But the Blood Looks Better on your Perfect Hands

Chapter two

Ryou PoV


It's not that he loves me, or even likes me for that matter. I'm just a toy to be used for his own satisfaction.

And no, I'm not gay; it's just that I never move to stop him. He comes for me when the timing is least expected, though, I suppose by now I have learned what the aggressive gleam in his eyes stands for. 'I should end this. Right now I should en-…' I found myself thinking, but was cut off by an arm snaking its way around my waste.

'...end this…'

"Bakura," I began, but he answered me with such an innocent-like "hm?" that my thoughts were distracted.

"I...uh…please..." I stepped forward and turned to face him, ready to tell him off. "Bakura I'm not going to let yo-…" but I was interrupted.

"Oh, Ryou, forgot to mention. We're having a little...'get together'…tonight. I'll be needing a ride to the store. Now. Let's go."

"Wait! What are you doing! We can't have anyone over; remember what my father told me?"

"I'm gone until the 15th of next month Ryou. Keep your apartment clean and don't have anyone over. Oh, and try not to eat ALL the food this time…"

"If I disobey him again he'll… he'll...probably make me move back with him again…or something…But whatever he does it won't be good!"

"For Chrisake Ryou, it couldn't be worse than what I could do to you. 'Gone until the 15th?' that's almost a full month. Get your priorities straight, you stupid boy; I can't believe you'd rather be alone for a month and obey that sonuvabitch of a dad. Honestly. Now drive me to the store."

He has been monologuing an awful lot lately; quite unusual.

"Kura, this isn't a good idea! Do you know how much trouble we could be in if someone calls the police? This neighborhood is under a security watch system."

"You didn't seem to care about the police the other night; you would have thought someone was being murdered-you were being so loud….I wasn't even being that rough with you." He mused out loud, "Plus, that's only IF we get caught. Which we won't. I never get caught."

I slouched my shoulders and walked toward the car my dad left me. Bakura was clearly not going to be talked out of this one.

"Marik is coming over to help me with some things. He's bringing the good stuff, so you better let him in- no letting him stand out on the doorstep this time Ryou. Oh, and his other half is coming too…maybe you could learn to loosen up a bit with him around? At least you'll stay out of my way…damn distractions." He finished with a barely audible whisper.

I looked at him for a minute, puzzled and still a little taken aback that I was about to be the host for a party, and turned towards my bedroom. What was I going to do…? 'I can't throw a party…even if I wasn't really the one throwing it….What to do…what to do…what to do…'

I laid my head back onto my pillow and stared at the ceiling, tracing little shapes with my eyes. There was an hour before Marik was supposed to be here, which either meant he would be here in 15 minutes or he would arrive in 2 hours, depending on his mood. So I would just rest my eyes…for a few minutes…and then everything will be fine…

(Time passes…45 minutes later…6:00)

"Quiet! If you wake him up I'll kill you!"

A harsh whisper erupted from Bakura's mouth as Marik crept over to my bedside, temporary hair dye in hand. And thanks to my dumb habit of deep sleeping, I did not wake up; even as the dye brush touched my hair. I stirred, but did not wake. Other than rolling over to face away from the light coming in from the open door I made no attempts to stop them...i never make any attempts to stop them...false innocence is my way out. No one will ever know...


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