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To Go Home

Mid pleasures and palaces though we may roam,
Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home.


I failed. I was supposed to stop Empire Day from occurring…and instead I caused it to happen. I don't know which is worse though…if I hadn't tried to stop it…Anakin would have caused it. But knowing that I am responsible for such a thing is just as horrible. I may not have marched into the temple to kill the Jedi, but I let Siduos get away that night that I was shocked with the lightning. I shouldn't have stumbled…yet I did. I know it doesn't do to dwell on past mistakes…so I will try to move on.

I used to think that I couldn't hope. Now I know better…I have to hope, because sometimes hope is all I have.


The man walked silently through the ruins, amazed that they hadn't changed since he had last seen them…so many years ago; thirty-four, to be exact. He feared, at first, that he might forget--that everyday troubles would overtake his thoughts, consume him until he had little time to remincse about the little girl from his past...the little girl who was his future. He hadn't forgotten however--hadn't let himself forget--the crumpled letter in his pocket that was yellowed with age and marked with the untidy scrawl of a twelve year old girl. Shakily, he pulled the old note from his pocket, his eyes scanning the hardly legible words, hardly believing that 34 years had passed him by already;

To Anakin: Read as often as needed.

Dear Anakin,

I hope you know that I never planned for things to happen as they did. I don't know how things will be in the future, I only hope that all of us: Master Yoda, Obi-Wan, Leia, Luke, Padme, Master Windu and you, will be ok in my time.

I doubt I could bear it if you gave in to the Dark side. I wish I could say that I am one hundred percent sure that you wouldn't turn, but if I hadn't gone back to stop you…you would have. Please remember that the Dark side lies. Siduos twists your thoughts for his own use against you. Please remember that we, your family, all need you. Don't give in to the seemingly easy road down the Dark side. Don't give in for Padme. For Luke and Leia. For Obi-Wan…and if for nothing else, for me. So that I can rest at night knowing that all those I love are safe.

I will be back 34 years and 2 minutes from the time I left. I don't know where I will leave from…but I hope it is still there in 34 years, because that is where I will reappear in the future. I will come find you as soon as I can when I get back. Remember:

The Dark is generous and it is patient, and it always wins—but in the heart of its strength lies weakness…one lone candle is enough to hold it back.

Lots of Love,


He placed the letter bearing her love in his pocket, smirking slightly as he thought of what she'd say upon seeing him waiting there for her. He checked the time, paced the entire length of the ruin, and glanced back at the blinding white light that filled the entire landscape. It soon faded, his eyes adjusted to the sudden dimness, and a familiar young girl--dressed in tattered clothing and covered with dirt--appeared in its place. She looked confused for a moment, disorientated by the travel through time that had deposited her exactly where she had left from--34 years later. She glanced around, rubbing her temple and pursing her lips. She just wanted to go home.

Then her eyes found the man's, her grandfather's, and a smile broke out across her features.

"Anakin, your ok." She breathed, disbelieving, stumbling over the rubble towards him.

"I'm ok." He assured her, bending over to embrace her. She pulled away, glancing up at him with fear in her eyes--he was ok, what about everyone else?

"What about Dad, and Padme, and Aunt Leia, and Obi-Wan, and Master Yoda and…"she asked, seating herself on the rubble as her feet were groaning and her legs were weary.

"Woah, one question at a time."

"Yes alright…what happened to Siduos?" she said, calming herself.

"He is still in power. Well…he isn't, he's dead…his goons are still in power." he replied, hesitantly. She had, after all, tried to prevent him ever coming into power...he hated breaking the news to her.

"And your one of his goons…Right?" she said, smirking. If everything had gone as planned, Anakin should be privvy to the Empire's secrets--part of the inner circle.

"Yeah, I'm second in command. If anything ever happens to Tarkin, then I get control of the galaxy."

"Then we get rid of Tarkin."she said quickly, the simplicity clear in her mind even if it wasn't in her grandfather's.

"I don't think it's that easy"

"Then we get dad to help us" Her father could do anything, after all.

Anakin surveyed his granddaughter for a moment, not wishing to crush her hopes with reality,"Alright. We'll go to Yavin."

"How will we go there with out raising suspicion." Asked Eva.

"Simple. I have instructions to take you to the Yavin prison for……attempted treason."

"Ok. Let's go."

