Title: Twisted Love

Summary: Ed is with Roy, but when Envy admits he likes the young alchemist, Ed isn't so sure about his and Roy's relationship. "If I love him, I shouldn't care what Envy thinks… right?"

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, only the plot.

Warning: Besides Alchemist X's bad grammar. OH and More then 90 percent of this chapter… is lemon.

Chapter Nine:

It was early in the morning, when Ed's heart monitor picked up, even just a little, to the normal rhythm of Beep, beep, beep.

Roy and Envy were still fast asleep.

When Ed groaned, and his golden eyes slowly opened.

The white room he was in was blurry, but after a moment of blinking tears of good morning, out of his eyes, they adjusted and he figured out where he was… The hospital. 'Not again…' he thought sadly, sitting up to see if anyone was around to tell him what happened, when he heard a moan. He looked over to his left and saw Roy Mustang, sleeping soundly, a small trail of drool hanging from his mouth.

But he was laying, on the cold railing, while his big warm hand was grasped in Ed small one. Ed smiled, 'Roy…' he turned to his left and became mentally shocked. 'Envy?' he thought sadly.

'What…What's he doing here?' his mind screamed, 'Lust said… he was just using me, I thought he'd be long gone.' He looked over at Roy, 'Roy… ROY doesn't know, Envy's still playing the role of a sweet boyfriend.' Ed's eyes narrowed, 'He was probably going to kill me and Mustang in our sleep…'

"YOU SICK BASTARD!" the boy screamed, lifting up his knee and nailing Envy in the nose.

Envy woke up with a scream, at first he didn't know why, but the sudden pain that jolted his once broken… now healing nose, reminded him that something had happened.

Roy woke up to Envy's scream to see what was going on. A smile of reassurance crossed his face when he figured it was just Ed.

"Edo, what the hell was that for?" Envy asked in a mock whimpering tone.

Ed glared down at him, "What the hell was…" He voice trailed off as he tried to move again but was spiked by a aching pain in his gut. "ow…" he whimpered doubling over on the soft white bed.

"ED!" the two men yelled, Roy squeezed the boys hand, as Envy ran back up to the bed. Placing his hand on Ed's thigh for reassurance. But Ed scooted away whimpering.

"Don't… Don't even try it, don't touch me either…" the boy said, and before either Roy or Envy knew what happened he threw himself into Roy's big chest. Hiding his face from the Sin, who was looking at Roy in complete horror. Roy flashed him an apologizing smile (While Inner Roy did the happy dance) while his hands did a soothing rubbing motion along Ed's back.

"Ed… Ed… Ed, look at me…" Roy said, at first soothingly but when Ed shook his head, Roy's voice got a little deep, and the boy looked up at his superior. "Good, now… don't be angry with Envy, I was wrong, you were right. He's… an okay guy…" Roy looked at Envy who was speechless.

Ed laughed a little, "No, you were right… He…He was using me." He whimpered, the pain of Lust's words finally settled in his heart, and he could figure this pain from his psychical pain. It hurt much more then his battered body, and he was trying so hard to keep his words from shaking. Envy looked on at what the affect, that the very thought of leaving, caused Edward. And he felt like scum.

Ed didn't want to talk anymore about Envy, about how he felt… used and definitely abused. Instead he hid his face in Roy's clean military shirt again. Roy sighed, "No, no, no Edward… I…was…wrong." He felt sick, but continued anyway, "Envy wasn't using you, he really didn't mean for this to happen, and he really does love you." He looked up at a gapping Envy, "And we decided…" he continued. Edward looked up at him confused, his eyes asking 'what did you decide?' and darkly saying, 'you decided something for me?'

Roy pulled Ed deeper against his chest, and his fingers ran through the boy's hair, "We're going to make it up to you, we're not going to put you through anymore…" Before Ed could object saying something let, "You don't need to make anything up to me…" Roy asked…

"Ed… your not wearing anything under this hospital gown, are you?"

The question was so out there… Ed blushed immediately, and Envy snickered behind him. "I..uh…I… I don't know…" Ed admitted fidgeting uncomfortably in Roy's arms. Now totally embarrassed.

But Roy squeezed him tighter, so Ed couldn't move much and whispered in the blonde's ear, "We're going to have to find out now aren't we?" He felt Ed shiver with pleasure, and he smirked to himself.

Ed was lost in a bliss of pleasures, it was just like old times, him and roy, then an extra pair of hands wrapped around Ed's waist. Ed gasped, slightly shocked, until he heard Envy from behind him, "Don't threat Edo, I'm not doing anything…yet…"

"Roy…" Ed whined as he felt Envy's cold long fingers trail up his spine and then he felt the homunculi's lips, nipping at the strings that held the garment on.

