Title: Twisted Love

Summary: Ed is with Roy, but when Envy admits he likes the young alchemist, Ed isn't so sure about his and Roy's relationship. "If I love him, I shouldn't care what Envy thinks… right?"

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, only the plot.

Chapter One:

Steel clashed with flesh, and even though blood was spilled Ed's opponent didn't seem to be weakening. Ed cursed slightly as he glared at the dark haired palm tree in front of him, Who was licking his wound as it healed. While the monster was distracted, Ed looked behind his shoulder, with hopes of seeing his beloved flame alchemist, but he didn't… 'Crap…where is Roy?' he thought.

"What's the matter Chibi, your boy toy hasn't come to save the day?" envy snickered. The comment earned him another glare from Ed.

"He's not my Boy Toy…" Ed stated, loosing focus for a moment which was enough for Envy to move and appear in front of him. Ed gasped as Envy smirked.

"Surprise…" he sneered slamming his small dagger against Ed's arm. Slashing quickly Envy advanced on Ed who stumbled back. His defensive moves were becoming sloppy and he was tripping over his own feet. Until he finally fell to the ground and on his butt. Envy glared down at the young alchemist as he recovered from shock and figured out what happened. "Your not doing so well Chibi…" Envy sighed, and to Ed's amazement he threw his weapon away.

"What's wrong with you?" Ed asked, "Aren't you going to kill me?" He hadn't noticed he was breathing hard. And Envy was starring intensely at him… at the rise and fall of his chest… at the blood dripping down his arm and temple.

Envy sighed and turned his back to Ed, "If I killed you, your little fire man wouldn't be to happy now would he." That gave him a glare from Ed. Envy caught it out of the corner of his eye and smirked. "He'd probably chase me until he'd drop dead. And that won't be fun. Besides… I'm interested…" he said and seemed to be admitting something. He turned back to Ed and crouched down to eye level.

Angry gold eyes met calm amethyst ones.

"Interested in what?" Ed asked.

"How long the two of you last…" Envy said, "Edward… I…" He smirked, "Like you…"

Ed tensed, "Like?" he asked, "As in…"

"GET AWAY FROM HIM!" Someone shouted as a burst of flames came between Ed and Envy and when the flames were gone, Ed saw that Envy had disappeared. The sound of foot steps coming closer could be heard before Colonel Mustang crouched beside the boy. "Ed are you okay… he… didn't do anything did he?" Roy asked.

Ed shook away Envy's confession and looked at Roy. Eyes full of worry. The thought of how mad Roy must have been, seeing him and Envy together made Ed smile. "Naw, I'm fine…" Ed sighed laying on the ground starring up at the blue sky. He heard Roy sigh with relief and turned to the small army that had followed him.

Roy barked orders, as Ed's eye lids got heavy. He fell asleep thinking about Envy's confession and about Roy… 'He… likes me...'


"Yo Al…" Ed whispered as Roy walked him up to their small house. Ed's real arm was wrapped completely in bandages and was slung over Roy's shoulder. After being examined at the doctor's, they found his ankle had been twisted from his fall, but that was the biggest injury. Besides his sliced up arm.

He gave Al a smile as his armored brother ran up to him and the cornel. "uh… Thank you for bringing my brother home Colonel Mustang." Al said with a slight bow. Roy flashed Al a dazzling smile.

"No problem Al, just keep a better eye on the shrimp…" He said. Al laughed and Ed glared. Roy noticed and gave Ed a slight kiss on the forehead, "Oh Hagene no, don't be angry. I'll check on you tomorrow." He said and handed Ed to Al. Before walking back to his car.

"Colonel Mustang sure is something…" Al said.

"Yeah…" Ed agreed not noticing he was a slight shade of pink from the cornels kiss. Al looked at his brother who seemed to be a bit dazed. Al rested his metal arm around Ed's shoulder. Bringing him back to reality.

"Brother, are you tired. You should get some rest, and while you do that I'll make something to eat…" Al suggested.

"Alright, but no milk remember?"

"Oh darn!" Al laughed sarcastically as he walked with Ed inside.

Ed didn't usually dream. But ever since he and Roy have been dating every night seemed to be an illusion date between him and Mustang. They'd kiss; Roy would litter him with sweet words, and on one occasion made sweet love.

Yes, Ed was sure Roy was the one for him… Until that nights dream…

It started normal enough. Ed and Roy were in his office. Roy was leaving a trail of kiss down his neck, when suddenly Ed felt a jolt go threw his body.

"Roy?..." he asked, "Did you feel that?"

Roy looked at him with… Amethyst eyes? Ed jumped back and punched Roy in the face which caused him to show his true form… Envy…

"ENVY!" Ed screamed, "Wha…When…Why…?" needless to say he was speechless. As Envy crawled back on him.

"I told you Chibi, I like you… And what Envy likes, Envy gets…"

Ed wanted to scream for Roy, he wanted to get away… but once Envy started to touch him. The alchemist didn't know what he wanted. He began to moan, "Envy…"

"Shhhh…chibi…" Envy hushed looking at him, planting a caring kiss on his chin then going back to work.

Ed was lost in emotion, Roy? Envy? Love? Envoy? ROY!

The Alchemist woke up from the dream, shocked and sore. He looked around to find himself in his room with the sweet smile of Al's cooking seeping in threw the crack. He sighed and laid back down. The bed sheets were tangled about him and pillow was on the ground. He picked it up and pilled it on his face. "oh god…" he whimpered. "I hope I didn't talk in my sleep…"

He thought about his dream… he thought… and thought… and thought some more. He only stopped when he remembered how Envy felt about him. And he covered his mouth and a horrible thought came to mind, ' Oh god…' a sob escaped him, 'Please don't say I'm falling for him…'

Wow! I haven't written a story in about a year! So it started kind of rusty but I got into it more and I'm starting the second chapter. Except to see it in two or three days! The next chapter should be better, sorry if this was really badly written. Like I sad, I'm rusty.

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