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He needed to find Roy. NOW, before he went insane. That twice-god-dammed BASTARD. Running away like a cur after... after... well... THAT. Ed decided not to dwell on what'd happened, at least not until he found Roy. When he discovered that blasted colonel that would be another matter entirely.

However, the only way to find Roy evolved escaping his brother and getting away before Al caught on. That could be difficult. Scampering through the dressing room, he was only barely able to find his boots before the tell-tale clanking of armor stomped down the hall. Cursing, he fled the room.

Well, this was ackward. He really didn't want to track through Central in the middle of the night in a costume wedding dress. Find Roy in a dress, or risk losing him? Sighing, he pulled on the boots and started out into the darkened streets and flickering lamplights.


Roy slouched at the small table in his dinning room, starring blankly at the wall across from him. Well, he mused. That hadn't gone very well. Now what was he going to tell Ed?

If, that is, the boy would actually ever be near him again. A highly unlikely fact. After that, he doubted the alchemist would ever want to be in the same city as him, let alone room. Then there was Al to consider. The idea of a suit of amour raging after him was not very appealing, he had to say.

In fact, that was one of the last things he needed. Falling in love with an alchemist under him who could be his son was the LAST thing he needed. Both of them were happening.

He needed alcohol. He hated to say it, but he did.

Rising, he was halfway to the kitchen door, when an abrupt banging started threatening to cave in his door. Roy sighed at the interruption, and decided to ignore whoever it was. Most plan A's do not work as the planner intended, and this was no exception. The banging stubbornly refused to SHUT UP, and now not only threatened to break the door down, but also cause his head to explode.

Snarling in frustration, the colonel stalked to the door, muttering dark curses under his breath the whole way. There was nothing besides a prior warning that could have prepared him for what was on the other side of that door. Ed's fist ended up striking his chest a few times before the alchemist realized the door was no longer closed. "About bloody time," he growled at the now thoroughly confused colonel.

"What are you doing here?" he asked stupidly, his brain functions stopped.

"What are you doing here?" Ed demanded. "Instead of at the play"

"Why did you follow me"

"Why did you leave"

Frowning, Roy looked at the alchemist, not wanting to say anything that would cause Full Metal to leave. "Erm"

When Ed crossed his arms to glare properly was the first time Roy had actually looked at what he was wearing. He had left the playhouse in a hurry, that much was clear, for he was still wearing the wedding dress, though he'd been able to get his boots on. Roy snorted at the sight. "What is so damn funny, you stupid colonel?" Ed snarled.

"You're still...wearing the wedding dress..." Where you really in that much of a hurry to find me? he added to himself.

The short alchemist blushed. "I didn't want you to get away"

"... What"

"I didn't want you to disappear," he mumbled, face turning even redder.

Disappear? Roy thought, astounded. Why would he still want me here?
"Listen, you idiot of a man, I know you a bit too well by this time. You don't like hurting people, teasing them past the point of insanity, sure, but not hurting them. You also seem the type to hide when you don't want someone to find you. And you blame yourself, for the big stuff anyway. Paperwork not being filled is another matter. That's usually my fault because I was "being bothersome and distracting you from your work." Thus, you would be freaking out over tonight. For that matter, I'M freaking out about tonight. However... Let me put this in a way your small military brain can understand. Three people managed to kiss me tonight. One is the person I always wanted my brother to marry, not me. The other is someone who spends half their time trying to make my life living hell and the rest being an ass. Now, as for the third one... What do I do about this person? He happens to be twice my age, but I have heard of other cases where that happened. Whether it turned out happy or not is another matter, but a few did. Furthermore, he is my commander, for I somehow got myself tangled up in the military, something I'm still wondering if I regret or not. Besides which he is a cocky, idiotic, egoistical, womanizing, freakishly calm most of the time, taunting, and many other things I don't have time to list bastard"

Roy winced.

"However, he also seems dead set on making the whole damn world right, while most of us only care about our lives. He's also too damn good looking for his own good, and... a very, very good kisser. And like hell am I letting him crawl into a little corner and nurse his wounds there... because there isn't any to nurse"

"There's not?" Roy finally whispered.

"No, you cocky bastard. There's not. Because, out of all three people who kissed me tonight, I only like one of them and there is not way in heaven or hell I am letting him get away. At least not until I've said all that" The alchemist took a deep breath and feel silent.

"That's it"

He nodded.

"All of it"

Another nod.

"Funny how you spend more time listing my bad qualities over my good"

"Well... there may be more bad, but the good outweigh them. Promise"

"Don't make promises you can't keep"

"Oh," Ed smiled. "Don't worry, I don't"

Smiling, Roy stepped back from the door. "Full Metal"

"Yes?" Ed asked as he entered the colonel's house for the first time.

"Don't make love confessions on a doorstep in the middle of the neighborhood. Anyone could overhear it then"

Blood rushed to his face. "Who said it was a love confession"

"You did, when you mentioned how good of a kisser I was," Roy smirked, leaning down and kissing the alchemist softly. "And when you said the only one you liked out of all three was me. Actually, you did when you came all this way to make sure I wouldn't disappear."

Mumbling something, Ed looked down again to hide his face.


"What?" Ed's head snapped up.

"Would you like some tea? Since this is my house, and I do want to be a good host"

"Oh..." the alchemist thought for a second and then shrugged. "Erm... Roy"


"What happens now"

The colonel paused for a second. "I really don't know. But lets start by making sure I don't have a suit of armor out for my blood why don't we"

Ed laughed. "Erm, no guarantees there. He's a bit protective"

"I thought that was supposed to be the older brother?" Roy smirked again.

"Yes well... we're both a bit on the protective side really... But, other than that... what can we do"

"Well... wait until you're not sixteen anymore, and go from there"

Ed's eyebrow shot up. "And in the meantime?"

Another shrug. "I... have no idea, as I've already said. I..."

"Can't give up trying to be Further, and I can't abandon my quest to save Al. But that doesn't mean we can't be together... can it?"

"No," Roy smiled, a real smile, not a smirk. "It does not."

Ed reached up and pulled the colonel down to kiss him. "Hmmm... You ARE a good kisser... and if you say it's because you've had a lot of practice, I will hit you."

"Of that I have no doubt."

"Hmph." Ed plopped down on the couch, the only thing in the room besides a coffee table and many overstuffed bookcases.


"And tonight?"

"And tonight I am going to sleep right here while I regret not having changed out of this insufferable dress."

"Aw, but it makes you look so good... like a refined lady."

His reply was a snare and a glare. Laughing, he sat down next to the alchemist. "Sadly, none of my clothes would come close to fitting you."



The next morning found the Full Metal Alchemist curled around the Flame Alchemist, sleeping contently in a wedding dress.



Did they find happiness?


Did they each get their dreams?

They got one. The others... well... that is yet to be seen.

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