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Chapter 4- sinking into the past of King Zad and Princess Azami

"Princess Azami! Please sit still and allow me to finish brushing your hair!" Fussed Azami's maid, whom was currently chasing the princess around the tent as she gleefully recalled all that had happened previously, she was just so impressed with the beast master, and his friend Tao was a very nice person, most definitely someone whose friendship Azami would greatly cherish.
Finally the maid managed to hold Azami down onto the stool long enough to finish brushing the girl's hair and help her into her nightdress.
"He was so brave, Herzin, the way he stood up to King Voden like that, it gave me chills, and then there was Tao, I liked him, he was very kind to me" Azami gushed girlishly as crossed the distance of her spacious tent to her bed.
The maid Herzin smiled sweetly at the princess, she genuinely loved this girl so much, she had been caring for her ever since her mother had passed away due to a deadly fever, which had a hand in King Zad sort of going off the deep end, losing his beloved wife like that, she could only hope that Azami married someone that could see how precious she really was and treat her like the jewel she is, Herzin knew she was what Zad wanted too, Herzin had to smile once more now, it was only Azami that could bring out the gentle side of King Zad now, he truly loved his daughter.
"Goodnight, princess Azami" Herzin said sweetly before blowing out the candles in Azami's tent and then exiting for the night to go to her own tent with her family.
Azami's light green eyes gazed sleepily at the ceiling of the tent, thoughts running lazily around her tired mind.
"Beast Master…" she murmured softly before falling asleep.

"King Zad?" Herzin said, on her way to her tent and finding the king wandering around looking a little lost and confused.
"Oh Herzin, it's only you, how is Azami? Is she alright? Does she need me?" Zad asked, practically bombarding the old maid with questions.
Herzin smiled at the king's 'bout of 'the overly worried father' and gave him a gentle push towards his tent "Go on, my lord, the princess is fine, and you sire, need your rest.
"I know, I just can't help but worry, my daughter is all I have left after…" King Zad said then trailing off at the thought of his beloved Azeri, Azami's mother.
"I know Queen Azeri's death was hard to deal with, but it wasn't your fault, my lord, you need to realize this and just keep on being there for princess Azami" Herzin said sagely, her old eyes twinkling gently at Zad.
"Your right, as always" Zad said and then turned for his tent and was gone from Herzin's sight.

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