Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Fifth Brother.

By Silverscale

Crossover: Ranma½ and the original TMNT series.

Disclaimer: I do not own Ranma½ or TMNT. I only own my own creations and ideas.

A/N: Note that this story begins before Hamato is mutated and at the day World Trade Center is destroyed. Gives a short pray. May the gods guide the poor souls to heaven and the deserving ones to hell.






Prologue: The Beginning.

At Hamato Yoshi's Home in the Sewers of New York

Hamato Yoshi was sitting in his lair feeding his four small turtles when he heard something walking in the sewers. He stood up and walked to his door and looked through the holes. He saw a human stumbling through the sewers probably wounded. He opened the door and what he saw was something he would never forget. In front of him stood a young man or at least what was left of a young man. He looked 16 years old and had Japanese features he had black hair and sapphire blue eyes and was dressed in only a pair of black Chinese silk pants.

But it wasn't that which scared Hamato, no it was the state of the young man's body that terrified him. The boy's ribcage was ripped open showing his still pulsing lungs and some other organs, the left side of his face was ripped off leaving a naked skull. The almost zombie like boy looked at the man and spoke in Japanese. "I have finally found you Hamato Yoshi, Master of the Foot." He then fell boneless to the ground, bleeding worse then he had before.

Hamato did what he could to help the young man and tended his wounds as much as he could. The young boy recovered inhumanly and by a few days his organs had been recovered by flesh, but not skin, but his face couldn't recover. Hamato sat by the boy's side and when he woke up he told the ninja master of who he was and why he was in New York.

"I am Ranma Saotome, Grandmaster and Heir of the Saotome School of Anything Goes Martial Arts. I was learning the style of the foot a few days before you where throw out. I saw how Oroku Saki got you throw out but when I was about to tell the grandmaster I found him dead together with his bodyguards. I found out later that Oroku Saki had started to train the ninjas into ruthless murderers and terrorists. I rebelled and fought against him and defeated him before ten seconds had gone. But then his men shoot me and threw me into the sea. I survived by sheer luck of my skill in the martial arts, but when I returned I found out that I was presumed dead and that my family had left all hope of finding me."

The young man growled and Hamato's eyes widen in shock as he saw an aura of ki burn around the young man. He had never seen a ki aura before but he knew that if you could summon one you were either very powerful or very skilled. The man gained control and the aura dimmed away. "Ungrateful bastards. I saved their lives more then once and when I am gone for only three days they give up hope of finding me and remove me from the clan, leaving me as a ronin."

He then sighed and continued his story. "I fought against the Foot for two moths and destroyed most of their plans until Oroku Saki did something I never excepted. He had found a living brain from another dimension and made a deal with it so he could take over the world. I fought against him here in New York and paid dearly for it. I fought against his robots and a giant eight headed serpent he had created with some kind of genetic, when he sent two airplanes he had stolen into World Trade center, the buildings we were fighting on, and destroyed them. I fell down through the building and into the sewers and decided to look for you since I knew you lived here, I got very good information around here. And I knew that you were the only one who would help me and I need to warn you. Oroku Saki is going to send a dangerous mutaaaa…" But the words died in his words and Ranma fainted after using too much energy to stay awake and to speak.

Hamato Yoshi placed a wet towel on the fainted man's forehead and wondered what it was his arch nemesis was going to send.

Two Days Later

When Hamato came into the lair after his daily walk and was meet by a strange sight. His four turtles were walking in a pool of glowing pink liquid. He walked over to them and tried to scrub the liquid away from them when Ranma woke up and saw what Oroku was doing he shoot up and shouted. "DON'T TOUCH THE MUTAGEN!" He then tripped on his weak legs and fell face down into the liquid. And then it happened.

Hamato placed his turtles on the ground and saw how they began to change into 12 years old turtle humans. But suddenly Hamato felt himself change, his body became covered in fur and his face grew longer and so did his nails and teeth and after a couple of seconds he had become a rat human. Ranma was also changing his body twisted and turned as he slowly changed, he grew scales, a long tail, his head became the head of a cobra, he grew claws instead of hands and feet and his wounds healed completely as he became a snake human.

The six mutants stared at each other before Ranma slowly stood up and groaned he looked like he was two years younger and was slightly taller then the turtles. He then looked at Hamato and spoke in confusion. "Um… who or what are you? ... Who or what am I? … Wait I remember something. Um… Ranma, that's my name I think. Umm… karate, kung fu, Tai kwon do, anything goes, roasting chestnuts over a roasting fire, hiryu shoten ha, mokou takabisha, kijin raishu dan, yami-sen-ken, umi-sen-ken… um and some other umm martial arts I think they are."

The confused cobra boy looked around and then got his sight on the four human turtles that were looking back at him. "What or who are you guys?" The boy turtles looked at one another in confusion before they returned staring at Ranma, and a staring contest began.

Hamato didn't know how but the young man, now boy, had lost his memories except his martial arts and his first name because of the transformation. He decided to do what he could and raise them as if they where his own children. And it was good idea since they only had each other now since humanity wouldn't accept any of them into the human society. He knew that if humans saw something like them but yet unlike them they will fear it and do anything to destroy it. Hamato only hoped that he could raise the five teens good enough so they could survive in the world when they had to leave to get lives of their own.

To be continued…

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