Title: Unleashed Author:

Blaire Rating: R/NC17

Pairing: Chlex

Summary: AU. Lex has taken over LuthorCorp after Lionel's death. He then learns of all the experiment taking place in the labs. Based loosely on the movie of the same name.

Disclaimer: The WB and DC comics own my three main characters. Even if I have already killed one of them off.


Lex stood with his back straight, hands clasped behind him, as he surveyed one of the many rooms of LuthorCorp's testing facilities. He had been observing how the meteor rocks affected those who were in direct contact with it, and he was aware that his father had already collected a large number of 'pets' as they were dubbed.

"Is this the last of them?"

His crisp, articulate voice startled the lab coated man beside him and he feigned boredom as the man jumped before turning to him. "Ah, as far as meteor rocks are concerned, this is the last one."

Lex narrowed his eyes on the 'pet' on the other side of the impenetrable glass wall. "Very good." He replied with a nod and tucked his hands into the pockets of his pleated slacks. He turned just as a lab door was opened and another 'pet' was escorted in. He looked her over from head to foot, noting the short cut of the blonde hair streaked with dirt, the way her clothes hung loosely on her. He surveyed the way she walked docile-like in front of the scientist behind her. Her movements were slow and calculated. Her head bowed even as she moved forward.

Lex's brow rose simultaneously as his eyes fixed on the metal contraption around her neck. "What's that?"

The man beside him looked up from his recordings in his patients file and followed Lex's gaze. "It's a girl, sir."

Lex looked down at the man beside him and waited for him to go on. When the man shifted under his scrutinizing stare, Lex sighed. "I meant what is that around her neck?"

The man looked up and watched as she proceeded down the hall where she was taken through another set of titanium doors. "It's a collar, sir."

Lex brought his hand up to his face and stroked his chin for a moment. "What purpose does it serve?"

The man's eyes gleamed and he laughed outright. Lex immediately looked down at him, his glare quickly shutting him up. "It's a control device."

Lex looked back up at the door as it shut and then nodded toward the door. "Are you just going to stand there, or are you going to show me?"

The nurse hesitated a moment and then cleared his throat, clearly nervous. "I don't, exactly, have the level of clearance in order to get you in."

Lex groaned silently and looked back down at the man. When he simply stood there, staring right back at him, Lex said through clenched teeth, "Then why don't you go find someone who can?"

Immediately the man scampered away, leaving Lex standing in the middle of the lab and observation rooms. Impatiently he cracked his knuckles and rolled his neck. A minute passed, then two, and soon an older woman stepped through the doors, her dark hair pulled back in a neat twist, her smile cautious.

"Mr. Luthor." She held out her hand to him and Lex had to refrain from rolling his eyes. He shook her hand briefly and then gestured to the door and the room beyond. Her smile was slightly shaky as she nodded and led him to the door. Immediately it swung open and she led the way through a long metal panneled corridor. As they reached yet another door she began to speak and he had to concentrate in order to pay attention. "Your father began this little experiment close to a decade ago. It's really rather fascinating, if I may be so bold." She went through a brief retina scan and then with her left hand on a screen she swiped her card with her right and a computerized voice above their heads recited her name, complete with the PH and D behind it. He could hear the locks sliding through the bolts in the door and then it too swung open.

Lex stopped and held in a gasp as he looked at what might have been a basement. The walls were made of stone and slate, the stairs in front of him leading down into darkness. "Where exactly are we? I don't recall this room being on the blueprints."

Dr. Miller put a hand to her chest and laughed softly. "Oh, no. No, you definitely wouldn't." She sweeped her hand out in front of her, gesturing to the cavernous room as a whole. "This is what we call Level 0." At his level look she seemed to twitter nervously and start down the steeply descending steps. Lex couldn't help but notice that those too were made of stone. She continued to speak in a hushed but hurried voice as they made their way down, the stairs curving once around and heading in another direction. He could just make out a few soft orbs of light. "This 'pet' in particular is quite fascinating. It was never exposed to meteor rocks. Instead, your father used it as a kind of human conditioning." She looked over her shoulder at him as they neared the rock solid ground. "It's kind of like, spoil a child, and they will want for everything. Give a child nothing, and they won't." She reached her hand out and felt for a light switch. As she flicked the switch upward Lex nearly had to shield his eyes because of all the fluorescent lights that came on. It took him a moment to get used to the light, and he nearly gawked at what he came face to face with. "In this case, condition a human to obey completely to it's master. It will become an actual pet, a dog, if you will." She walked over to where a small wooden desk sat and picked up a file, flipping through it. She smiled up at him, as if she saw nothing wrong with this situation at all.