The two hurried off toward the ship…they passed several people who stared at Eva. She was rather embarrassed by her threadbare clothing and over all rugged appearance, and tried to cover the long rips across her shoulder and the one long slash across her back.

The two were quiet for most of the trip. As they hurtled through space Anakin turned to her,

"I know where everyone is…except for Padme." His face saddened. "She left Bail's after Leia left, but I don't know where she went."

"We'll find her…oh turn here." Said Eva pointing to the left. She hopped out of the ship and hurried towards the Jedi temple.

Eva hurried down the hall, happy to be home. She'd been gone for around 3 or 4 weeks…too long in Eva's opinion. Originally she was meant to be gone a week, at most a week and a half. How things had changed in such a short time. Eva shook the thought from her head and turned down another hall.

Where are you. She called to her father

In the future.

I mean where you are in the Jedi temple.

Oh…my meditation chambers.

Ok just wondering. I'll be home soon.

Eva changed direction and hurried quietly down another hall until she came to a large metal door. Quietly she slipped into the room and tiptoed up behind the man sitting in the center of the room.

"Dad." She called.

The man spun around surprised.

"Eva. You said you'd be home soon…I wasn't expecting it to be this soon." He said hugging her tightly. Eva hugged her Dad back. He held her out at arms length.

"What happened, your filthy."

"Yeah well I was a bit busy running for my life that I guess I didn't take care of clothes that well. Speaking of which I'm going to hop in the shower."

"Ok…put on your Jedi outfit."


Luke didn't hear her. He merely turned back around and began meditating again. Silently Eva left the room.


"I feel better now." She muttered to herself tying her hair back with her black ribbon.

She slipped into her khaki skirt and then searched for her white shirt…

"Aha." She cried grabbing the shirt and putting it on. Taking one last look at herself she hurried out of her door. No sooner had she entered the hall did her father stop her.

"Eva come on to the main room. Everybody's waiting."

Eva wanted to ask why they were waiting but decided to remain silent. She followed Luke to the main hall and glanced at the 100 or so Jedi present. She continued following her Dad up to the front of the hall.

"Umm… Dad what are we doing here."

"Remember how we studied ancient Jedi traditions."

Eva nodded.

"Then you have to remember how Jedi were knighted."

Eva nodded.

"Well, you said you wanted to start using those ancient traditions."

"But Dad, I said I wanted to take the trials before being knighted."

"Eva name the three trials that Jedi had to face." Said Luke.

"The tests of courage, flesh…and…self-image."


"But I still haven't done the trials."

"Eva…you faced Siduos courageously that night in his office."

"Courageously." Spat Eva, "I was scared…and…and I was defiantly not feeling brave."

"But you still faced him Eva. Though you were frightened you still stood up for your beliefs."

"Actually I was on the floor by the end of the night." She whispered.

"And the second trial, Eva. The test of flesh…you lost your hand fighting for the Jedi. So far you're two for two in the trials."

Eva nodded.

"And the last trial…the test of self-image. Eva…who are you?"

Eva paused for a moment and stared out at the crowd. She saw Anakin staring at her and her father and smiled. She continued looking through the crowd and soon saw Master Yoda, Master Windu, Master Kenobi and her mother making their way to the front of the room, Anakin not far behind them. She looked at her father once again and then stared straight ahead at the large crowd.

"I am a Skywalker. I can't stand injustice and have a knack for persuading people. I am stubborn, caring, smart, hopeful, cautious, clever, and a little frightened at times. But above all I am Eva…" she paused, "and that is all I ever hope to be."

She smiled at her father as he spoke, "Then hold out your light saber."

Eva did as instructed. Carefully Luke took the weapon from her and handed it to Master Windu, who stood beside him. Anakin then moved up and handed Eva another saber. She held it gingerly in her hand and turned it on. A blue blade leapt from it. She swung it cautiously and then turned it off. She examined the saber and then looked up at her grandfather questionably.

"This is your old saber."

"Yes, it was my saber from when I was a knight."

"A knight, you know are." Declared Yoda.

Obi-Wan walked up behind her and put a hand on her shoulder, "And a very fine knight I am sure you'll make."

Eva smiled, happy for the moment. But she knew that her happiness was confined in the walls of the temple…for once she stepped foot outside the Empire would swarm through her thoughts.


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