Title: Just Another Week

Author: Ebony-Jayne

Disclaimer: Much as I'd like to I don't own House MD or any of the characters or storylines on the show. All I own is what randomly pops into my head on occasion.

Just Another Week Chapter One: Life

"She's still in V.Fib.! Shock her again!" Dr. Gregory House ordered.

"Clear!" Dr. Robert Chase pressed the defibrillator paddles against little Caitlin Marsh's chest and shocked. Her tiny body jerked violently. Dr. Allison Cameron felt sick just watching it.

"Get a shot of Epinephron into her IV line now!" House yelled. Dr. Eric Foreman immediately did as he was told. "Shock two more times maximum Chase!" House instructed. "If she doesn't-" BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP! The little girl was now in asistole. "She's flatlining! I'm going to intubate and bag her," House informed them.

The Caitlin's mother Leanne hugged Cameron even tighter burying her face in the young doctors shoulder. Cameron shifted uncomfortably. She couldn't breathe properly and her ribs were aching from Leanne holding her so tight. In her head she said a silent prayer that they could save the little girl. A hand dropped onto her shoulder and she turned to see Hospital Administrator Dr. Lisa Cuddy's concerned face right next to her.

"Oh come on House. You used to be able to practically bring back the dead. You've still got it in there somewhere," Cuddy whispered. House kept bagging the little girl until the monitor stopped beeping and her heart started beating weakly. The doctors hooked up 'Holly' the breathing machine to the little girls tube and they all let out cautious sighs of relief.

"She's stabilised for now," Chase said quietly. House blew air out through his teeth obviously in pain from his bum leg. He grabbed his cane and fair staggered out of the room.

"In you go then. She'll want you there when she wakes up," he told Leanne on his way past.

House got to his office and it was all he could do not to collapse in absolute agony. He'd only been able to stand up without his cane for so long due to pure adrenaline. He'd realised his leg could stand more than he thought when he was trying to save the life of an 18 month old child. He fumbled around in his pocket for his Vicodin, cussing when he couldn't find it.

"Looking for these?" came a soft voice from the doorway.

"No I'm looking for my lipstick and my little mirror," House replied sarcastically. Cameron flicked two Vicodin out of the bottle and held them out. She held her palm up with the vicodin sitting in the middle. House picked the pills up one by one and dry swallowed them, the bitter taste distracted him from the silk soft skin of Cameron's palm. Yes he was attracted to her. Why wouldn't he be? She was a young, beautiful woman. Anyone would be attracted to her.

"Are you okay?" Cameron interrupted his thoughts.

"I'm fine," he snapped.

"I'm sorry. I'll leave you to it then," Cameron said so quietly that House really had to strain to hear her. He didn't respond just stared at his desk. A hand appeared in front of him softly placing the vicodin bottle on the desk. Suddenly his heart scored a virtual victory over his brain and his own hand shot out to grab Cameron's. He sighed inaudibly as he felt her silk soft skin once again. Her hand was warm under the pad of his thumb as he stroked it over her palm. He heard he release a shaky sigh above him but didn't dare look at her.

House groaned loudly as he heard the steady clip of high heels coming down the hall. Cuddy was fast approaching. Regretfully he released Cameron's hand before Cuddy got to his office and saw them.

"Dr. House, Dr. Cameron," Cuddy entered the room with a flourish as usual. "Good work back there," Cuddy nudged Cameron's side gently. "How are your ribs doing?" she joked.

"They really ache actually. That woman has a mean squeeze," Cameron joked back. "Well I just came to give Dr House his tablets and I've done that so I'm off," she muttered a quick goodbye before getting out of there as quickly as possible.

"She has a really huge crush on you, you know," Cuddy supplied unnecessarily.

"No way! I thought she followed me around like a lovesick puppy because she was madly in love with Wilson! Ugh, my mistake," House replied with an expected sarcastic comment.

"You're-" Cuddy faltered.

"An ass? A moron? An idiot to let a girl like Allison Cameron get away?" House adopted an overly dramatic air for the last statement.

"Can I choose D all of the above?" Cuddy snarked. "Ooh and can I add 'A bastard' to the list?"

"Sure whatever you like. You're not really gonna tell me I shouldn't let her get away are you?" House whined like a small child.

"Well lets just say if I was in you position I wouldn't let her get away," Cuddy replied evenly.

"Ok. If I do my clinic duty today will you never say that again?" House asked.

"Oh you can count on it," Cuddy agreed. House gave her a pointed look as he limped past her, heavily relying on his cane. Cuddy rolled her eyes. She'd accomplished half her mission, she'd got House into the clinic. She really did think he should do something about the Allison Cameron situation. Cameron was obviously in love with House and Cuddy knew that House had a crush on Cameron too. Or her name wasn't Lisa Cuddy.

'Stupid Cuddy and her stupid little mind games. First she'll tell me to make a move on Cameron and the next thing I'll be up the creek without a paddle for fraternising with my lovely young colleague.' House thought grumpily as he limped down the corridor. As he thought about the things that Cuddy had said to him an idea struck him.

"You, Come here," House called out to one of the interns.

"Yes, sir?" the young man asked politely.

"I just heard this and I had to tell someone," House leaned in and whispered "Did you know that Dr. Cuddy is a lesbian?"

He limped the rest of the way to the clinic with a satisfied smirk on his face, knowing full well that the intern was now scurrying off to tell all his intern friends House's little piece of information. It'd be all over the hospital by the time the clinic closed at fiveā€¦