As his eyes became used to the light, he looked around him, contained his urge to throw up. Because there was a human, in what this large room could only be called a kennel. The sudden twist of his stomach, the bile that creeped up into his throat had him swallowing hard.

"It's amazing, isn't it?"

At her voice, a head whipped around in her direction and she smiled at the other doctor. "Dr. Miller." He nodded and walked toward her. "How good to see you."

Lex cleared his throat and the older man stopped and looked him over. "Mr. Luthor. How kind of you to join us."

Lex looked around the room, taking small steps toward the man, across the dirty floor. "The pleasure is all mine, Dr..." He looked down at the man's coat and read his name off, "Dr Kimble."

The older man nodded and pumped Lex's hand twice. "Nice to finally meet the man in charge."

Lex bared his teeth in what some could call a smile. "Likewise." He said as he extracted his hand and his eyes wandered around the room. "Excuse me for being nosy, I saw you walking through the lab and my curiosity got the better of me."

"Oh." Dr. Kimble looked over his shoulder and it was then Lex saw the girl from upstairs. She was sitting on a bare mattress, her legs bent, knees pulled up to her chest. Her small arms wrapped around them, hugging them to herself. Lex fought the sudden urge to sob and reach out for her.

No matter what anyone said or believed of him, he was not an animal. He was not his father. He had a heart, and it still beat inside him. He could not tear his eyes away from her prone figure, even when she turned her face and her clear hazel eyes looked right into his, through him and past him. "Could I?" Lex nodded his head and indicated the girl, and could help but notice the small weary look that passed over the Dr's face as he shrugged and nodded.

"Sure, I don't see what not."

Lex stepped toward the girl, amazed when she kept her eyes locked on his. Behind him Dr. Kimble cleared his throat, her eyes flew over to her master's for a moment before she trembled and turned them down, looking instead at the tops of her knees. Lex closed his eyes briefly and then shot a glare over his shoulder at the other two Dr's. "Why don't you get some air?" He said to both of them.

Immediately Dr. Kimble twisted his hands and shook his head. "Oh, no. I don't think that would be a good idea at all, sir."

Lex leveled his most harrowing stare at him and watched them both nod and retreat. At the sound of the footsteps falling away he turned back around toward the girl and closed the distance seperating them. She still didn't meet his gaze. Her eyes shifted over to his shoes, and then back to the tops of her knees where they held.

He squatted beside her and the ratty mattress, stuffing leaking out of one of the corners. "Hello."

His voice was soft, almost too soft for him to hear, so he tried again. "Hello."

The girl blinked and continued to look down at her knees.

"I'm Lex."

She blinked once again and her eyes darted over to his shoes and away again.

"Can you speak?"

"Lex." She repeated. Lex smiled and nodded.

"That's right. I'm Lex. What your name?" As he said it he reached out slowly, drawn by the metal clasp with the LuthorCorp logo etched in it on her collar. Needless to say, he was surprised when he found his arm twisted behind his back and knee pressed into the middle of his spine while the side of his face rubbed against the dirty stone floor.

"Heel!" A voice yelled and almost as quickly as it had happened, he was turned free and the pressure on his arm and back were alleviated. Lex pushed himself up with his hands and looked over his shoulder where the girl stood perfectly still, her arms hanging at her sides, her blonde hair sticking up everywhere. "I'm so sorry, Sir." Dr. Kimble reached his side and pulled him the rest of the way up. Lex brushed off his shirt and pants and took the handkerchief out of his breast pocket to wipe away the dirt smudged across his face.

"It's no problem." He replied as he stood nearly a foot away from the girl, her eyes downcast. Lex looked down at his shoes, didn't see anything but his reflection. "I'm sure it was my fault." He said as he looked over at the doctor.

Dr. Kimble nodded and took the girl by her elbow, leading her over to a small containment area in the corner of the room, on the wall opposite her mattress. "Bathe." He instructed and he watched in stunned silence as the girl started to remove her baggy clothing. What he didn't expect to see was a woman. Lex cleared his throat and averted his eyes back to the doctor.

"I was going to touch her collar." He confessed.

Dr. Kimble nodded and sighed, running his hands through his dark hair, making it more apparent that it was shot through with differing shades of greys. "Yes, it's aware that the only one to touch it's collar is it's master."

Lex narrowed his eyes at something he'd picked up earlier but hadn't given much thought to. "You keep calling her an 'it'. Why is that?"

"Mr. Luthor." The doctor's disgruntled voice came out on another sigh, this one longer and more drawn out. "I think it's time you learned the background of this experiment."

Lex nodded and heard the water shutting off, he couldn't keep his eyes from darting over to the blonde as she stepped out from under the trickling spray. "I think you may be right, Dr."