Inuyasha characters © Rumiko Takahashi, Shogakukan, Sunrise, Yomiuri TV
Story © to Sorairo Ryuu

Author's Note:
Okay…. I got this idea from a camping trip with a great friend (the one who helped me write (The Adventures of Retard and Dorkus) when we were sitting by the lake. I saw a duck feather (the white fluffy down kind) and I was like—THE FLUFFY! After that, I poked the stub out and said something… she laughed and said I should make some fics about Sesshomaru being a bad influence on Inuyasha…. So---! Thanks for the idea, lolz! Oh yes, the fic is complete until I come up with another one… but I know I will, so I'm making them chapters. Who KNOWS how long this might be! Happy reading :)

Bad Influence

-Chapter One-

Why Inuyasha doesn't have a Fluffy

Inuyasha carefully examined the soft, white ball of fluff he was just given.

"Well, now you have your very own fluffy, my dear Inu-chan," Inu-no-Taishou said, beaming at his six year-old son.

Inuyasha turned it this way and that and found a hard white stub-like stick poking out of one end. That stub was meant to fit inside the shirt collar to keep it attached to the wearer.

"Look daddy," he said, extending the stub out of the fluff. "It has a penis!"

Inu-no-Taishou's eyes went wide and large. "SESSHOMARU!"

Sesshomaru was just sneaking out the door with a condom when he heard his angry father. "Damn!"