me," Piper said coldly as she flipped through the channels, not even paying attention to what she was doing.

"Whoa, someone woke up on the wrong side of the emotional bed. What's wrong, and why are you taking it out on our remote?" Prue asked in a half mocking tone. Piper ignored her and kept flipping through the channels. Prue sighed then snatched the remote out of Piper's hand. She turned off the TV. "Spill,"

"Fine," Piper started but just as she opened her mouth in walked Phoebe and Leo, hand in hand.

"Hey guys, Leo and I were gonna go catch a movie, wanna come with?" Phoebe asked as she pulled on her coat.

"No thanks," Prue spoke up.

"Maybe some other time, did you enjoy your lunch Leo?" Piper flashed him her sweetest smile.

"Yes, you're a great chef even with sandwiches." Leo joked. He and Piper both laughed. Phoebe and Prue didn't. "Okay, we have to get going. Bye Prue, bye Piper."

"Later," Prue said. Piper still had a huge grin plastered on her face until the door closed. "Oh my god, you were all over him!" Prue lightly slapped Piper's shoulder, knocking her out of her gaze.

"Huh, oh, what were we talking about?" Piper said dazed.

"I was asking you why you were in a crappy mood. Now I know you're jealous of Phoebe." Prue said half amused.

"No I'm not!" Piper objected.

"Piper I saw how you were looking at him. Phoebe saw how you were looking at him too! She's gonna kill you!" Prue yelled.

"Well she stole him from me!" Piper spat back.

"She stole him… Piper you're talking crazy, what do you mean; 'she stole him'?" Prue shook her head in confusion.

"I mean, the day she asked him out was the same day I was going to! He was working on the door and I was standing there, trying to get the guts to ask him. When Phoebe walked in all Phoebe-like with her perky self and her scanky clothes, I didn't stand a chance!" Piper's voice got high. Prue's eyes were wide open in shock.

"Wow, I uh, never knew you felt that way. Have you talked to Phoebe about it?" Prue asked as she regained her composure.

"No, and I'm not gonna. She's not gonna just step aside, she never has and she never will." The look on Piper's face said that this meant a lot to her. Of course anything that Piper ever did or said she was serious about.

"Well, I think you should talk to her. You never know, she might just surprise you." Prue smiled in a knowing way.

"Then what if she gets mad at me? Then I'm stuck looking like a fool and Phoebe will never let Leo and I be in the same room alone ever!" Piper sighed as she put her elbow on armrest and propped her head on her hand.

"Well you never know until you try." Prue said simply as she patted Piper's knee and got up. She started to walk away.

"Where are you going?" Piper asked.

"I don't know, usually in the movies after a big speech the person gets up and walks away leaving the other person to think about what they just talked about." Prue replied.

"Oh, well then carry on." Piper waved her sister off as she walked up the stairs. "I should talk to Phoebe. I mean she would have no right to be mad at me; she's stolen my boyfriend on more than one occasion. Besides, I wouldn't be stealing him necessarily." Piper thought. "Man, Prue was right about the thinking thing." She mumbled to herself. What was she going to do?


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