(Alright,) Rachel cried, looking down at the streets in front of her. A riot was starting to form. (We go into the movie theater!)

(Well clearly that's where the trouble is starting from,) agreed Tobias. (But we don't know what's going to happen once we are inside.)

(Tobias,) Rachel sighed. (With your help, I was just able to conquer my worst childhood fear, Bloody Mary, I'm on a roll here, let's just get this over with.)

Tobias sighed. It was good to see his old Rachel back, the strong fearless Rachel who apparently had lived many scenes from her childhood nightmares within the past few hours. And here she was again, ready to take on anything. (Let's just tell Jake and the others. We need to work on this together.)

(I'm right ahead of you,) Rachel called as the owl flew up into the night.

"What was that all about," Jake asked Cassie as she hung up the phone. She looked up to see the boys have done a great deal of work to make her house look like a home where normal people lived again. "Did Erek say anything important?"

"Well nothing that we didn't really establish from before, "Cassie replied. "Just that the Illusion is capable of creating uprisingsā€¦he was using code to the extreme so I couldn't quite get all of it, just that he definitely needs to be stopped."

"No kidding," Marco said sardonically. "And why did this guy need to be so messy? Why can't we fight against Mr. Clean or something? I would so totally take him on."

Cassie shrugged an apologetic shrug right when Rachel and Tobias flew in through the still highly damaged door.

"Guess what everyone," Rachel said as she got her human mouth from demorphing. "There are like major riots over in the streets, near the revival house. "

(It's like everyone that went in to watch a movie came out all outragedā€¦in an odd sense. Illusion has to be behind all this,) Tobias added.

"So what are we waiting for?" Rachel threw her fist in the air. "Let's go to the revival house."

"Wasn't she the one who used to be afraid of horror movies?" Marco asked, fatigue evident in his words.

"Well this is my cousin Rachel we are talking about, "Jake whispered to him.

"Point taken."

"Are you sure you would be alright, Rachel?" asked the human Ax as the group of six human children stood in front of the revival house. The streets were very quiet and earie. The crowds and the fights all moved to different areas. The whole of the downtown area were jammed up with police cars and fire trucks.

"Of course, " Rachel said, confidence lacking in her voice. She grabbed for Tobias' hand. Jake took the other.

"Okay," Marco said, his hand on the door handle. "Here goes nothing."

They went in.

It was very dark, the only light coming from blank, white movie screen and the dim light from the projectors room.

"Hey Cassie?" Tobias called. Cassie jumped a foot, quickly composed herself and looked at Tobias expectantly. "Will you hold Rachel's hand for me?"
"Oh, yea, sure," she said as she took her best friends hand. Rachel seemed too frightened to notice the switch. All of them were on edge, not knowing what to expect.

"Oh, Illusion," Jake called. "We're here."

Right then and there, a scene from the Shining came on screen. The only thing was, all Jack was nowhere to be seen. But the movie played on as though it was.

"Hey, cool," Marco muttered.

"Hello children," the familiar voice addressed them. With that the movie switched to another film. Jake soon recognized it as the Exorcist. "What are you going to do to me now?" he asked.

"You are wreaking everything in the city," Cassie said forcefully.

"It's fun," he replied.

"Well we have to do something to get rid of you," Ax said, too determined to mess with sylabbals.

"And how do you propose to do that, Andalite?" Illusion asked. "Hmmmm? Think about it, what can you possibly do to defeat me. I am not your real. You cannot kill me, you cannot make me bleed." Each member of the Animorphs wanted to say something but could not come up with the words, as they faced the truth. Illusion let out a classic evil laugh. "How does it feel?" he asked, "to know you are finally defeated?"

"I don't know," Tobias said in a cold clear tone. All faces turned to him, as the five realized he has not been with them for quite a while. There stood Tobias over in the projection booth, match in hand. "Why don't you tell me?" and with that he lit the match and set the film reel aflame.

A great scream of anguish came out form the movie screen as all six Animorphs watched Illusion burn on screen as the film that he was in became obsolete.

"Is that it?" Cassie asked. "Is it over?"
"You the man, Tobias" Marco yelled. Tobias grinned sheepishly at them as he made his way over to his friends.

"Nah, it was nothing, " he said. "I just think we should stay away from horror movies for a while."