"Oh did I forget to mention…" Roy smirked as he kissed Ed on the lips, "Edward im not going to wrench you away from Envy, and he promised not to do the same to you and me…" he paused, "we can… finally be together." He heard Ed sigh and rest his head against Roy's chest, while Envy still struggled with the strings. "BUT!" Roy added, "I refuse to do anything sexual with the 'it!'"

"As do I…" Envy said when finally the strings were lose and fell down Ed's shoulder blades. He smiled, "Done!" he declared and ripped the clothing off Ed's body, leaving Ed bare in front of his two lovers.

Sure he was missing an arm and leg, sure most of his body was covered in bandages, making the boy look like a mummy, and the boy was breathing hard. So excited, so turned on, so…

"Ow…" Ed whimpered as Roy laid him down on the bed for all to see. For all to touch.

Roy and Envy looked at each other, "He's still hurt, I almost forgot. We're going to have to be gentle…" Roy reminded the sin. Envy sighed, "Oh alright…"

He looked down at Ed, "Next time Chibi, it'll be rough and wild." He stuck out his tongue, and his fingers traced Ed's flesh arm.

Ed shivered again, "Great…" he grunted. He would be enjoying this a lot more if he wasn't in so much damn pain.

"Ladies first…" Ed heard Envy say to Roy, Ed couldn't help but snicker while the Colonel turned him on his side. Roy took off his jacket and draped in over Ed for a moment while he took off his remaining clothes, expect for his military blue pants.

Slowly and carefully he climbed next to Ed. Ed smiled at him, "I missed you bare chest…" he said.

Roy smiled back, "Yeah, and I missed doing this." Roy mouth swooped down and caught Ed's while his big bare hands touched and felt every missed body parts. First Ed's scared chest, but since his hands couldn't go two inches without feeling over a bandage, he went for Ed's smooth back. He met the same fate, then he groped Ed's small ass.

Wait… did he say small.

He chuckled reminding himself not to tell Ed he thought that. And continued his rampage.

His mouth was still conquering the younger, hungrily he'd nip the boys tongue and once Ed would get into it, Roy was move his mouth to some other part of the boys body. Neck, should blade, back to mouth, again the neck, then back to mouth. Ed started getting irritated when Roy suddenly drew back and his body and took his coat off the Fullmetal, both of which, were keeping Ed warm.

Ed made a whimpering sound, wanting more warmth even though… he was happy Roy's big body wasn't crushing his bruised lungs.

Suddenly something just as bare as his body was pressed against his back, "Enjoying yourself Chibi?" Envy asked taking things a little farther and grinding his length against Ed. All the boy could do groan in response and Envy smirked. "Good…"

Ed could feel Envy doing something before the sin whispered, "Now… this might hurt…"

"What?" Ed said, slightly dazed, almost falling into a blissful sleep of pleasure. His body telling him, its had enough for the day. But all that changed when Something thrust into him. Ed gasped and held on to the bed tightly, gritting his teeth, "Envy…ah…" he whimpered. Closing his eyes to the pain.

Roy noticed Ed was uncomfortable and grabbed his hand reassuringly. "Envy, go easy on him." Roy said as a deep warning. Envy smiled against Ed's neck, as a rhythm was made a slow rhythm, he had to control himself from plumping to hard into the little blond.

Ed began to shake, and Envy thought anymore would break the little guy. Slowly… he pulled out.

Ed's tight hold on Roy's hand (Roy thought the boy might squeeze until all the bones in his hand would BREAK) loosened up, and the boy sighed in relief.

Envy smiled and kissed Ed on the forehead.

"Hey, any room on the bed for me?" Roy asked hopefully.

Ed had about fallen asleep and Envy looked at Roy dumbly, "No…" Roy growled, "ENVY!..." but he was cut off by a shrill scream. Everyone accept Ed, who was now unconsciously asleep, turned to the door way where a fluttered looking nurse stood.

Blushing madly, the women turned away. Envy and Roy gasped and both turned completely red, "MR. MUSTANG!" she screamed, "I DID NOT! YOU WEREN'T!..." she couldn't say anything, and Roy and Envy were silent wondering what their punishment would be. When the doctor came rushing in, wondering what all the noise was about.

"Claudia! What in the seven…" he looked at the scene, "GOOD LORD! COLONEL?"

"Uh… I can explain…"

Lust looked down at the hospital window were Envy and the Colonel were both getting yelled at by the doctor, "And third, MR.ELRIC is in no condition to take part in your sexual acts! NO MATTER HOW CLOSE YOU THREE ARE!" the man scolded.

Lust sighed, and Gluttony walked up beside her, "Lust? New plan? New plan?" he asked.

Lust just shook her head, "No Gluttony, there's no point in making a new plan. The boy is lost to us…" she paused, "And so is Envy… come now…" she stated coldly turning away from the hospital.

There was no point, Envy was never going to leave that happy little… life, he built around himself. And she knew… if she got anywhere near the boy now, Envy would not hesitate, to destroy her.

She growled, as she walked away from the Three Lovers…

The End

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