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Princess Azami knelt by the river, reaching for a lovely water lili.

Azami held the flower and gazed at it serenely.

This young princess, a daughter of Zad, such a kindhearted young woman, had no idea how cruel her father was or that the boy king was coming to dethrone her father.

Zad stood near by and gazed lovingly at his precious daughter, he had fought so hard to protect her from being like him.

Azami smiled warmly at her father, her kind green eyes so gentle and sweet.

Zad looked from his daughter as he heard horns being sounded, an enemy was approaching, someone who would destroy their life as they knew it.

"Azami, stay here, my little one" he said and raced to the guards the sounded the horn.

Azami grew worried for her father as he disappeared from her view, but she stayed put as he told her to do.

Azami suddenly turned as she heard a boat slide onto the bank.

She gasped in horror, as a blond young man in white pushed his way through the guards on the boat and stepped on the shore, locking eyes with Azami.

Voden's blue eyes looked Azami over and judging by her elegant dress, he assure this must be the beautiful princess Azami he heard so much about.

Voden grinned, the princess would be perfect leverage against Zad.

Azami backed away fearfully and soon found her voice.

"Father! Help me!" she cried, turning to run, but Voden had ordered his guards to grab her and put a knife to her throat.

Zad's eyes widened as he hurried to the river to find Voden and his guards… with a knife to his daughter's throat.

"Azami!" he gasped, horrified.

"Zad, you have two choices, step down or watch your daughter die" said Voden sadistically.

Zad felt lost, stepping down would disgrace him but he just counldn't bare naything happening to Azami.

"I step down, now release Azami!" said Zad, eager to see his daughter safe.

Voden smirked and with a wave of his hand, his guards took off and took over the city, the guard holding Azami stayed by his king's siude.

Zad began to panick.

"Release my daughter!" he demanded.

Voden laughed manically.

'You fool! I never had any intention of releasing your daughter, I plan on marrying her" said Voden, enjoying the princess's shocked face.

"What?" roared Zad, furious that pint sized boy king would try to face his sweet daughter into marriage.

Voden strode over to the princess and took her out of the guards hold and into his arms.

Azami glared and fought like mad.

Zad lunged forward, determined to get that twirp off his daughter.