I must warn you now that I can't do Rogue's accent very well so excuse me for that.

Chapter 2: Recognitions and Reunions

"So this is the mansion?" asked Celeste

"It is really big" said Adrienne in awe

"No use standing outside when there is even more to see inside" said Ororo slightly amused.

Jean and Ororo led the two girls inside the mansion. Professor Xavier was in the entrance hall.

"Hello you two, my name is Professor Charles Xavier and I would like to welcome you to the institute."

"Thank you very much sir for letting us come here" Adrienne said shyly.

"You are very welcome, so what are your names?"

"I'm Celeste and she's Adrienne." Celeste jumped in

"And how old are you both?"

"We are both 19 and before you ask, yes we are twins." Answered Celeste

"I see, and what are your powers?"

"What is this? Interrogation? Anyway my power is that I am super strong, can fly and can create energy force fields." Said Celeste proudly

"I don't know how to describe mine but when I have an object I can make it glow with energy and when I throw it, it explodes but I can't really control it very well that's why I wear these gloves most of the time and I can also fly and can create energy orbs" said Adrienne sadly

"I see, very interesting indeed, but don't worry you have both come to the right place. Ah, Rogue, Kitty would you mind showing these girls around the place?"

"Ok Professor" said Kitty happily

"Alraght Professor" sighed Rogue.

"So like this is the girls' dorms" Said Kitty

"Cool" said Celeste "So Kitty what is you power?"

"Well I can like walk through objects like this" She then proceeded to walk through one of the dorm doors.

"Kitty! Can't you just knock like normal people!" a person from the room shouted

"So Rogue what is your power? Asked Adrienne

"Well Ah basically suck the life outta people if they come in contact with mah skin but Ah can't control it that's why Ah wear mah gloves all the time" answered Rogue sadly

"That's really terrible that is"

"Anyway, what are ya powas?" Asked Rogue to Adrienne.

"Well I can sort of make objects explode just by touching them, the Professor said I used kinetic energy from the object and used it as basically as a explosive but I can't control it that's why I wear these gloves and I can also make energy orbs and can fly."

"Did ya just say that you can make things explode?" asked Rogue in surprise

"Yes why?" said Adrienne a bit confused

"Um no reason Ah will explain a bit later"

"So, Celeste what is like your powers?" asked Kitty

"Well I have super strength, can fly and can create energy force fields"

"That's like so totally cool!" squealed Kitty

"Enough of this, let's show them the garden and introduce them to the rest of the gang" said Rogue swiftly.

They soon reached the garden where they found Kurt in the swimming pool with Evan and Jean and Scott relaxing on the sun lounges.

"Hey like everyone meet the new recruits!" said Kitty enthusiastically

Everyone soon crowed Celeste and Adrienne and giving their introductions.

"My name is Scott, I'm the leader of the team and I can shoot laser beams from my eyes."

"Hmmm I think that he also has one massive stick shoved far up his ass too" whispered Celeste

"Celeste, don't be rude" hissed Adrienne but she couldn't help but give a little giggle.

"My name is Kurt and I can teleport from one place to another" He teleported behind Kitty then pushed her into the pool.

"KURT! You are soo gonna pay for that!" Kitty got out of the pool and started chasing Kurt around the garden.

"Anyway my name's Evan and I can shoot spikes out of my body and…hey is there something wrong?"

Celeste and Adrienne were staring at Evan in some sort of trance.

"Ermmm can I ask what is your last name?" Celeste inquired

"Daniels, why?"

"OH MY GOSH EVAN!" Celeste dived at Evan and gave him a hug.

"What the heck are you doing? Are you insane?"

"Sorry about my sister but Evan don't you recognise us?"

"No why should I…hang on your hair seems really familiar."

"Evan…we are your sisters. You know how we went to boarding school in England for 10 years, well we are back for good."

Evan just stood there in total shock


"Yes Evan it is me."

Adrienne joined Celeste in hugging Evan. They were all crying, crying for the 10 years of not being able to see one another.

"Oh Evan we need to talk to you in private its about…"

"Everyone, what is going on here?"

Everyone turned around to see Storm, looking at all of them in a strange way.

"Auntie O, Celeste and Adrienne are my sisters!"

Now it was Ororo's turn to be in total utter shock.

"By the Goddess, I didn't recognise the two of you. My, how you have both grown into such beautiful women." Ororo joined in hugging Celeste and Adrienne.

"I think we should leave them to it" said Jean to the rest of the team.

Everyone quietly left the touching scene of a family being reunited again.

Next chapter: Find out what or who the two girls are actually escaping from.