Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Fifth Brother.

By Silverscale

Crossover: Ranma½ and the original TMNT series.

Disclaimer: I do not own Ranma½ or TMNT. I only own my own creations and ideas.

A/N: Bebop and Rocksteady will still be the same brain-dead duo that brings us much laughter. And note that this is from the Turtle movies and not the comics, I haven't read one of those for 9 years and I think my parents threw them away a long time ago anyway.

Name: Ranma Saotome.

Nickname: Mortis.

Mutant Kind: Hydra.

Special Abilities: Can change his body into anything reptile related, can learn techniques by just seeing them, super speed, super strength, super agility, super flexibility, super senses and super charm.

Techniques: Unlimited.

Weapons: All kinds but his favorite is the scythe.






Chapter One: The Snake Morpher.

Six Years Later

It is 20:30 in the sewers and Donatello is training with his brother Ranma, who has given himself the nickname Mortis, he used his trademark staff while Mortis used his bokkens. The cracks and smacks echoed through the lair as the two brothers fought with great speed and strength. Mortis then made his neck expand and struck with his cobra head toward Donatello's staff. He caught it and used his powerful neck to twist the staff out from Donatello's grip and bit it in half with his powerful jaws. He then struck with his tail at Donatello's legs and made him fall on his back and the held both his bokkens against the turtle teen's throat while grinning. "Do you give up Donny?" He asked the slightly winded turtle teen.

"Yes I give up Mortis." Mortis removed his bokkens from his brother's throat and helped him up and smiled at him. "You are getting better bro, that last swing of yours was unexpected my reflexes and instincts was the only thing that made me able to stop it. You just need to work on your timing and speed." The hydra mutant then walked over to the wall where all their training equipment hang and placed his bokkens on their hooks. He then sniffed the air and spoke. "Smells like Mike have brought Hawaii pizzas for lunch again."

The two walked over to the dinning room and found their brother Michaelangelo, who was currently carrying twenty pizza boxes to the table, ten boxes in each hand. When he placed the pizzas on the table shouted Mortis. "PIZZA EVERYBODY!" And in ten seconds was the dinning room filled with all the brothers and they grabbed two boxes each. Mortis sat down between Leonardo and Raphael and opened one of his two boxes and began to eat.

The five brothers spoke about their days and their progress in their technique and training. The oldest of them, Mortis told the others about Donatello's progress in his fighting and the poor turtle was blushing like a brown tomato when the others complimented him. (He's green so he should be brown when blushing, I think.) When everybody had eaten and throw their boxes in the recycle box they had in the kitchen. Mortis then tensed and looked toward their doorway and said loudly. "Hey guys we got lots of tourists in the sewers today, five armed guys that is currently chasing an unarmed lady. I think we should help the lass don't you agree?" The answer was four nods and in less then two seconds had the five brothers rushed out from the lair and toward the place where the hunt was going on, with Mortis leading the way.

Somewhere Else in the Sewers, Two Minutes Later

"The game is over Lady O'Neil." The fat man said as he raised his club to strike.

It was then a staff hit him on the stomach and a voice said. "Forget that fatso."

Another swung his sword but then a sai caught it and threw it away. "Hey be careful with that thing dude."

The fat man got angry and grabbed the staff and tried to throw it and its owner away when a whip suddenly warped itself around his stomach and then it sent him flying into a wall as it was swung with tremendous strength.

The three other men tried to attack the five strange persons that suddenly appeared in the shadows. One who had a steel pole was struck on his hand by a nun-chuck. One with a wooden club got it cut in half by a katana and one with a chain got it grabbed from his hands by a staff. Then there was a low hiss and the largest of the shadows moved with speed and silence and suddenly all the men was thrown into the same wall as the fat man and laid unconscious together in a pile.

"Cool guys eh?" One of the shadows said in a male voice as it nudged one of the men with his foot. "Yeah check out their outfits." Another shadow said in a male voice. "Would you stop commenting the idiots and help the lady brothers?" The large shadow said and turned toward the woman who was April O'Neil, TV reporter of Channel 6.

"Well, well if it isn't April O'Neil, the best TV reporter of Channel 6. What brings such a fine lady as you to our sewers?" The large shadow asked as he walked closer toward April, who was looking at them curiously.

"I do not know who you are but thank you for your help." It was then the five shadows came out from the light and April got the biggest shock of her life. Right there in front of here stood four turtle humans armed with weapons and with ninja masks and bands on their arms and a large snake man wearing black leather armor with skulls painted on them with a scythe on his back. "You're… you're not humans!" She stammered as she finally found her wits.

"Bingo! She's not dry behind the ears at least." The turtle teen with the red bands, masks and with a pair of sais in his belt said and looked at the others.

"You're… you're mutants!" She stammered as her brain tried to stabilize it's chaotic state.

"Yep that's correct." The turtle dressed in orange said.

"It's… it's not making any sense ooohhhh…" That was too much for April's mind and she fainted.

"What a sad girl she collapsed." The orange dressed turtle said and walked over to her and checked her if she was alright. Meanwhile deep below the surface watched a man dressed in samurai armor the scene on a screen and looked at the figures in surprise and spoke as he tried to see what they where. "What the hell?"

To Be Continued

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